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Create Website Link – 🥳 Woo-hoo it’s release day (Version 10.93.9), and we’re happy to introduce 🌟 a new feature that allows you to create a Desktop Web App for any website link or URL. Maybe you have a web application that you want to be in the dock or taskbar? Or maybe you think having a simpler UI for your favorite website can help you stay focused? If you’re looking for an easy way to turn any browser tab into its own native app, look no further!

We’ve taken Chrome’s Progressive Web Apps feature (also available in Edge) and given it a little boost. Progressive Web Apps are websites that are installed on your computer to behave like ‘native’ apps instead of browser tabs – they are browser independent – you don’t need to open a browser – and there are no address bars or tabs. to distribute things.

Create Website Link

Create Website Link

Built on the same Chromium platform as Chrome and Edge, but supercharged with additional productivity features needed to make the web easier, such as a cookie container to manage multiple accounts, integrated search, and unread desktop badges and notifications. As a result, our Desktop Web App can also offer many of these features:

Webflow: Create A Custom Website

The short video above shows you how to install a web URL on your computer – it only takes a few minutes, so why not give it a try? This is how…

This is the first iteration of the Desktop Web App, so there will be some bugs, so please get in touch if you find them. Also let us know what you think about them, including any suggestions. Send feedback to support (at) or use the Feedback form in the app.

If you’re new, here are just a few of the awesome features you’re missing. Why not take a free trial and give it a whirl? Product Automation Platform Code-free automation in 5,000+ apps How it works Learn the basics Security Trusted by 2M+ businesses Features Build flexible workflows App integration Explore 5,000+ app connections Early Access Be the first to try new products Beta migration Data migration on demand Beta table Free database built for Zaps Contact Sales Explore application integration Solutions By role Marketing Business owner IT Sales operations By workflow Lead management Customer communication Internal processes Data management By company size Startups Small and medium businesses Resources and Support By role Marketing Business owner IT Sales operations Learn more Blog M ga University Webinar Customer stories Get help Community Help Center Hire Support Team Contact Experts and Company Pricing

Google URL Shortener was shut down three years ago (RIP), and since then, the internet—myself included—has been trying to find the next best option for how to shorten links.

How Do I Link To A Section On A Page?

With more than ten years of experience analyzing technology and web applications, I can tell you that there is almost no perfect solution. (The only exception is takeout: the best answer is always pizza.) The best URL shortening service depends on what you need and what you want. There are simple, fast, and free URL shortening apps; dedicated marketing and analytics that exclude details about who clicks on your links; even options that allow you to add calls-to-action to links, or redirect people based on where they are in the world.

To help you find the right URL shortener for most people, I’ve tested over 35 different options. This is the best—and that’s what makes them great.

Do you want to shorten links in Google Drive or Google Docs? Our tutorial shows you how to do this automatically, using .

Create Website Link

All of our best app roundups are written by people who have spent most of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing applications, using each application for its intended use and evaluating it against the criteria we have set for the category. We are never paid to place articles from any app or to link to any site—we value the trust of our readers to provide genuine reviews of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read our full rundown on how we choose apps to feature on the blog.

How To Create An Affiliate Link Using Accessally

At its simplest, a URL shortener takes some long, unusable links and turns them into shorter, shareable links. For example, if you’re making an ad for roommates, you can shoot it like this

These shortened links mean that anyone viewing your ad has an easy-to-type URL, rather than typing in long, incomprehensible strings of text that are almost guaranteed to make mistakes. And it’s not just for advertising for roommates; URL shorteners allow you to provide typed links on business cards, print ads, podcast interviews, or other situations where you might not be able to click on a good hyperlink.

While URL shorteners used to be useful for shortening longer links to fit character limits in social media and messaging apps, many platforms take care of this for you. Twitter, for example, automatically shortens shared links using’s shortening service, while iMessage hides links behind preview cards. If you’re just sending stuff to friends, you only have to worry about URL shortening if you’re using custom SMS.

In addition to these basic capabilities, there are features that I look for in a link shortener:

Links: Creating A Link To A Specific Class

I have been trying to apply for this list for the past two years. To update this year’s list, I spent time with dozens of apps, shortening URLs and generally exploring how good they are. URL shortening is not a complicated task, at least from a user interface point of view, so it’s mostly to get a feel for how to use it and the additional features and analytics it offers. Apps with more advanced features, such as the ability to add CTAs to links, take more testing than simple free options.

Overall, I relied on my experience using and testing software over the past decade to make a close decision, as well as taking notes on all the different applications from years past. If an app appears to be constantly developing and moving forward, it is more likely to be viewed better than an app that appears to be stagnant.

Interested in doing more with your URL shorteners? Check out tips on how to use automation to track, deliver, and stay on top of your performance.

Create Website Link

Bitly is a full-service business-grade URL shortener. If you only need to speed up links occasionally, you can use them without creating an account. Just paste the long URL into the box on the homepage, click Shorten, and away you go.

How To Create A Link In Bio Page Using WordPress • Spotlight

But Bitly really stands out for its business offerings. Part of its appeal is that Bitly is very simple and easy to use. It has a comprehensive dashboard where you can track over 20 real-time data points, including visitor location, organic shares, and more. The tool for tracking campaigns is also easy to use.

While Bitly’s free limited account usually offers a lot, it’s easier to recommend, especially for small businesses. My free account from a few years ago got analytics for 10,000 links/month, while the new plan I launched today only got 100—although you can still manage the back half of 50 shortened URLs. This is a great way to check out Bitly’s UI, but you should consider a paid plan.

The $35/month basic plan provides a free custom domain, allows you to create 1,500 links per month, and shares more data about who clicks on your links. If you need more from Bitly, Premium, at $200/month, is a big step but offers 3,000 links per month, more granular analytics for things including city-level data and device type, and other features, such as unbranded QR codes.

Bitly is a great URL shortener for large online businesses that share a lot of links and want branding and tracking. It is also a good choice for small businesses that want to generate short URLs and track statistics for several campaigns.

Step 4: Create Your Bio Link Landing Page

Bitly even integrates with , so you can do things by automatically creating short links from your RSS feed or Instagram post.

Bitly price: Very limited free plan; Basic plan from $29/month (paid annually) with branded domain, more links per month, and support.

If you’re looking for Bitly alternatives, Cuttly and Linkly are both close to the top spot – worth checking out if you don’t like Bitly. Their free plan is better, and both have grown significantly over the past two years.

Create Website Link

While Rebrandly is a great URL shortener like all the other apps on our list, it has its own unique appeal. Rebrandly believes that brands, whether products or people, derive value from managing content links that refer to their website. The free plan offers five custom domains, most of which are bundled

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