Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash – Christopher Adam “Chris” Son (born December 26, 1979) is an American musician (singer, guitarist, and songwriter) born in McLeansville, North Carolina. Chris is the lead singer of the post-grunge rock phenomenon: Girl. After a decade of trying to break into music with the bands Absent Element and Cadence, Chris convinced his wife Deanna to try out for the popular American Idol program in 2005, which would select their fifth contestant later that year. Publication. Although Chris finished the show in fourth place, he is arguably the biggest winner of the show as he is the most successful person since the show. Dewtry’s self-titled debut CD has sold over 2.23 million copies to date, making it the best-selling rock CD of the SoundScan era. The CD reached the Billboard chart twice, once with a historic mark: the smallest gap between the top two spots (fewer than 200 CDs have been released from the soundtrack to The Dreamgirls: Searching for Dreams). [

Chris was born in McLeansville, North Carolina, USA. For reasons of their own, his parents, Sandra and Pete, moved to Virginia, where Chris and his younger brother, Kenneth, were raised.

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

As a teenager, at Fluvana High School in Palmyra, Virginia (the equivalent of our high school), Chris began performing in Peter Pan and The Wise. , in addition to being a great designer. The song itself came to Chris after his friend Robert heard him sing and told him he had a talent for it. Chris has not stopped since then.

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In the year In 2000, at a party with friends, Chris met a woman a few years older than him and a single mother of two children, Hannah (born July 1998) and Griffin (born January 2001). The two fell in love immediately and six months later, in November, they were married and the four of them moved as a family to McLeansville, North Carolina. Griffin was named Chris after the death of his biological father, so he took the last name Chris (daughter).

In the year In 2005, Chris appeared on the reality show Rockstar: INXS, but it did not make it past the TOP50. The producers really liked her, but they didn’t see in Krista the vocal qualities the band wanted.

With the faith of his wife Deanna and the inspiration of former contestant Bo B, Chris decides to try out for American Idol. The city chosen for this was Denver, Colorado. After the tickets were bought, Chris soon found out that there would be an audience in his home state, but he did not want to change his seat, which was worth it because he could see a clip of the audience on TV. , during the commercials at the beginning of the program, it would not have happened if he chose Greensboro, because FOX did not make commercials for the state that tried there. Chris said it was a big surprise for him.

In the audience, Chris chose the classic “The Letter”. He sang and was applauded in and out of the room, and Diana wept in agony. After the audition, Chris got two avos from Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, who got him a little robot. The yellow paper leaves the room without showing any approval, but seconds later he pulls it out of his hat, his wife bursts with joy and shows us the most emotional pictures of the fifth edition of Idol.

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In the program, Chris’ registration number was 36843, which forced him to sit in waiting room 36456, next to Ace Young. Since then, they have become best friends known to their fans as ChrAce. The friendship became so popular that Chris and Ace competed for Best Male Bond at the Idol Awards.

The first stage was followed by a hearing held at the Hotel Hollywood in California. “First cut is deep,” Chris sang along with others to a standing ovation from the contestants. On the most powerful stage, Chris sang with Ace Young and Bobby as a group. The trio performed separately for the song “Feeling”, a Bee Gees classic.

The final stage before the live shows did not involve a new song, but instead a re-evaluation of the audition process by the judges, who ultimately chose the top 24 judges. When called, Chris took longer than he should have to reach his goal because the elevator to his room stopped. For six long minutes he had to wait anxiously for the elevator. He joked that it was the longest floor when he was finally able to climb. The judges quickly gave him a yes.

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

A few weeks after entering the show, on April 19, 2005, Chris first competed against his best friend and roommate, Ace Young, who received the fewest votes. Ace was finally removed.

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In the year On 10 May 2005, Chris was shocked to leave the show in 4th place after many predicted he would win. This week, each contestant had two ways for fans to vote for him. “Chrysaholics” say that one of the ways to be Christine is to lead to Kathryn McPhee, although there are three ways open to her, she is at number 3 this week.

In the year At the end of May 24, 2005, Chris was covered in both the red carpet and the press coverage, and he sang “I made it in the rain” and was one of the highlights of the show. Along with Carrie Underwood and other members of the Top 12 and the rest of the 6-man medley, Chris performed with his favorite band, “Tobacco Road.” His performance was so good that the band invited him to record the studio version, which was made available for free on

Chris was invited to return to the group after being kicked out of Idol by the group Fool, saying that he didn’t want to be “someone else’s replacement”.

Chris has appeared on several programs on American television. The most interesting of them was Ellen DeGeneres, who forced him to dance. A few programs later, he interviewed former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush about Hurricane Katrina and asked them if they would return Chris to Idol.

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On June 8, Chris appeared on MTV’s MTV Movie Awards, singing a song from American Idol: Bad Day, with Jimmy Fallon, during the presentation of the film The Da Vinci Code.

The long awaited news was announced on July 10, 2005. Chris has signed a contract to record an album. He is signed to RCA Records and 19 Entertainment, who sign Idol winners. Chris decided to have the freedom to record songs and did not want to be a solo artist, so it was decided to lead a group that would carry his name. : daughter

Chris Daughtry wrote the songs for the band’s debut album while in the United States with his bandmates. While all of his bandmates were enjoying the summer, Chris was in his bedroom jamming with Mitch Allen (SR-71 (band)), Brent Smith (Shinedown), Rob Thomas (ex-Matchbox 20) and other great rock singers and songwriters. Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down) as well as American Idol member Ace Young.

Chris Daughtry American Idol Johnny Cash

Due to lack of time, the band was selected during the recording of the CD, after the entire recording process. They were chosen: Joey Barnes – drums and vocals (Kris has known him for many years), Josh Steely – 1st guitar – (Chris “discovered” him in the studio where the band was practicing), Josh “JP” Paul – bass (previously played in a punk rock band, Suicidal Tendencies) and Jeremy Brady – guitar and vocals (introduced to Chris through a friend).

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On November 21, the long-awaited CD was released. The first installation was 700,000 copies, which was the number between 250 and 270,000. The first week sales estimates were accurate, but the public response was not: the CD sold 304,000 copies, a huge number by today’s standards. In its 24th week of sales, the CD became Billboard’s top seller twice, in addition to multiple hits.

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