Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money – Making money from blogging is not a big deal today, anyone with no coding knowledge can create a blog and earn huge income. A website is the most important platform of your business or blog. So, you should be very careful when designing your website. Not only the design, but also your content should be interesting. First, let’s discuss the design. The first step in starting an online business or blog is to create a website. How to create a website..? Most people don’t know about it. These days creating a website is very easy and cheap. You need to choose a web hosting platform to create a website.

A web hosting platform provides storage space for your website and access to design and add content to your website. Google, and are some examples of web hosting platforms. is a completely free hosting platform. is also free to create a website, but you have to buy a plan to connect the domain.

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Here we discuss how to start a blog for free or with minimal investment. You can start your blog with less than Rs 1000 by following this article. If you go for a WordPress website to start your blog then it will cost around INR 10,000. It includes hosting, SSL certificate, purchasing a domain name, purchasing a premium WordPress theme, etc. So I suggest you to start a free blog with blogger if you are a beginner. Once you are connected with blogging and you have earned some money, you can transfer your blog to WordPress website very easily.

How To Create A Blog For Free & Make Money [step By Step]

Blogger is one of the most suggested free blogging platforms worldwide. Since blogger is completely free, you can create a blog or website with blogger very easily. It only costs to buy a domain. You can link a custom domain to a blogger site. otherwise blogger will provide default url to your site which is like If you buy a custom domain, it will look like Custom domains are always promoted by google and it plays a big role in your blog’s SEO.

As mentioned above, blogger is a free hosting platform, so you don’t have to worry about website security and SSL Certificate. All blogger sites are secured and SSL encryption is enabled. If you go for a WordPress website, an SSL certificate costs around INR 800.

Blogger provides some default themes, but these themes are outdated. You can customize your website layout according to free blogger themes as well as paid blogger templates.

Like Blogger, wix is ​​a free blogging platform. Although Blogger has no features but they are all free. We don’t have to pay Blogger to add a custom domain. But to connect a custom domain to wix, you need to buy the Pro version. Wix is ​​a content management system. You can easily build websites. You don’t need to know coding on wix. You can design the website by dragging and dropping the required elements. One disadvantage is that wix does not offer c panel like WordPress sites. However, you don’t need to pay to open an account or create a website. You can open as many websites as you want on one account.

How To Start A Free Blog And Earn Money (full Guide)

But to add a custom domain, all websites must purchase a pro version. If a custom domain is not added, our website URL will appear as a wix subdomain. SEO features are much less in wix than wordpress websites. Today, more than 90% of blogs in the world are built using wordpress. Wix is ​​better suited for other business websites than blogging.

The domain name is the address of your website. For example is a domain name and the domain name or blog address you are currently reading this article is www.. So it is essential to buy a domain name for your blog or website. For those who want to start a blog on platforms like Blogger or wix, the only cost is the domain. Buying a domain name costs very little money.

There are a few things to remember when choosing a domain name. It is very easy to rank your blog in Google if you have a keyword in the domain you choose. Also make sure the domain name is short and easy to read and remember. Another important thing to consider is choosing a top-level domain. A top level domain includes .com .in etc. This also plays an important role in the growth of your blog.

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

Now let’s see how to buy a domain name for your blog. If you have a Blogger website, you can buy a domain from Google itself. But buying a domain from Google is more expensive than other sites like godaddy. It is better to buy a domain from godaddy. Go to to buy a domain name. There you have the opportunity to choose the domain name according to your needs.

How To Make Money Blogging: Your Step By Step Guide To Monetizing A Blog And Becoming Your Own Boss

Buying a domain from costs less than Rs.800. You can pay this amount through debit/credit cards, internet banking or through UPI payment.

After purchasing the domain name, you need to link the domain to your blog site. It’s very easy to link a custom domain to blogger as well as wix.

SSL certificate, SSL encryption is an important part of your website security. This article explains how to start a blog for free or at low cost. So we only discussed about free blogging platforms like and Such free blogging platforms do not require an SSL Certificate. So you don’t have to worry about it. The SSL certificate is an important element of a website, so it is discussed here, even if does not need it.

The next step is to post articles on your blog. This is something that must be done very carefully. There are many dos and don’ts on your blog when writing posts. It is better to write about a specific topic on your blog than to write about many different topics. This will help you rank faster in search engines and earn more money. Please do not copy and paste from other blogs. Copying other people’s content in this way will affect your website and prevent search engines from ranking your website. Also, if you post duplicate content, you will not get AdSense approval. When writing an article, try to write in simple language and write in small paragraphs, avoiding long paragraphs. Research and find suitable keywords using tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Keep posting articles regularly. Also, share your blog URL on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How To Make Money Blogging

Getting Website Traffic Is Important To Make Money Blogging It’s a bit difficult for beginners to get traffic to blog. But as the number of posts on your blog increases over time and they are ranked in the search engines, your blog will receive organic traffic from the search engines. If you are a beginner, you can share your new blog URL with your friends through social media. It is also good to start a Facebook page in the name of your blog. Social media plays a huge role in website traffic.

Another way to get traffic is to submit your blog to search engines. Your blog can be submitted to Google using the Google search console and search engines like Yahoo and Bing using Microsoft’s bing webmaster tool. This is a very easy process. Once submitted, it will automatically rank in search engines when you post new content later.

Developing links from good websites also plays a big role in driving traffic to your blog. As such, quora is an important website for building links to your website. Posting your web address on forums like this will bring you more traffic.

Create A Free Blog And Earn Money

The first step to making money blogging is to apply for Google AdSense. Google AdSense gives you money by displaying ads on your website. If you apply for Google AdSense immediately after starting a blog, you will not be approved. Additionally, your blog content should be of good quality and useful. As mentioned above, if your blog contains duplicate content, you will not get AdSense approval.

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students (17 Best Ways) Without Investment!

Try to apply for AdSense only after you have posted at least 50 articles. If your blog complies with the policies and criteria set by AdSense, you will receive AdSense approval within four to five days. After getting AdSense, you can display ads on your blog and earn money from Blogging. This way, you can start making money from your blog. Google’s AdSense is one of the most popular, highest paying and most trusted AdSense networks in the world today.

Apart from AdSense, affiliate marketing is another way to generate income from your blog. Affiliate Marketing is the process where a person buys a company’s product through you and receives a certain amount of commission. The most popular affiliate marketing site in the world is Amazon Affiliate. If you write a product review, you will receive a certain amount of commission if the product

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