Eddy’s Auto Repair

Eddy’s Auto Repair

Eddy’s Auto Repair

Eddy’s Auto Repair – On behalf of our customers, we do not participate in any direct software repair. As a result of the insurance companies sending customers to the body shop for the exchange, they hope to be in control of the repair. Most direct insurance repair programs require cutting corners, making some repairs safe and reducing the car. A direct repair shop has no power to repair because if they don’t do what the insurance company tells them to do, the shop is kicked out of the program.

At Eddie’s Auto Body, we work for you, the customer. We can and will fight for you to get the coverage and debt you deserve.

Eddy’s Auto Repair

Eddy's Auto Repair

Eddie’s body shop always took great care of us, my family and I, whenever we needed auto repair.

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After reading many wonderful reviews, I stopped by to meet Eddie and asked him for a quote on my latest Nissan…Rogue. I found Eddie to be friendly and professional and went through my repair process thoroughly. He took my personal information and said it would be a month before he could start work. I called three times in two weeks and never got a call back. I guess they are busy – not every day – but their authority protocol and customer follow up job needs some work. read more

Super nice owners do a great job. Their attention to detail cannot be explained. Highly recommended.

Carol and Eddie are the people we always wish we could find. My 2015 malibu was hit in the rear end and my….brother in law recommended that i take it to eddie’s body shop. We had just moved to Connecticut from California, so I knew where I was going. The best plan we could take was Eddie. They end up totaling the car but with expert advice we are well on our way to recouping the cost of replacing my vehicle. They have been very supportive of our needs and treat you not only as a valued customer, but as a friend. So if you need an expert painter, Eddie is the place to be. No less determined. read more

Carol was so knowledgeable, friendly and kind. Every time I come to use it, it is so helpful and hospitable. Manu thanks to Barbara Gotay Matthew read more

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Eddie is very friendly and knowledgeable, the place is highly recommended. I brought my vehicle here to get a quote…and I’m trying to get the job done. After a few phone reminders I waited 9 weeks for the offer. he never came, he never went. In the end I chose another place to do the work. Sorry, but the wait for the first offer that was promised in “about a week” is too long

I live in Mood, a village in East Haddam. I used to ride with Eddys Auto Body, but never needed their services until… I had a car accident. They were wonderful to work with. Extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and more than efficient. Just amazing people and customer service. Simple excellent!!! read more

They do great work and excellent customer service, they really go out of their way for their customers! I highly recommend it

Eddy's Auto Repair

I had the sweetest experience in the car! They did a great job on my car. What a beautiful husband and wife team! read more

Auto Repair Shop Expands With Wintersville Location

Great job and fast turn around time, small fender repair and cleaned the interior of the vehicle, great job.

Best auto body shop! Eddie has been fixing my family’s vehicles for years and he always does a great job….his color match is perfect, as well as the correct fitting of the panel holes. He won’t use cheap parts and will work with your insurance company to get your car fixed. You would never know what happened to the vehicle with it! read more

Eddie and Carol run a very friendly and reliable auto body shop. I heard great things from friends and family that I went to when I had a small accident and got the parts I needed quickly and cheaply. Very honest people, and never a penny more than they ask for. read more

The best auto body shop in Connecticut. Excellent! A perfect body of work. High quality professional service. The weapons and armor they have here is amazing. Eddie and Carol couldn’t be better. They worked directly with the insurance company and took care of everything. When I picked up the car, they inspected every inch of it inside and out. I also thought that all dyeing processes should be environmentally friendly. read more

Why Choose Eddie’s Auto Body Over An Insurance Direct Repair Shop?

They are great men. I’ve known Eddie (Pepe) since I was little. My uncle Marcus worked there for 35 years. My father also worked there before he retired. But without prejudice what I say is as it happened. You will find out for yourself what a nice guy Eddie is and how sweet Carol is. They will work with you and take care of your insurance and the transaction will be smooth, painless and easy. Read MoreGROWING BUSINESS – Wintersville officials welcomed Randy and Sherri Eddy and their staff to the second Hobby Road location in town with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Eddys hired Jessica Sipes, a business office manager, to do their mechanical part, C.J. Ralston and Jonathan Blackburn and many supporters were watching. — Warren Scott

WINTERSVILLE — The owners of an auto body shop in Richmond found they lacked space to serve their many customers, so Roadside Hobby expanded to a location at 519 Canton Road.

Mayor Mike Petrella and other village officials welcomed Randy and Sherry Eddy to their new location with a recent ribbon cutting ceremony.

Eddy's Auto Repair

Randy said he opened the Richmond location, also on State Route 43, five years ago, but has been repairing vehicles for at least 30 years.

Eddy St, San Francisco, Ca 94109

Sherri, who graduated from Wintersville High School in 1988, said she met when a family member suggested she take up sewing.

Originally from Wintersville, he worked at the local Smith Oil Station for many years and was a maintenance supervisor for various companies when he decided to open a garage in Richmond.

Sherri admitted that she was a dubious supporter of the idea and tried to make Randy seem like a dear sideline.

He said the company name was born from the idea that he had a passion for Randy, then the Roadside Sam CB handle used by his late father, Sam Williams.

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Randy said the Richmond location will focus on auto body repair, while the Wintersville garage will offer a variety of mechanical repairs.

Randy said that with the rise in the price of new and used cars, many people are working harder to keep vehicles running in good shape and even restore those that are already showing their age.

Both locations are open from 9 p.m. at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and those looking for Roadside Hobby services are encouraged to call (740) 317-5766 to make an appointment.

Eddy's Auto Repair

Assisting the Eddys in their new location are office manager Jessica Sipes, secretary Lisa Morrow, and mechanic C.J. Ralston and Jonathan Blackburn.

Schedule Auto Service And Maintenance

Sherri said, “Winter was fantastic. They are very grateful and we are happy to serve the community here.” After leaving the military in 1956, Eddie Lupinek started Eddie Lupinek’s Auto Body on the bottom floor of the Williamsburg building. Since then, Eddie’s Auto Body has continuously served the local community. Much has changed since 1956.

In 1985, Eddie’s Auto Body moved to a new building in the East Haddam Industrial Park. The new building offered many opportunities for expansion with a new paint booth, an explosion-proof room dedicated to color mixing and matching, and another machine resealing machine. Eddie was seen preparing for the long haul, then in February 1992, Eddie officially retired, handing over the reins of the family business to his son. And the second generation, also named Eddie, was to strengthen and continue the great reputation of his father.

Young Eddie was already off to a great start, growing up in a factory, until the end of waiting for a kindergarten bus in a body shop. At a young age he knew how to fix cars. Young Eddie spent many years and weekends attending schools and seminars on how to properly run a body shop.

As Eddie learned the “ins and outs” of the industry, he was elected president of the Connecticut Association of Automotive Painters (ABAC). What has been known for generations is the importance of continuous learning and also the importance of giving the customer what they “want”. Eddie’s Auto Body product is a satisfied customer.

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Live bodywork is always too busy

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