Best Web Hosting Godaddy

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

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No wonder GoDaddy offers plans tailored for the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web (WordPress)! The useful features that GoDaddy’s WordPress plans provide can help your website succeed. depending on your needs

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

In our GoDaddy for WordPress review, we’ll delve into the features it offers, including support, performance, and pricing.

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GoDaddy offers a wide range of hosting services. He has a common card. Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated options and, of course, WordPress-specific offerings

The plan includes free access to premium WooCommerce features and extensions, such as WooCommerce Subscription. If you are building a WooCommerce store

The quality of GoDaddy’s support is quite varied. On the one hand, the service is available 24/7 throughout the year, but the easiest way to contact an expert is by phone.

Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on your personal preference. Other options include searching GoDaddy’s help articles, getting help through the community forums, or—if you can find them—the live chat options hidden in the .

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You must set your region to the United States to display the live chat button. This may confuse some users. This option is only available from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST, which makes it quite inconvenient for international GoDaddy users.

Although the support is generally good. But quality can be hit or miss. In our 2018 WordPress hosting survey of 830+ users, GoDaddy received the following support ratings (

Performance is an important factor when choosing a web hosting plan. Website optimization will only get you so far if your server is sub par. For our GoDaddy for WordPress review, we looked at all the acceleration features it offers, such as:

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

WordPress hosting plans are nothing special or better than other providers. However, you can be sure that you are at least getting the proper optimizations.

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In short, traditional performance tests only paint half the picture. Although you can achieve excellent results after running several times in a row. But it doesn’t tell you what your server will be like if you face a sudden influx of traffic.

We recently compared several of the most popular WordPress hosting providers, including GoDaddy. including load impact analysis

For our stress testing, we used Load Impact and simulated up to 40 concurrent users for our GoDaddy WordPress site. Here are the minimum and maximum response times from our results:

This is a decent number for web hosting services. Not the fastest we’ve seen. But the results are there. All in all, the performance to price ratio you get with GoDaddy WordPress hosting is not bad.

Godaddy Hosting Review

It is important that your website servers are running. when it stops working You’ll miss out on ad revenue. Email Subscriptions, Sales and Web Views GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime, but our hosting uptime monitor shows a noticeable difference to GoDaddy often under that label.

While the difference between 99.9% and 99.1% uptime may not seem like much, it added up to nearly six hours of downtime per month. which is considered a lot

As a silver lining You will receive a 5% discount if your site is covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

When it comes to WordPress, GoDaddy offers managed services at some of the lowest prices on the market.

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GoDaddy falls into the budget WordPress hosting category, with their most expensive plan at just $15.99 per month:

Unfortunately, GoDaddy only supports one site on all of its basic WordPress hosting plans, which is a huge drawback even at these prices. If you want to host more sites, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which starts at $24.99 per month, which is more expensive.

Another important factor to note is that many of the features that GoDaddy promotes in conjunction with their WordPress plans are free via plugins. Daily malware scanning is performed by Sucuri. ‘SEO Optimizer’ is Yoast only and WooCommerce offers unlimited products and no out-of-box transaction fees.

On the plus side, GoDaddy includes a number of top-tier premium WooCommerce plugins. Together, these extensions are worth thousands of dollars a year. So it’s worth considering if you’re running an online store with WooCommerce.

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As usual, to get the price you see on the website You must sign a long-term contract. The fees mentioned above are available for at least 36 months, which is pretty standard for budget hosts. for monthly payments

Finally, you should mention that GoDaddy’s basic shared hosting plans are a dollar cheaper than managed WordPress.

Additionally, all GoDaddy shared plans do not include a minimum tier. It allows you to host an unlimited number of websites. While GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans will limit you to one website.

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

Of course, that’s not wrong. But the benefit of a dedicated WordPress plan is that you get access to an optimized WordPress performance. As well as useful features such as*:

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On the other hand, the biggest drawback of GoDaddy’s WordPress plans, in our opinion, is that they only support one website. If you want to host more sites Consider the Pro plan.

GoDaddy also makes it difficult to find and use live chat support options. inappropriate It is important to note to those who have never used WordPress before that many of the features listed are available for free with Sucuri, Yoast and WooCommerce.

All in all, GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans offer decent performance and a pretty interesting list of features. This is especially true for online stores, but we can only recommend them if you want to host a single website. Otherwise, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

If you want to see other options Let’s take a look at our collection of the best cheap managed WordPress hosts.

Godaddy Hosting Review: Don’t Get Nickel And Dimed

Free Guide 5 Basic Tips to Speed ​​Up Your WordPress Site Reduce Load Time by 50-80% Just Follow Simple Tips. free manual download

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Or start a discussion in our Facebook group for WordPress experts, find answers, share tips. And get help from other WordPress experts. Join Now (Free)!

Best Web Hosting Godaddy

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GoDaddy is the name that always comes to everyone’s mind when they think about domain name registration. In addition to domain registration, they also offer many other services.

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