Gading Serpong Restoran

Gading Serpong Restoran

Gading Serpong Restoran

Gading Serpong Restoran – Mobile is a place where you can enjoy the quality meat selection of traditional Japanese shabu-shabu. Last weekend I went back to explore Gading Serpong area which now has many restaurants and cafes with good concept.

According to the information I received, here comes an amazing concept through a mobile restaurant adequate building. Mobile can be easily found on the map and is also on the highway with a big sign and lights.

Gading Serpong Restoran

Gading Serpong Restoran

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I was impressed by the spacious restaurant area and the unique looking interior. Fully upholstered sofas, then a beautiful bar area and the outdoor area is decorated with amazing green plants and bright lights at night.

Di Gading Serpong Bisa Makan Steak Enak Di 5 Resto Ini

Chef Chandra Yudaswara is the chef who plays a role in Mobile, undoubtedly with his experience in the culinary world, Mobile comes with a detailed concept. In addition to shabu-shabu, they offer grill dining and ala carte. On this occasion, I plan to try some of the ala carte dishes.

The menu is available in the form of traditional Asian and Western food. Reasonably varied and interesting menu choices. As a tip, I tried some of the dishes on the portable base. One of them, nicoise salad with tuna tataki, black olives, sweet potato and achovies.

Nicoise salad is a classic French salad, with an elegant presentation, green vegetables with slices of tuna and then a nice tomato soup with quail eggs give it a special touch. The fresh flavor of the tender tuna makes a perfect combination. This menu fits perfectly according to the recipe.

Next menu, Beef and Yolk, Herbed Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus and Zucchini. This dish looks very tempting with a half-baked egg melting into tender beef. Then the sweet taste of brown color is very sweet.

Serba Food Gading Serpong Restaurant, Tangerang

Other meat options to try include grilled ribs with tomato sambal (chilli sauce). This is one of the favorite Indonesian menu. A bowl of roe cutlet with 3 large ribs is coated in a thick sauce and wrapped in pandan leaves and served with rice. It looks perfect, the rib is a tender meat with a sweet taste that is suitable for the Indonesian language.

In addition, we can also enjoy a dessert that is no less amazing. Picasso Chocolate is a must-recommend dessert. Mini pastry tarts are paired with chocolate pudding, then frosted with vanilla ice cream in the middle, and garnished with crème brûlée, waffle cookies and apple confit in small pieces.

I must say, this was a satisfying dining experience. Another information, the menu is similar to the menu of Baco Restaurant at Lotte Shopping Street, which is one of the restaurants managed by Chef Chandra. With a cozy, spacious restaurant atmosphere and amazing food, Mobile Gading Serpong can indeed be the perfect choice for dining.

Gading Serpong Restoran

It’s that RnB music that fits the concept of restaurants, I think it’s good to combine it with a little bit of pop music. Good for service, friendly enough and fast food.

Roji Ramen Gading Serpong Hadirkan Suasana Makan Di Gang Jepang

Available in Bahasa: Click here The Michelin Starred Restaurant Award can be considered one of the highest and most prestigious awards in the culinary world. Singapore, as one of the most multicultural and ethnic countries, is the only country in Southeast Asia to have received the Michelin award this time. It was the second year that Singapore won the Michelin award. The Michelin Guide restaurant itself is divided into several categories. They vary from restaurants selected in the Michelin Guide, Bib Gourmand, and 1, 2 and 3 Michelin starred restaurants. In the year In 2016, there are a total of 29 Michelin stars divided into their respective categories. For 2017, several new restaurants appeared, so a total of 38 restaurants won the award. The names of the eleven new restaurants included in the 1 Michelin star are: 1. Braci at Boat Quay, 2.   Check at Jowl in Boon Tat Street, 3.   Chef Kang in Mackenzie Road, 4.   Garibaldi in Purvis Street.

Bahasa l English This month has become the time when the restaurant and hotel business starts to attract customers with various offers. Not to mention the opening of many new restaurants has changed the color of Jakarta. One of them is August, which is located in the Sudirman area, more precisely near the Seikis Tower. This restaurant was opened in Opened November 25, 2021. An elegant and premium concept is evident on the exterior and interior of the restaurant. The area is very spacious with an attractive bar in the front room, then an open kitchen and a fun kitchen for guests to watch the kitchens in action. You can see that the number of guests on the weekend will fill the entire table, it is better to book in advance. When I ate there, they happened to not have alcohol because they were dealing with licensing and distribution issues. So I brought 250,000 IDR per bottle of wine

Bahasa l English A sunny weekend where the epidemic situation in Indonesia has improved recently. Activities in public spaces tend to be common, so we find some places crowded. This is the restaurant that took me a few weeks to make a reservation in advance because one of them fills up every weekend. Langham Jakarta has only been operating this year and has received great enthusiasm from the Jakarta community. Except for the restaurant which was built on a luxury British concept and run by a chef from England, Tom Aikens, who runs a Michelin Star restaurant in London. Carrying Tom’s name by Tom Aikens with a variety of British dishes. The location of this restaurant is on the L floor, reception area and possibly the 62nd floor. A spacious dining room, high ceilings, white, blue, red sofas and touches of gold colored lamps give the room an English style atmosphere. Sighted by very crowded visitors Today, many cities in Indonesia have developed in the field of cuisine, one of which is the city of Serpong in Tanjung. Serpong juga merupakan sebuah tempat yang bisa anda jadikan sarana refreshing bagi anda yang sudah bosan dengan kepatatan yang taridadi di Jakarta. How do you meet Serpong Yang Wajib and Visitor?

This restaurant has Filet Mignon as a main course which can be served with mushroom sauce. It has a photogenic interior design, comfortable atmosphere and the food served in this restaurant is reasonably priced, so this restaurant is very suitable to be visited by people of all ages, old, young or old, and because of the playground. Area.

Eka Jaya, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

It has a small space, but the atmosphere is fresh and new. Sangat cocok bagi kalian yang penyuka Hot Chocolate karena anda bisa melimin Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate and both have rasa yang munkut dan kental. Apart from hot chocolate, this restaurant also has a snack called Waffle which can be served with very thick ice cream.

This restaurant is famous for its Instagrammable new menu Mango Sticky Rice. This place is crowded with visitors. How to make Mango Sticky Rice by Pun Juga Sangat Artistic and Wajib Untuk Dikoba. Perpaduan pudding manga, ketan hangat, dan saus kelapanya ini sangat pantas untuk diakungi jampol. Enjoy salain itu juga and bisa in kopi dan dalam variatan variant di restauranti ini.

Seperti nama restorannya, the menu offered here is mostly fish and chips with a variety of fish and soup options. Salah satu menu andalan yang sering membuat orang – orang datang kemari adalah menu Pan Sean Dory with Sambal Matah yang rasanya tentu tidak kemari. Rasa ikan dori yang gurih dan impuk lalu dipadukan dengan sambal matah membuat orang – orang tidak bosan datang from restaurant ini. Unique Inner Yang Didominacy with Varna Putih and Natural Light. In the new outdoor room, there are murals again, so, in addition to being a place to eat, this restaurant is very suitable for a photo spot.

Gading Serpong Restoran

Bakmi Apaw ini merupakan tempat yang wajib mektukan bagi para bakmi fans. Although the place is very small, the restaurant is not always quiet from visitors. There are several toppings bakmi yang bisa anda coba dari restoran ini, mulai dari pangsit kuah, hati babi, cincang babi, dan babi merah. For those of you who are Muslim, there is otak – otak ikan and more, so if you want to enjoy bakmi ini, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Episode Gading Serpong

According to people, this place is one of the best coffee shops in Serpong area. You can also have a copy of Serpong and a series of Serpong, and you will have the template you want. There are different types of coffees on offer and the most reliable coffees are GILA (Granola Vanilla Ice Cream with Latte Shot) with many different ingredients.


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