Carsen Edwards

Carsen Edwards

Carsen Edwards

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Carsen Edwards struggled to transition to the NBA game as a rookie, but now his future as a Celtic — and possibly as an NBA player — may be in question.

Carsen Edwards

Carsen Edwards

It’s hard to argue that a player fell unexpectedly in the second round Tabbed as one of the potential sleepers of the 2019 draft when the Celtics acquired him in a trade day with Philadelphia, Carson Edwards remains the closer. With his rookie season on the books, one of the biggest questions surrounding Carson Edwards was a sad one: Is he an NBA player?

Carsen Edwards: Atascocita To Purdue To Boston

Shooting and Edwards stand by He’s a 37% three-point shooter and a big volume at Purdue, a confident and confident player who has the ease of NBA carrying Purdue’s offense that often doesn’t play outside of itself. On a team that’s heavily reliant on the third — and a team that embraces pulling threes this season — his approach to NBA production is clear. And after an electric preseason performance that saw him connect on nine threes (eight in the third quarter) against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the rookie enters his first NBA season.

However, once the games started to count, Edwards rarely showed the ceiling he set during the preseason explosion. After two strong runs against defensive defenses in November (13 points on 5-of-6 shooting against Cleveland and 18 points on 7-of-12 shooting against Washington), Edwards spent the early months of the season in a brick place. , before it falls From an adaptation by Brad Wanamaker A 13-game season in the G-League didn’t offer much promise: He connected on just 27% of his three-pointers (though he scored 22 points in one game).

The lack of performance from behind the arc exposed a player who offered little in other areas of the game He didn’t offer anything of value as a scorer inside the arc (including a brutal 7-of-18 at the rim), and he was never mistaken for an offensive player (just 18.5% assists in three college seasons). Although he has the length (6-foot-6 wingspan) to make up for his lack of height on the defensive end, he’s only strong on that end of the floor, without much rotation other than checking other guards. What is Edward’s job if he doesn’t hit a three?

Point guard is a position the Celtics will need to address this offseason Edwards could contribute to the merger; Here, we have made a case this week But if the team feels that it is not ready Wanamaker has played well in the past, and he could be cheap in free agency if they choose to spend more money elsewhere on the bench. Their first three picks are either a new pick or Kierra Lewis Jr. Or Cole Anthony or (dreaming) Killian Hayes Edwards could see himself as part of a trade package for the veteran, serving as a sweet spot with a handy player.

Boston Celtics: Diving Deeper Into Carsen Edwards

It’s not necessary to write off Edwards as a poor NBA player Although he didn’t impress, he only played 37 games in the NBA, less than the 108 games that made him an exciting prospect to start. He wouldn’t be the first guy to start his NBA career on a low note, and we know he has skills that could translate to a role in the NBA.

But, as it stands now, the Celtics aren’t expecting it This is a team that’s in the NBA Finals once again, and they’re looking for the last piece they need to take those last couple steps to get there. Unfortunately, without some quick progress, this could mean the season isn’t good for Carson Edwards and the Boston Celtics. How Boston Celtics rookie Carson Edwards built a championship franchise with the help of his brother and a high school dropout.

MADISON, NEW DELHI – AUGUST 11: Carson Edwards of the Boston Celtics poses for a photo on August 11, 2019 at Ferguson Recreation Center in Madison, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) Getty Images

Carsen Edwards

BOSTON — When Carsen Edwards was 4 years old, his parents — Carla and James Edwards — signed him up for full contact soccer.

Texas Pg Carsen Edwards Commits To Purdue

At that time, they did not know that their son would become a professional athlete Little did they know that he would lead the Boston Celtics’ summer league team in scoring and that some of his fellow NBA rookies, including Sean Williamson, would challenge him for the best performance in the rookie class. Little did they know that playing football as a high school student would actually ignite a burning fire in Carsen’s belly—a fire that helped him become a promising high school player and the Madden’s Madness influence.

When they put Carson in a soccer shirt for the first time, Carla and James didn’t think about his sporting future. Most of all, they wanted to make sure that Carsen survived her life with her older brother, Jay.

“We want him to learn to work his football, or he’s going to be killed here,” Carla said.

At 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, Edwards is built like a running back, a comparison he hears often. He uses his big body to his advantage — he makes good contact on both ends and is strong enough to create space despite his lack of height (Celtics rookie Romeo Langford said with a laugh that Edwards is definitely not a serious fake). .

Can Someone Hit Carsen Edwards With A Fire Extinguisher, Please?

Although Edwards may seem tough, he developed that attitude at a young age Jay likes to be physical – he wants to be in a relationship, wrestling first with his older sister Madison, then with his younger brother

Carsen is not interested in wrestling or playing with Jay’s wrestling toys But most of all, Carsen wants to be like Jay, even if it means scars and cuts from wrestling

“He’ll sit next to me and play with me until I’m done,” Jay said, “then he’ll hang up his stuff.” “He always tells me that we are old now. He didn’t like that kind of thing, he did it because he wanted me to date him “

Carsen Edwards

The brothers became inseparable, and when Carsen turned 4, he joined Jay’s soccer team. The developmental difference between a 4- and 6-year-old is dangerous, and sure enough, an older boy in Carsen’s first game gave him a hard time.

Carsen Edwards Still Settling In But Eager To Contribute To Pistons

Playing with (and against) the older kids, Carsen developed his love for sports, and as the brothers grew up, they worked around the house on their games. They set up a bed as a marker in an empty room and battled for first down Carla is concerned about Carsen’s struggles, so she runs into Jacob and finds him and Jay in the backyard.

“But my parents would be like, ‘Jay, shoot him,'” Carsen said. “We stayed there all night until I fought him.”

When the boys start playing basketball, Carla tells James that she doesn’t think Carsen has fully recovered, so James takes the boys to the car and throws the basketball onto the roof. Carsen and Jay blindly wait for the ball to roll, then run into it and wrestle for possession.

As Karsen got better at basketball, Jay helped her work out at a nearby gym When Jay gets bored with the text, he challenges Carsen to a game of 1-on-1

Boilers In The Pros: Carsen Edwards Is Filling It Up

The next games were trench warfare Karsen was able to score on Jay, but Jay was strong and tried to overpower his younger brother, who in turn felt the need to push him back. However, when Carla comes to take the boys to the gym, one will shave while the other gets new lipstick or soap.

Both Carla and James were used to hearing about their son’s fights from sympathetic onlookers, but eventually they told the boys they weren’t allowed to play. against each other (a rule that remains constant when Carsen goes home). If boys get together, they will be in a team

“They all come home, and then they’re best friends,” Carla said. “Carsen takes care of Jay’s world. It doesn’t matter what Jay does, they have a very close relationship.”

Carsen Edwards

Carson was a good athlete when he started at Atascocita High School after his parents’ house was set on fire.

Nba Draft Scouting Report: Carsen Edwards

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