Cheap Car Repair Near Me

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

Cheap Car Repair Near Me – If you have bought a new car, there may be a debate every time the car needs maintenance. Should I go to the dealer for repairs or to an independent shop? There’s an ongoing debate among car owners, and it seems like half the people you ask say sales and the other half do independent shops. Both options have risks and benefits, and which option you decide to choose depends entirely on your personal preferences.

The first question people often have is do dealerships even repair collisions? Dealerships will always have their own service department and employ trained technicians to handle all types of collision repairs for your make and model. However, some dealerships subcontract body repairs to third-party shops, often due to time and cost constraints.

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

Dealerships are very proficient in standard repair work, but when it comes to bodywork, such as that required after a collision, they tend to focus more on the amount of time it takes to repair a vehicle rather than a vehicle that breaks down. repaired successfully.

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Most dealerships build bodies for the makes and models they sell. Some vendors will outsource this bodywork if they do not currently have the ability to complete it. Many suppliers are under great pressure to complete a body quickly. For dealers, service and repair fees are often tied to how long the department estimates it will take to repair a vehicle.

This encourages dealership service departments to make repairs quickly. If a technician can complete a job quickly, in the estimated hours, the dealership makes a profit. And with dealer margins squeezed by online competitors (Carvana), more informed consumers (Autotrader, TrueCar) and automakers are trying to recoup this lost profit through their service departments.

Dealership technicians are often factory-trained and very familiar with the makes and models sold by the dealership. But are they better than an independent body shop? Not always. Independent body shop technicians often have the same factory training as dealership technicians and may have more skills if they have been in the industry longer.

Working on a variety of makes and models at an independent body shop gives these technicians a broader range of experience and technical knowledge when it comes to repairing any vehicle. Body shops may also be certified as Collision Centers for specific makes and models, which means they are independently certified for that car for repairs. For example, Subaru, Honda, Volkswagen, and Tesla require specialized training and certification to perform some repairs.

Local Auto Repair Shops Vs. Dealership Auto Repair Shops — Uptown Automotive Houston’s Auto Body Shop

The top 3 factors in deciding whether to take your vehicle to a collision repair shop or your local dealer are:

As for the price of repairs, independent shops lead the way in sales. On average, people who go to dealerships to get their car fixed pay more for those repairs. Independent repair shops can help conscientious car owners save money on needed repairs. However, people who go to dealerships argue that even though they pay more on average, the repairs come from more experienced workers, which is not always the case.

Arguments about experience and knowledge of mechanics seem to go back and forth both ways. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that dealership workers work almost exclusively with certain brands of cars, while independent auto repair companies work on a broader range. The dealership’s mechanics may know more about that specific car and, in turn, may do a better job because of that knowledge. However, it is not always a guarantee that independent mechanics know less. Many independent stores in the United States have a blue seal of excellence, which means that they have passed a series of tests confirming their status. They also need to be recertified every few years.

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

While most shops have access to the parts needed for unique auto repairs, certain parts are more readily available to dealers, due to their focus on certain makes and models. They are more focused on specific cars and work exclusively with those cars, which means they know everything about special parts and their availability.

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While there are costs and benefits no matter where you go, it is ultimately your personal choice where to take your car for repairs. Dealers may know more about your particular car, but independent shops may be cheaper. The most important thing is to do your research before making any decision and choose the best option for you.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and need body repair on your vehicle, consider choosing Mackin’s Auto Body to get your collision repaired right the first time. Our network of 8 auto body shops has been serving the Portland community since 1945. Call us to schedule an estimate or read thousands of reviews here. . And, the auto repair industry was no exception. Several local auto repair shops have been sold to national chains in recent weeks and months. While this may have provided a financial benefit to their owners, it is not always in the best interests of the customers.

Here are four important reasons to choose a local auto repair shop over a larger national chain.

Let’s face it, now that both parents and kids have their own vehicles, the average family driveway can look like a used car park. Unless you’re a die-hard Ford fan or a shameless Chevy fan, you probably have a variety of makes and models in need of service.

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Although car dealerships often only service the types of vehicles they sell, your local auto repair shop has trained mechanics to repair and maintain a variety of vehicles. That means you can use it.

One of the biggest benefits of a local auto repair shop is the customer service you will receive. Instead of being treated like a customer, you are more likely to be treated like family. That means mechanics, service advisors and other personnel can know you by name, remember your vehicle and treat it like their own.

Local auto repair shops also know how much their trust means to their business. When you trust your mechanic or service advisor to point you in the right direction, and have never been misled by their advice, you’re more likely to recommend that repair shop to others. And, word of mouth advertising often means more to potential customers than fancy media ads.

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

No one likes an expensive car repair or maintenance bill, but chances are you’ll have one at some point during your vehicle ownership days. Working with a local auto repair shop doesn’t have to mean

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They are more likely to find affordable auto repairs. That’s because local stores are independently owned and operated. This gives them the flexibility to set their own prices, make changes as appropriate, and offer coupons or discounts for auto repairs.

In contrast, dealerships or national auto repair shop chains are often more driven by revenue goals. Service advisors and mechanics may receive special benefits or monetary incentives simply for meeting these goals. What does that mean to you? More expensive car repairs or you may find yourself pressured into making unnecessary repairs.

Most of the time, you can take your vehicle to the shop and wait for the necessary repairs or maintenance to be completed. Sometimes, however, your vehicle needs to be in the shop for several hours or days. A local auto repair shop is more likely to have pickup/delivery options to get you to and from work, and may even lend or rent a vehicle.

When working with a local auto repair shop, it can be easier to make an appointment quickly than dealing with a national chain where appointments are booked weeks or months in advance.

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Feel of a local auto repair shop. For us, it’s more about our family (aka ‘customers’) and the vehicles they own, not the almighty dollar.

We know we don’t have to charge high prices or treat car repairs like an assembly line business to earn income. Instead, we treat each vehicle as our own… When vehicles are properly and efficiently repaired and maintained, and when their owners are treated like people, everyone wins!

Our goal is to provide you with the best auto repair and maintenance services in Tempe, AZ. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we back it with a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty, one of the best in the business. If you’re ready to say ‘goodbye’ to a national chain and ‘hello’ to being treated like family at your local auto repair shop, make an appointment with us today. We will advise you and YOU can decide what it contains

Cheap Car Repair Near Me

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