Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas – Willke retired from Lynn Kutter Prairie Grove Senior Activity and Wellness Center | April 28, 2021 at 8:00 a.m

LYNN KUTTER BUSINESS MANAGER Linda Wilke, who held the cake, held a reception in her honor Friday to celebrate her retirement from Prairie Grove Senior Activity and Wellness Center. He has been the director of the site for 12 years.

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

PRAIRIE GROVE — Prairie Grove seniors saluted Linda Wilke Friday as she spent her last day as director of the Prairie Grove Senior Activity and Wellness Center.

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Staff and friends of the center celebrated his retirement with a cake, lots of flowers and plants, cards and gifts.

Wilke said he got involved 12 years ago with the goal of updating the center and providing more activities for seniors at the center.

“I had goals when I came here and I feel like I accomplished them,” he said. “I couldn’t have done it without the community. The community has been a blessing.”

Over the years, the interior of the center has been repainted and the back deck has been repaired and updated. With the help of a grant and with the cooperation of the school and the city, the center’s gravel walkway was paved to make it a safer place for seniors and others to walk.

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“You become family. It’s not just a job. It’s part of your life,” he said. “I love watching them enjoy their retreat, having fun and laughing.”

Activities and events over the past 12 years have included field trips, shared meals, chair volleyball, sack baseball, exercise and special speakers.

“The center is like a boys and girls club for seniors. A senior center can offer them a lot.”

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

The hardest part of being a senior center director is the funeral and saying goodbye, Wilke said.

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The second hardest part is fundraising. You need to raise about half of your annual budget. His current budget is $149,000, of which $35,000 is for food expenses.

Wilke said retirement plans include gardening, quilting, home projects and visiting family on the East Coast.

“I hate it,” said Peggy Self Johnson. “He knows everyone in town and has been able to get a lot of opinions.”

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We look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions. Come to us and receive a plant as a thank you gift. Don’t wait, come soon!

Flowers And Friends Prairie Grove Arkansas

Special note: Spring opening will be weather dependent. March is an invitation to a greenhouse purchase meeting.

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June 2nd and 3rd we’ll be at the Junk Ranch in Prairie Grove for a show. The office is closed during this time.

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