Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar – Yes, this time this sentence is suitable to describe the kitchen. Due to the culinary coverage of the new Astana street in the newspaper, my family and I went there. And the most interesting kitchen from the report, what else but: AA Bistik, who are said to be famous and legendary (but how come I heard about it now!). The title is simple but catchy. This AA may come from the abbreviation of the street name: Astana Anyar. Or you can call your brother in Sundanese. Simple but powerful. But character is more (what the hell…).

How is the price It’s still in the pocket. There are also different types on the menu, but of course fried beef steak (chicken steak, nothing else) is the best seller. Here is the full menu.

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

The line was really long, sometimes I waited half an hour. And when I got it, I thought the steak would be big, like a regular steak. But it turns out that AA Bistik’s version of the steak is shredded and dusted with flour. Yes, it reminds us of the Waroeng Steak dish. This steak fried rice is also served with thin fried potatoes along with green beans and carrots. It seems so? Ok, it’s good enough, enough to make me feel like I want to come back here one day. The taste of fried rice? sweet. And if I had to choose, I would prefer the beef steak fried rice over the beef steak rice (not fried) that my sister bought. The portion is a bit small for those who are a bit greedy, it’s better to buy two from the start than this, if you order more the wait will be longer. Ataaaaa, do you still want to leave some room in your heart, or rather in your stomach, to try another cuisine? Also Bisaaa =D

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I like books i like movies I love a good joke. I like good food. I like photography and I like to travel. View all posts by Fachri RezaBandung – Culinary Bandung is not only famous for its delicious taste, but also rich in innovation. There is one unique legendary cuisine in Bandung that can be said to represent Bandung-style flavors and innovations, namely Nasi Goreng Bistik Astana Anyar, often called Nasi Goreng Bistik AA, which opens at 5:00 PM, right on Jalan Astana Anyar. 264, Bandung.

Astana Anyar refers to the name of the street where the place is sold, while Nasi Goreng Bistik is a combination of fried rice and crispy chicken steaks. Fried rice may no longer be a special menu item for most Indonesians, but with a little innovation, this dish will never get boring.

Although the menu for sale looks modern, Nasi Bistik AA is not a flashy restaurant with beautiful interior design and sparkling lights. Here, however, shoppers will only find food carts on the side of the road with poor lighting.

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Nasi Bistik Aa

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BANDUNG DESTINATIONS – This is the Bandung Regency Travel SIM schedule for today, Saturday, November 12, 2022. For residents of Bandung Regency and its surroundings who want to extend the SIM card… so many enthusiasts, you will find a line of buyers at this legendary place. Nightlife Culinary Place in Bandung. Getting a plate from the AA Bistik menu is a sensation in itself. And it’s late, Jell. Astana Anyar (Gg. Entit) will be more crowded. This culinary glory makes AA Bistik a favorite among Bandung residents and of course tourists outside of Bandung.

The place is simple, with a cart like a fried rice maker on the side of the road. His trademark, apart from the line, was the inscription AA Bistik on a black background on the wagon. Also, some plastic chairs are loosely scattered at several points around the outlet. And of course, visitor vehicles parked waiting for their turn to be processed by A.A. Bistic

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

Besides Astana Anyar, the Nasi Goreng Bistik AA outlet is also located at Jln. Kaliningen (Boa Batu) Konya Podkort. Astana Anyar locations are open from 5:00 PM to 12:00 PM, while Koenyah Foodcourt operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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Chicken steak here is served in a simple but fun and hearty way. The reviewers are satisfied with the crunchy taste and the really great sauce. Fried rice includes fried beef steak, chicken steak rice and chicken steak. In addition to fried rice, you can choose from a menu of chicken, various processed noodles, kvatiao, kapke, fried vermicelli and other Chinese food menus. The price ranges from tens of thousands to more than 20 thousand Rp.

Visitors can try the chicken steak menu, priced under Rp 20,000, pieces of cooked chicken fillet and crispy souffle. In addition to being crispy on the outside, the meat itself is quite soft and the taste is quite spicy with a slightly sweet taste from the sauce, I tried Aa Bistik fried rice for the first time, I ordered 2 jumbo nissor dishes and one regular one. Since it was very full, we decided to eat in the car.

But with a price of around 30k, it’s worth it if you want to be full. I just share it with my friends, it feels good hehe.

Curious about the Bandung style steak. It occupies the garage of the house, which is also available for coffee drinks. It’s not too big and the number of tables is limited, so if it’s crowded, be prepared to stand in line.

Lezatnya Nasi Goreng Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

The menu is quite large and you can choose rice or not. It turned out that the fried rice and all the spices were ready, so the order arrived quickly. In general, including interesting, tasty and richly textured dishes. Even without the rice it is also quite filling.

When it’s very crowded. In the end I just decided to goggle. I ordered the jumbo fried rice with beef steak and potato filling. You can make a dish for two.

Even after wrapping the steak, it was still very tasty plus there were crispy chips. After that, you should eat exactly on the spot, it will be very good. The price is not expensive either.

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

So this is my second time to eat at Bistik AA, first time I tried it about 3 years ago because I was very interested in fried rice beef steak which is sold all over Bandung city. In the past, when I first ate, I still used the plastic bench on the side of the road. My imagination was steak with a special brown sauce, like what people often call steak, but it turned out to be more like fried rice with chicken steak, kind of like katsu with chili sauce on the side. So for those who are starting to try, the first thing you need to know is that it is not steak with brown sauce like in a normal restaurant (at least you have to ask, because if you order normal, then there is no beef steak sauce). For taste, the fried rice is just fried rice in soy sauce, so there is no complicated seasoning in the rice, not to mention scrambled eggs. Then the steak itself is actually a pretty thin patty of chicken meat that is floured and fried crispy, then the chili sauce that sits on the side of the plate and the chips becomes a seasoning. I was even surprised by the chips which are really delicious homemade, the slices are thin so the texture is crunchy but some of the pieces have soft parts inside as the slices are like potato wedges but much thinner. Overall, the taste is average compared to other fried rice, but at a price of 20k rupees (as of December 2020), I can understand why this steak always closes crowded. Because with such a large portion and considering the pocket-friendly price, the regular taste becomes more justified and looks fine. Note that this place doesn’t only sell beef steak fried rice but also has different menu items like puyung hai etc so you can really explore other menu items besides steak.

Nasi Goreng Bistik Aa

I usually give you an update (or two or more) of where I’m dining, so feel free to follow me on Instagram: @imanulearnold and contact me if you have any questions about any of the places I’ve visited. .

I got here at 5pm and there were already big queues. emergency. If you want AA steak, you have to be patient hehe.

Ordered the beef steak and fried rice to go. As usual, fried rice, crispy fried chicken, blanched carrots and beans, potato chips and beefsteak sauce are great.

It was never empty here, always stood in line.. the place is not comfortable but the taste is really good..

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I ordered the fried beef steak, luckily I didn’t have to wait too long.. all the food here is very improvised, also the beef steak sauce.. if you look, the fried rice with beef steak sauce will turn out great, but it’s really delicious fried rice and chicken steak mixed with sauce.. bitter.. hard to express in words “no wonder he’s full all the time.. really good afterwards

Where to eat fried rice steak yes, cheap yes, delicious. The place is really a tent, not a tent (the rain disperses). Now if you go to Bandung, this is a must place to eat at night. The dishes are not only tasty but also quite good. Favorite steak rice, steak and koloyuk

Hungry after 10 o’clock, the selection of places to eat, which is slightly open and then mostly fast food, can run out for more than 50 thousand after that. It’s already the middle of this month, I need to save money, so transfer taxis from north to south for a 20k steak. I waited in line when I got there on Friday night, luckily when it was my turn to order the fried rice it was ready so I didn’t have to wait long. The fried rice here is oil tea, but it is not delicious, so the fried rice is full of steak, the soup is still delicious, it is not bad, it is usually salty and salty, so it is delicious, it is not. As I helped the special sauce from them which was very spicy. Keep emphasizing

Bistik Aa Astana Anyar

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