Car Warranty Jobs

Car Warranty Jobs – No matter the season, having a car you can rely on is a luxury that’s hard to take for granted. And with an extended car warranty, you can take care of any repairs you might need. But depending on your cover, where you can go for repairs can vary, and making the wrong choice could mean you lose your cover.

That’s why learning more about your car’s warranty and whether you need to take your car to the dealer for repairs can help you keep your coverage active and avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive repair bills.

Car Warranty Jobs

Car Warranty Jobs

And if you’re still not sure where to get your used or new car service done, here are a few factors to consider.

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Whether the warranty is provided directly by the car manufacturer or by a third party, a car warranty protects your car and its parts should they break down or fail. But how this coverage works and where you can get repairs depends on your provider.

For example, every new car, whether it’s a Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz or any other make/model, comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts for a certain number of years or up to a certain mileage. This is your vehicle’s factory warranty, although most car manufacturers can combine different levels of coverage, such as providing power line coverage or bumper-to-bumper warranties, etc. But at their core, they all do the same thing: keep you on the go.

But even though it’s comprehensive, regardless of your car’s factory coverage, it won’t last forever, as most expire after 3 years/36,000 miles or 5 years/60,000 miles. But when that coverage expires, there’s often an option to pay for an extended warranty from the car manufacturer. The logic is that the amount spent on the warranty will be less than the cost of possible repairs. However, third-party extended warranties, also known as vehicle service contracts (VSCs), tend to offer better value, including additional services such as regular maintenance and roadside assistance for a similar amount.

However, as a car owner, whether you are dealing with a factory or extended warranty, there are a number of conditions in your contract and owner’s manual that you must adhere to in order to avoid voiding them. Go against them and you risk any warranty claim.

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Simply put, the answer depends on the manufacturer’s warranty and the work you intend to do. For example, if you need a tire change and the car manufacturer or service provider’s policy only covers engine components, you can do it anywhere. However, for many factory warranties or extended warranties from car manufacturers, any major repairs may be limited to the dealer. Because of this, it’s best to read the fine print of your policy carefully to make sure you don’t lose coverage.

For extended warranties from third-party providers like Endurance, you can often take your car to any certified repair shop or mechanic, including your car’s dealer. While you have several options for where to go with a third-party warranty, there are terms and conditions that you may need to adhere to.

For example, while it may seem like a good money-saving measure to buy your own parts and repair your new or used car yourself, doing so could void your factory or extended warranty. Instead, it’s best to play it safe and visit certified mechanics at your dealership and local repair shops. They will have the skills and resources to ensure that you get the correct part and that the repair itself does not potentially cause other problems.

Car Warranty Jobs

Professional mechanics, or at a dealership, can also keep track of where the parts came from and when they were installed, in case you have a problem. But if you’ve been doing the repair yourself or looking for replacement parts, it puts you in a difficult situation after the breakdown because you won’t know what caused what. So, to avoid headaches and additional costs, it’s best to go to a professional, or your chosen third-party mechanic, or your car’s dealer if required by your factory or extended coverage from your car manufacturer.

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Understanding the dos and don’ts when you have a valid warranty can help you avoid the risk of losing coverage:

By reading and re-reading the fine print of your extended warranty, you’ll know exactly what you’re covered for and who is eligible to perform warranty repairs. You also know what other variables can void your warranty, such as not following your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule or performing warranty repairs yourself.

If any work done by an unauthorized mechanic  (whether you, a friend or a local shop) causes a part to fail under warranty, your supplier has the right to make any claims against that part (even if the rest of your car is unaffected). This is regardless of whether the part in question was OEM, remanufactured or aftermarket. Make sure you only allow those you trust to look under the hood, or it could be a costly mistake.

You pay good money for your warranty and voiding it is a waste. Once you know exactly what you can and can’t do, you should always strictly follow those rules. For example, in order to successfully file a claim on a deferral policy, the repair must be performed by an ASE-certified repair shop or mechanic. If your local shop is not ASE certified and you take your car there, you will have to pay for any work done. This also includes paying any required co-payments, as failure to pay them may result in your covered repair not being completed.

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Everyone is busy these days, and keeping track of your car is often at the bottom of the to-do list. Even worse, you may skip smaller jobs to save money. The point is that regular maintenance is not only necessary to keep your vehicle healthy and avoid unexpected breakdowns and repair costs, but it’s also important to preserve your factory warranty or any extended coverage.

To make it easier for you to keep track of scheduled maintenance and make it much cheaper, breakdown protection like the Advantage Protection Plan includes up to $3,500 in annual maintenance, including oil changes, engine diagnostics, tire replacements, and more. You’ll even be able to get a variety of one-off services like battery replacement, brake pad/pad replacement, cooling system maintenance, and more.

Regardless of whether it is directly related to your warranty, always keep evidence of any repairs or maintenance performed on your vehicle. In the event of a claim, it will be important for your warranty provider to have questions about the maintenance history, what repairs have been made and what parts have been used. Plus, having one will increase its value when you come to sell your car.

Car Warranty Jobs

Any warranty service provider, whether your vehicle’s manufacturer or a third-party provider like us at Endurance, will be happy to answer questions about your policy and explain the terms of your warranty or vehicle service contract if needed. If you’ve read your documentation and still aren’t sure if your local shop is authorized to perform certain warranty repairs, have your mechanic contact a service advisor to check.

What Is An Extended Warranty?

If you own a car with a factory coating, you do not need to go to the dealer for repairs and maintenance. But if the repair or major service is carried out elsewhere, you must confirm that this will not affect your warranty. Simple things like changing some basic vehicle fluids such as oil or coolant, wipers and light bulbs can easily be done in your driveway without breaking any regulations, but when it comes to anything more extensive, always refer to your policy.

A simple rule of thumb is that if your warranty covers a part, it should only be serviced by an authorized technician, either at a dealership or by a certified mechanic. And if you don’t know for sure, don’t do anything until you know.

Extended warranties are designed to be a big help to drivers who need them, but having a plan that requires you to have repairs done at a dealer miles from your home can complicate the repair process. Fortunately, third-party service providers like Endurance have a network of ASE-certified repair centers so you can choose the one closest to you and get quality help faster.

In fact, when it comes to saving on unexpected repairs and breakdowns, only the Endurance Extended Warranty can provide peace of mind, including helping you save on your vehicle’s maintenance needs with Advantage. In addition, every Endurance plan includes 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption insurance and rental car reimbursement. It also gives you a year of Endurance Elite benefits, including additional bonuses and savings like tire replacement or repairs, collision discounts and more.

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