Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird – This prized meat can be obtained from certain birds. It gets full marks for taste, nutrition and volume. Perfect with other ingredients or enjoyed on its own.

Besides filling your recipe book, in most cases it’s best to grow gourmet raw meat. This can be used in similar dishes, provides the same health recovery as a whole raw bird, and is easier to grow.

Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

If you really want a whole bird, you’ll have better luck hunting Erding ostriches in the Erding area. Not far to the east-southeast of Erdin Tower there is still a group of three. Beware of Guardian Stalkers to the north.

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Next you can save your game, kill an ostrich or three, and reload if you don’t have the drops you want.

(1 of 2) White doves are annoying to hunt and can only drop one item.

Doves can be troublesome to hunt, and can only drop one item. (left), it’s funny when the items they drop look bigger than they are… (right)

As for white pigeons, they are native to the Hebra Mountains and the Alti Gerudo. It’s worth noting that the area around Snowfield Stable is a sizeable amount.

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However, these birds are much smaller and camouflage themselves in the snow. Additionally, they stop spawning when there is a lot of snow (which is often the case). Not worth it, to be honest.

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Botw Recipe Raw Whole Bird

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