Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

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Delicious ingredients together in one small snack skewer. These Antipasto Skewers are super easy to make, grab and stick!

Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

I served these cute little Antipasto Skewers at our 4th of July gathering this year and the moment they were put together I knew I had to share them.

Tasty Dishes In Less Time

This fun party snack is a fantastic concept that can be customized in so many ways. Take whatever looks good, put it on a stick and you have a super simple, pretty plate of perfect party food…say that 5 times fast!

For a nice color contrast, I went with marinated cheese tortellini, black olives, fresh basil, creamy cubed havarti cheese, salami, grape tomatoes and marinated mozzarella balls. The only prep work ahead of time is to prepare and chill the tortellini and marinate them in bottled Italian salad dressing for a few hours. Then all that remains is to assemble the skewers.

These 6 inch wooden skewers I found on Amazon were the perfect size for them. Shorter than regular BBQ kabob skewers and just right for a snack.

I love these pre-made pickled mozzarella balls that I find in the specialty cheese/deli section at my local Safeway. They’re a great ingredient to have on hand to toss into salads and make delicious party snacks like this one. If you can only find the regular variety, just toss them in with the tortellini to marinate together.

Greek Salad Skewers (an Easy, Make Ahead Party Appetizer!)

Another great thing about them is that they can be assembled the day before and refrigerated overnight to make the party day stress-free.

I cut the salami into quarters (in half and then in half again) before threading it onto the skewers.

My basil leaves were quite small, so I put two together and folded before adding the skewers.

Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

Serving size: 1 skewer · Calories: 166 kcal · Carbohydrates: 2 g · Protein: 10 g · Fat: 13 g · Saturated fat: 5 g · Polyunsaturated fat: 1 g · Monounsaturated fat: 3 g · Trans fat: 1 g · Cholesterol: 29 mg · Sodium: 404 mg · Potassium: 83 mg · Fiber: 1 g · Sugar: 1 g · Vitamin A: 199 IU · Vitamin C: 4 mg · Calcium: 183 mg · Iron: 1 mg

Ingredient Caprese Skewers (easy Appetizer Recipe)

Nutrition information is automatically calculated using generic ingredients and is an estimate and not a guarantee. For more accurate results, check the ingredient labels at home.

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Hello and welcome to my online kitchen! My focus here is to provide simple, seasonal meal solutions for busy households. I hope you find inspiration while you’re here and visit again soon! With Memorial Day right around the corner, we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to serve appetizers and side dishes at BBQs. Serving food on mini skewers means your guests can chat and chat while they eat, and so can you! Big bonus: cleanup is a breeze with so few accessories in play. In addition to meat kebabs, almost everything can be served on a stick, from vegetables to antipasto, salads and cheese-fruit piles. Scroll on for 15 clever mini skewers that are perfect for your summer barbecue.

1. Strawberry Feta Skewers: You’ve probably tasted strawberries and feta in a salad before—they go together like a PB&J. This starter couldn’t be easier to make: Wash. Stack up. Barbecue skewers. Liensh. Tomorrow. Repeat as needed. (via Bites of Bri)

Antipasto Skewers Recipe

2. Jalapeño Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots with Ranch Dip: What’s better than bacon and fries, especially when the fries are in the shape of a hash? There are so many good things that happen with paprika and ranch dip that you may need to make more than a few batches. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

3. Mini Caprese Bites with a Drizzle of Balsamic: A Neapolitan classic, the Caprese salad is named after the Italian island of Capri. But all over the world, tomatoes and basil are everything that is so green and delicious about summer produce. If you can find fresh mozzarella while strolling through the green market, grab it. That makes all the difference. (via Iowa Girl Eats)

4. Iceberg Lettuce Wedge on a Stick: Iceberg wedge recipes with gorgonzola and bacon bits have been floating around since the 1920s. Maybe it’s because iceberg lettuce is so readily available even in cold weather. This bite-sized version is sure to be a big hit at your next BBQ. (via Allrecipes)

Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

5. Mini Tortellini Kebab: You wouldn’t think that pasta would be a good finger. Color YOU wrong! These tortellini kebabs are delicious and make a hearty snack. (using Belly Full)

Easy Antipasto Wreath

6. Bacon Wrapped with Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños: Of course, the only thing you can do to a popper to make it even more delicious is to add bacon. These poppers are loaded with two cheeses and seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

7. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs: These meatballs have all the spicy flavor you crave in a buffalo chicken wing, but are much easier to make in the slow cooker. Prepare them the night before and you’ll feel like a guest at your own shindig. They go perfectly with celeriac and blue cheese dip. (via Damn Delicious)

8. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites: Sure, they look like they could be served at a garden party, but these babies are so easy to make, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all their lives. Filled with horseradish and dill cream cheese, they are not as delicate as they look. (via Baker by Nature)

9. Rosemary Pineapple Mozzarella Bites: You can make these the best way by opening a can of pineapple and sticking a piece together with a cube of cheddar. Or you can dazzle your eyes with this adult version. The pineapples are lightly charred and then marinated in rosemary. Baby bocconcini are seasoned with chilli. The presentation can be jazzed up by using rosemary sprigs for skewers. (via Cook, Craft, Love)

My Favorite Cold Appetizers For Entertaining

10. Mexican Street Corn (Elote): This sweet corn is steamed, then finished on the grill for an authentic char. Sprinkle it with Mexican crema, lime juice, fresh coriander, cumin and chili powder. For the finishing touch, roll it in powdered cojita cheese. The depth of flavor – sweet, smoky, salty – will make you scream

11. Prosciutto, Baby Mozzarella and Fresh Fig Skewers: Quarter fresh figs, then pair with mozzarella and wrap in prosciutto. Serve with a drizzle of honey and a few grains of sea salt. If you want something sweeter, try this one with dates. (uses kiwi and peach)

12. Mini Cheeseburger Bites: Sliders are always a hit at any party. Fill yours with all the fixings, then toss them in the Thousand Island dressing for the ultimate snack. (via Sugarfree Mom)

Cold Appetizers On A Stick Recipes

13. Antipasto skewers: You know how the antipasto tray slows down the buffet line while guests struggle to separate the slices of meat? Stop the madness! Serve them as appetizers and keep the party going. (via homemade interest)

Greek Salad Skewers Are A Quick & Simple Appetizer For Parties!

14. Greek Salad Skewer: Another salad served kebab style. Maybe we’re on to something. Salads are a palate cleanser, but they are so hard to eat instead of grilling. Now we can all sneak in some greens without juggling multiple plates. (using garnish with lemon)

15. Feta, watermelon and cucumber cubes: Watermelon and cucumber are so refreshing that they are often served as a cooler in a glass. Put them on a toothpick with creamy feta cheese and Italian dressing, and you have a fresh, crunchy salad on a stick. (via DesignLoveFest)

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Hobbies. She’s renovated every house she’s lived in, including the rental rooms, and like… who does that? You can catch her on her blog, Renov8or.➡️ Looking for easy cold appetizer recipes for parties in 2022? On this page you will learn how to make cold snacks on a stick with eggs and salami at home in 9 steps. Snacks continue to grow in popularity as they are a tasty, versatile, easy to prepare and easy to serve type of food.

Dynamite Lumpia With Cheese Or Dynamite Cheese Sticks Recipe

➡️ There are many types of cold appetizers, and two of the most common ingredients are eggs and sliced ​​salami. They can be combined with many other ingredients, including cheeses, vegetables and sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard. My simple appetizer recipe helps you prepare cold appetizers on a stick with simple and tasty ingredients such as spicy salami, boiled eggs, stuffed olives and mayonnaise.

➡️ Perhaps no other category of food is as easy to prepare as cold snacks. Basically, you don’t need any previous experience to make delicious snacks with all the ingredients you have on hand

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