Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus – Are you looking for a gastronomic reference for a delicious lunch in the Plaza Indonesia area of ​​central Jakarta? If so, you shouldn’t miss this article that reviews 10 unmissable restaurants in Plaza Indonesia! Perfect for lunch with colleagues. Don’t miss the following article.

Curious about the taste of S-Teller Cakes, Nester Cheese Cakes and Te Betol Cakes? If so, you really need to visit the AMKC atelier! When talking about the pioneering restaurant of chef couple Adika Maxey and Karen Carlotta, it is elegant and elegant.

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

The price of various cakes in the AMKC atelier starts from Rp. 50,000 you can enjoy 1 big delicious piece of cake with a unique flavor, definitely worth every penny! There is an Es Teler cake that uses coconut milk sponge cake (coconut cake) and it is different from the cake recipe that usually uses fresh milk. The taste when eating this cake is like tasting ice cream!

Inilah 10 Restoran Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Recommended

La Moda restaurant has an outdoor concept that gives you a feeling of relaxation and relaxation. Located in the heart of the city, right on Plaza Indonesia, La Moda restaurant offers a unique and different dining experience. The restaurant’s concept is open, in the middle of a mall between different fashion brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Givenchy.

Wow, what a unique concept carried by La Moda restaurant. The dining room is decorated with unique leaves and the seats are comfortable. With hanging leaves, this plate offers sofa-like seating that is sure to keep visitors comfortable.

Unlike many other meals, Mother Monster doesn’t use the modern colors of white and wood brown. But dare to combine pink, blue and peach together. These bright colors make the space more fresh and fun.

Located in the Kemang area, Mother Monster offers a selection of coffees, soft drinks, snacks and heavy meals, plus a pastel color play of pink, light blue and pale green. If you plan to stop here. For those who like cute OOTD-style photos, you really need to come to Mother Monster on the first floor of Plaza Indonesia. This plate is beautiful, it is dominated by white, yellow and pink, so it is very good for photos.

Metro Hotel Jababeka, Cikarang

Hakata Ikusha is one of the legendary ramen that has been in Fukuoka, Japan for 40 years. So if you want to enjoy the taste of Japanese ramen, Hakata Ikkousha might be the right choice for you! Well, for the recommended ramen to try here is the Syou Tam Tam Chicken Ramen (Rp. 58,000). This ramen consists of a delicious sauce with a mixture of tuna and spicy minced chicken. Hmmmm delicious!

A poached egg is also served to top off your ramen. If you want to complement your ramen with rice, you can order the Mini Chasiu Don Ayam (Rs 15,000), which is rice and chicken pieces sprinkled with chives. One of the Hakata Ikkousha stores you can visit is Jalan Pluit Indah, No. 33, North Jakarta. You know that Hakata Ikkousha is absolutely legendary when it comes to cooking ramen in the Pluit area. Are you sure you want to ignore it?

It’s a salad! Singaporean healthy eating is really a hot topic in Jakarta right now. Eating salad is no longer boring because there is a variety of salads here. You don’t have to worry about feeling hungry because you only eat salad because here the salads and wraps offered by this healthy food are great.

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

Well, the salads offered here are quite original like ‘Oh Crab Lah’. Vegetables, crab sticks, eggs, tomatoes, onions and a little crab sauce with Singapore pepper. Hmm! The price of a piece ranges from R$79,000 to 120,000 rupees. Salad is! It currently has many branches in Jakarta, one of which is in the basement of Plaza Indonesia.

Restoran Di Jakarta Paling Enak

Sushi Tei is a delicious Japanese restaurant with the motto “A Good Deal of Sushi”. You can feel the nuances of wood and paint synonymous with Sakura Land’s culture and traditions at Sushi Tei, Mall Kelapa Gading 3, right on the 3rd floor. This restaurant sells a variety of Japanese dishes, which are its distinguishing features. The flavor is preserved so you don’t have to fly to Japan to enjoy authentic sushi, sashimi and friends.

Well, the recommended dish here is Jiu Otsukuri (Rp. 290,000) which contains a variety of sashimi meats like tuna, shrimp, uni with large portions for 3-4 people to enjoy. For sushi, there is a crispy lobster roll (Rp. 55,000) which contains 8 pieces of sushi with a delicious lobster filling. There are also types of nigiri sushi and fusion sushi that are really delicious. The price starts from Rp. Only 26,000 per plate Come enjoy sushi at Sushi Tei, 3rd floor.

For meat lovers, you really should try one of the Japanese restaurants in Senopati, Momo Paradise. The all-you-can-eat package at Momo Paradise includes the US Beef package, Wagyu package and Wagyu premium package with adult prices ranging from Rp. 188,000 for Rp. 428000. With a 1.5 hour meal, you can enjoy a variety of succulent and delicious meats!

For those who love meat, you can enjoy the feeling of eating as much meat as you like at Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant. In addition, you can taste various other dishes like onigiri, potato chips, even various desserts like ice cream and gyo cocoa pudding, which is known for its deliciousness and excitement. Like all all-you-can-eat restaurants, you can choose from the cheapest Australian beef to Wagyu beef.

Ibis Samarinda, Samarinda

Shabu-shabu is served here with a very varied menu. Start with a package of vegetables, shredded meat, clams and other seafood. The advantage of this restaurant, which currently has several branches in Jakarta, is that it offers other menus in addition to shabu shabu. So you have many container options to choose from. The location is in the basement, Plaza Indonesia.

Plaza Senayan, Pan & Co, located on the first floor, generally looks like a modern restaurant with minimalist-style seating. The concept is an open kitchen, so you can see up close how these lovely pancakes are cooked. Returning to the menus it offers, it is guaranteed that you will immediately fall in love with its uniqueness.

There is a berry fruit (Rs 95,000) for the sweet pancake stack with plenty of sauce and strawberry slices. The whipped cream is creamy and delicious, far from the overpowering flavor that Mahte gives. Plenty of strawberry chunks, butter cookie and vanilla ice cream are also incredibly delicious.

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

Sate Typical Senayan has been around since 1974. Offering kebabs with a first-rate and very tasty taste, you can taste the delicious taste of all kinds of kebabs, from sweet meat kebabs, goat kebabs, chicken kebabs, and the most delicious one of them is the Belura Belura mix (a combination of meat and chicken skin). . Peanut seasoning is also very tasty and soft and is combined with pieces of red onion and chili sauce as a complement to eating satay.

So Thai, Thamrin, Jakarta

In addition to satay, there are several Indonesian dishes such as Fan Tofu, Nasi Kampur Bali, Karduk, etc. The price range offered for a serving of satay here starts at Rp. 30000. This is a good reference for lunch with colleagues. Ah yes, every 21:00 there is a promotion for 2 main menu options as just Rp. 75,000, including drinks only. Come, just visit one of the Sate Khas Senayan stores on the 5th floor, Plaza Indonesia. For those of you who have been living in the capital Jakarta for a long time and keeping up with the development of entertainment venues, you certainly know them. Indonesia Square. One of the shopping malls that has been around for a long time and is located in the center of the city, it has many shopkeepers of famous international brands. In addition, there are numerous restaurants in Plaza Indonesia that serve delicious food.

For those who want to experience the shopping experience in this large and prestigious shopping centre, you can occasionally take the time to eat in one of the restaurants. The price range is varied, you can choose from affordable to super chic with exorbitant prices but exceptionally delicious.

French cuisine is actually synonymous with baked and cheese-stuffed cooking methods. For those visiting Plaza Indonesia while visiting a new home in South Jakarta, refuel by eating the country’s specialties at Bistro Baron. Guaranteed to be food addicted.

One of the reasons western food is less popular is its simple ingredients and not-so-heavy flavor. Cork&Screw is also one of the restaurants in this shopping center, often called PI and always full of young people. The strategic location and being on the 1st floor is also one of the factors that makes it never empty of visitors.

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While looking for a house for sale in Greater Jakarta, you suddenly want to eat all kinds of Chinese food? There’s the Imperial Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao to try. One of Plaza Indonesia’s restaurants can deliver your order in a relatively short time. Very suitable for those who want to eat without waiting too long. Just visit the first floor of this mall.

Ramen is one of the Japanese menus with delicious sauce that will please everyone. For less than 50k per meal, you can have a delicious bowl of ramen at Ikkudo Ichi. It is very easy to access, as it is located in the basement of the PI.

Looking for a restaurant in Plaza Indonesia that offers different menus from different countries? Just go to La Moda. Located on the 1st floor, you can choose from a variety of menus from coffee to Indonesian food and western food to tempt your taste buds. When combined with the elegant location and delicious taste, the price is affordable.

Cafe Di Plaza Indonesia Yang Bagus

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Starbucks Reserve Plaza Indonesia Cafe, Central Jakarta, Rt.9/rw.5

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