Car Warranty Keeps Calling

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

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Car Warranty Keeps Calling

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

Your car’s extended warranty, also known as “We tried to contact you about your car’s extended warranty”, refers to the robocalling trend in the US, where phone scammers make repeated phone calls to try to defraud you. People need to extend their car warranty. Although these types of phone scams have been occurring in the United States since 2007, references to them in memes began in late 2016 on Twitter.

Excuse Me! Your Car’s Warranty Has Expired!

In an April 2021 interview, “extending your car warranty” phone scams started in the US in 2007. A company called US Fidelis launched a robocall campaign in 2007 that was legitimate but deceptive. In the extended warranty agreement they provided, there was a clause exempting Fidelis USA from paying for the repair of the vehicle in the shop. Fidelis USA caught people answering robocalls and signing contracts without reading the fine print. If these people knew better, they would know that only the manufacturer of a car can sell a warranty.

The first references to this type of robocall in memes began at the end of 2016 on Twitter. On December 13, 2016, Twitter

The account @animals_advice posted the first known example. Their tweet (shown below) got one like over the course of five years.

Several Twitter users were aware of these robocalls in 2017 and 2018. On July 21, 2017, Twitter

Car Warranty Guide: Everything You Need To Know

User @ludwigwx tweeted the second known reference. His tweet (shown below, above) got three likes in four years. On June 18, 2018 Twitter

User @akawhitebeyonce posted a tweet (shown below) that garnered 17 likes over three years.

Since late 2018, macro image memes referring to extended warranty phone calls have appeared on Instagram and Facebook. The first known macro photo (shown below) was posted on Instagram

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

By @ellie_yabish_aka_elegance on Oct 6, 2018. However, @ellie_yabish_aka_elegance is most likely not the original creator of this image as it is a Facebook text post. However, the original Facebook poster is unknown. @ellie_yabish_aka_elegance received almost 650 likes over three years.

Extended Car Warranty: How To Cancel That Contract And Get Money Back

Page 94.9 Bull posted a meme using the template I Will Find You And I Will Kill You. The meme (shown below left) received nearly 6,800 reactions over three years. On October 23, 2021, Redditor xotic_illusions posted a meme to r/mildlyinfuriating.

Into 2020 and 2021, more memes appeared on Reddit among other platforms. Overall, more Americans received phones with extended warranties in 2020.

Reported that auto warranty calls were the highest number of complaints filed by consumers in 2020. One place where many of these frustrations manifested was on subreddits like r/fraud. The warranty is about to expire and you need to call a special number to activate the warranty. The motor vehicle service notice also warns that failure to extend the warranty means you are effectively responsible for paying all repair bills.

The Motor Vehicle Service Notification ID contains the registration and service history of your motor vehicle. If you call the toll-free number provided, they will help you ensure you continue to have optimal protection and performance.

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This message may come from the manufacturer of the vehicle and contain appropriate language that would lead anyone to believe that the message is genuine. But do you ignore the message with the consequences it states?

A motor vehicle service notice is a direct communication from your factory manufacturer by letter or pink postcard. A motor vehicle service notice is about your warranty status. It may inform you that your warranty and the protections you have are about to expire and that you need to update it to continue to enjoy the same protection.

The letter or postcard contains the correct information about your car’s model and will convince you. At first glance, the letter or postcard looks genuine and has all the hallmarks that it came from the manufacturer or your factory representative. Some posts have the logo and seal of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

However, as a motor vehicle owner, you need to be careful and check the message carefully to ensure that it really comes from your factory manufacturer. Vehicle owners can decline the renewal if it is in their interest.

We’re Calling About Your Car’s Extended Warranty’: Nikki Fried Levies $345k Fine Against South Florida Auto Warranty Company

However, you should not be in a hurry to make a decision, because if you make a mistake, it can have detrimental effects on your savings. So how do you know the message is genuine?

Always keep motor vehicle documentation from the manufacturer. The documents contain details of the vehicle’s specifications and other characteristics, including mileage or year. In most cases, warranty mileage is 50,000 miles every 5 years. This means that the warranty expires if you reach the 50,000 mile mark or after 5 years of driving from the date of purchase.

Purchase an extended warranty to continue to enjoy protection. Most people do not buy an extended warranty because it is cheaper for them to pay for repairs after the original warranty expires.

A legal notice will contain all information about the company. If the postcard does not have the company name on it, then you are dealing with a scam. It’s easy to find out if you have your factory warranty, just compare the information on it with the information on the postcard notice.

Does My Car Have An Extended Warranty? Here’s How To Check It

To find out if you are getting a legal notice, check your original documents and compare them to the letter or postcard you received. Everything must match, including toll-free phone numbers to call for warranty renewal.

Review the letter or postcard carefully to ensure that you are not accepting a warranty from anyone other than your vehicle’s original factory manufacturer. Everything must match, including watermarks if applicable and payment information.

Pick up your phone and call the toll-free number on the original documents to make sure they are the ones who sent the message. If they refuse to send the letter or postcard, then you are dealing with fraud.

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

. No matter how you look at it, it’s a legitimate warning from your car manufacturer or dealer, and of course it’s a scam from other companies that sell car warranties.

About Your Extended Warranty

Some retailers sell customer information to third-party warranty companies. Therefore, the origin of the message is what you need to check to know if you are being scammed or if you are getting one from your car manufacturer.

Most customers do not consider the extended warranty protection, especially if they do not plan to keep the car for a long time. This makes a lot of sense, but consider it if you plan to keep the car for heavy use or for more than 10 years. The warranty covers basic maintenance services such as engine oil changes, brake noise, AC faults and steering noise.

A scam message bombards you about every two months, and you can get it from different companies, all with genuine phrases to convince you to extend the warranty. It could be a letter or postcard for a vehicle you don’t own.

Check the back of the Motor Vehicle Service Notice. You’ll see account activity showing bogus repairs totaling thousands of dollars. The ad claims that if you have them, you won’t have to pay a single dollar. In reality, your vehicle may or may not have received such repairs since you purchased it. This is a red flag that you are dealing with a scam company that wants your money.

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Sometimes it’s ridiculous to get a motor vehicle service notice informing you that you need to renew your warranty because it’s about to expire when you haven’t covered 50,000 miles or the car is less than 5 years old. Maybe your mileage is 3000 and you have used the car for the last 2 years. By law, the car is still under factory warranty.

This message makes it clear that they want your money and don’t know much about your vehicle’s mileage or details. Ignore the message as it is a scam.

Small details like a phone number can save you from wasting your money on scams. A major car dealer or car manufacturer has the same phone number that you can find on their website or on the paperwork you received from the manufacturer.

Car Warranty Keeps Calling

If the phone number is different, use one of the documents or the manufacturer’s toll-free number on their website to inquire about the message. Explain the nature of the call and message you received. If the automaker denies such a notice and tells you it’s a scam, throw away the postcard or notice sent to your mailbox.

Ford Extended Warranties For Worry Free Ownership

Contact your dealer and tell them about the service message. If the dealer refuses the letter or postcard, you are dealing with a scam. Check it out too

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