F1 Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix – The 2021 Formula 1 Championship will be completed this Sunday, and our Abu Dhabi Grand Prix live blog will bring you all the action from the Yas Marina circuit. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were matched for points in the race, but the Dutchman had the upper hand for most of the Grand Prix and also had Pole position as well. It should be interesting and we will have the latest update here.

This is the beginning of our own blog of the F1 decision between Verstappen and Hamilton. Our nearest Abu Dhabi Grand Prix update is the latest.

F1 Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix

It will take some time to reach that incredible end to the season, and it just quenches the appetite for 2022 with new regulations and a new world champion. The deserved title for Max Verstappen means that Lewis Hamilton is finally relegated after four seasons in charge. Next season can not come soon!

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The chaos in the Red Bull garage will not stop for a while. We have never heard of such a feeling from a Dutch man who realized his childhood dream. . Note to Lewis Hamilton who has fought hard all season and missed out on winning the title for the eighth time this year. He was sitting in his car while Verstappen was robbed by his gang.

I can not believe what I just showed. Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton on the final lap to win his first world title and the crowd was stunned. Mercedes is angry, but it is unprecedented fun for Max and Red Bull! What an end to a crazy season.

Race control allows cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to cross, so it’s a one-shot shot for the world champions! Oh my word it can happen

A big break for Hamilton and Mercedes means the car will not be able to turn under the safety car. That may mean we get the game, but Verstappen will not be close enough to beat him. The Red Flag could give us a great shot, and Christian Horner and Red Bull were outraged by the decision.

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They are still trying to get together as Hamilton complains that the safety car is not fast enough. They still have to pass cars that are in a circle and we can get into a circle. Perez retires from number three, giving Carlos Sainz one on stage! This could lead to him finishing fifth in the championship.

Nicholas Latifi crashed heavily in the last section and a safety car had to be called. Verstappen asks for soft tires, but Hamilton still comes out again! If we restart, Verstappen could be in a good position to attack and take over. Hamilton was unhappy with his team’s decision to leave him.

McLaren is now on new mid-range tires flying past Alonso in eighth place, where he should have overtaken Leclerc for fifth place in the roster, but Sainz was able to jump ahead of both as he continued in fourth. Now Verstappen has caught an extra car train to clear up after Norris’ stop.

F1 Grand Prix

It happened in Qatar, it happened again in Abu Dhabi. Lando Norris was in the top five, but a slow strike forced him to fall into the pit a second time. He was unlucky at the end of the season, but could it be a problem for Hamilton as well? Mercedes warns him to stay as far away from the road as possible.

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He chose his path wisely through four-way combat, and Hamilton now has some clear air in front of him with just 10 hits. Verstappen is not close enough at the moment and hopes for his position seem fading. Of course, only a safe car can bring this car back to Red Bull.

A four-way battle for ninth place is what Lewis Hamilton can see ahead. Alonso, Ocon, Ricciardo and Leclerc are trying to score last and Hamilton must be careful in battle but can not afford to waste too much time with Verstappen off, although it is not enough to worry Mercedes at the moment.

A simple DRS move for Pierre Gasly on Fernando Alonso sees AlphaTauri now seventh and eighth, while Bottas is now on Norris’ back in fifth. Brit plays faster than Finn, so change should come soon and Sainz will not go too far.

Mercedes thought Verstappen needed an eight-tenth lap to catch Hamilton in front, and he did so on the first lap after VSC was removed. Alonso and Tsunoda fought a major battle through the third division, which ended with the Spaniards taking the Japanese racers for the title. He took it back even though he left in the 12th turn to complete the transition.

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Perez followed his teammates, while Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly, who had yet to score, were lucky enough to finish as they finished eighth and ninth, respectively. VSC ends with Verstappen back, but on newer tires in the fight for glory.

Third luck for Valtteri Bottas, who finally crossed Charles Leclerc in the sixth round and Ferrari could not respond in the next corner. Giovinazzi, meanwhile, was stuck on the exit of the ninth turn and ended his F1 career with frustration with VSC being eliminated. Leclerc plays for Ferrari like Verstappen. Hamilton is still out of the house! This can be important in combat.

The new Bottas tires give him a lot of performance, but it is still not enough. Charles Leclerc was twice attacked by Finn, but he fired him on each occasion. Each thigh stopped Bottas’ attack in the front while Norris and Sainz retreated.

F1 Grand Prix

That was less of a concern for Max Verstappen when Bottas fell from third and opened the gap for him to resist. Bottas exits behind Leclerc but can jump Tsunoda on the train. Does his new tire allow him to step forward?

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When George Russell retired in his last race for Williams, the Red Bull seemed to be seriously considering a second stop when Hamilton extended his lead to four seconds. It could be the only chance for Verstappen to beat Hamilton, who looks great. Bottas is the only problem for Verstappen, as he would not be clear about the Mercedes if he crashed now.

Kimi Raikkonen’s 349th and final F1 race seems to be over. Finn suffered frontal damage after a major brake problem in the sixth round and led Alfa Romeo into the pits to retire from racing and F1. George Russell had personal problems as he reported a loss of drive as he slipped back into the pit.

Tsunoda is now in the bot and it has paved the way for Valtteri Bottas who can try to fly fast on his medium tires. Now he has to go a long way to make sure he does not get on a train that he could not get on before. Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly started on solid tires so they will take longer.

He did his job to slow down Hamilton, but he could not do it forever. Perez is now running from No. 3 on hard tires and starting No. 5, though Tsunoda and Bottas have not stopped in front of him. Kimi Raikkonen made his final appearance in Formula 1 as he ran 18th in his Swansong Grand Prix.

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Hamilton reduced the DRS to six, but Perez hit back with the brakes. Hamilton got a better exit, but Mexico restored the DRS and overtook Mercedes again. Perez is doing his job perfectly right now as Verstappen closes abruptly. Hamilton got a moment later and Perez immediately passed his team-mate, cutting between eight seconds to two to one thigh. Great teamwork from Red Bull.

It took longer than he wanted, but Verstappen found his way through Carlos Sainz for No. 3 on the road and now eight seconds behind Hamilton. Norris dropped from fifth place after reporting a potential loss of speed problem but advanced ahead of Leclerc in 13th place.

As expected, Mercedes did not risk beheading and brought Hamilton into the pit shortly afterwards. Stopping clean sees him comfortable in front of Sainz who was caught by Verstappen. Leclerc and Ocon were also in the pits, while Perez inherited the race lead. Can he interrupt Hamilton’s race enough for Max to return?

F1 Grand Prix

He struggled with soft tires for a while and now Red Bull is bringing Verstappen into the pit for hard tires. He came out behind Norris and was almost eliminated by Leclerc as he led thanks to the dirty Red Bull air. Verstappen passes Norris straight as Leclerc struggles to hold on

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