Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

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We know Montreal is a food city. Often gourmet experiences are reserved for those of us who eat animal products – the vegan diet is the source of much humor about tofu-free or vegan foods. But Montreal has a thriving vegan scene, with favorites in every category you could hope for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the island’s best-loved vegan restaurants and cafes.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Whether you’re eating in or out, these places have food for people of all dietary preferences. Make the journey from breakfast to lunch and an after-dinner snack, all without animal products.

Best Montreal Vegan Sushi Shops

Why you should go: This vegan-friendly restaurant has two locations and its products are sold in restaurants and shops throughout the city. Arkoma offers food online and a wide range of pastries, breads and other sweets in person and with delivery. Grab a chocolate snack or some bread for lunch in the park!

Why you should go: Antidote is a plant-based bistro that’s been around since 2014. Their menu changes seasonally, but a popular lunch dish is their meatless burger. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan, including their popcorn chicken. Antidote also has a brunch menu from Friday to Sunday.

Why you should go: Another strong contender for the best falafel in town, Sham features Syrian ingredients with a Mediterranean twist. Everything on the menu is vegan, including their array of “chicken” dishes from Tandoori to Thai to Tao’s. After the faux steak feast, consider trying their baklava.

Why you should go: No list of vegan spots would be complete without this Montreal staple, so talk about it! Aux Vivres bills itself as Montreal’s first vegan restaurant and offers a full vegan menu to back up that promise. It’s a brunch favorite, with highlights including the much-loved huevos rancheros.

The Top 30 Vegetarian Restaurants In Toronto By Neighbourhood

Why you should go: ChuChai is home to Asian dishes, hot and cold, and all 100% vegan. They encourage newcomers to try their red curries filled with a variety of vegetables including prawns, chicken and mouse. ChuChai also offers rice bowls and noodle options.

Why you should go: This allergy-friendly bakery was founded after the owner was looking for a place to buy safe cake for her toddler. Everything in Petit Lapin is free of nuts, milk, eggs, soy and wheat, among other common allergens. The bakery is known for its custom cakes, which have their own Instagram page.

Why you should go: Archway offers everything from a brunch menu to a high-quality selection of dinner options and an extensive wine list. The plant-based restaurant specializes in healthy food and drinks, including a variety of house-made lemonade cocktails. They advertise their food as “fun best shared”, so bring a friend and split the bill!

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Why you should go: Falafel St. Jacques in Middle Eastern street food, including – again – some excellent falafel and vegan shawarma. They also serve homemade burekas, a Sephardic dish filled with phyllo. This area is known for its large portions of delicious vegetables, perfect for a lunch break.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Toronto

Why you should go: Montreal’s first grocery store, if the website is to be believed, Bowhead offers a menu of comfort food. The menu is long and full of starters, from mushroom dumpling starters to a series of irresistible starters served with salad or fries. Host a quiz night every Tuesday from 7.30pm and you could even win some of their beers!

Why you should go: This vegan-vegetarian restaurant, established more than a decade ago, serves “a local mix of Mediterranean and comfort food” with an inverse dynamic ecosystem. Filled with eco-friendly and organic ingredients, La Panthère verte claims to have been voted the best falafel in Montreal since it opened. It should be noted that there is a second location of this favorite on the Plateau – but it is temporarily closed.

Why you should go: Now with three locations around town, Lola Rosa is as famous for its food as the hundreds of letters taped to the drawers of every house. Food – souvenirs from tourists, visitors and long-time residents add to the locality. sensitivity to information on the nutritional value of vegetables. Lola Rosa’s main bar offers intimate seating and sophisticated nachos. Other venues, including a city brasserie, invite different moods, but all focus on regional vegan food that will satisfy a late night or brunch.

Why you should go: Bistro Tendresse goes from casual dining to something a little more sophisticated. For lunch and dinner, the bistro offers king mushroom oysters with squid, tomato sashimi and new versions of classic meats. Tendresse also offers a full brunch menu on weekends from 11am.

Vegan Restaurants In Montreal: Lov, Eat Local, Organic And Vegetarian

Why you should go: A complete vegan sushi experience, Sushi Momo is known for its handmade rolls, including pickled hosomaki mushrooms. They also offer dishes for those with soy sensitivities, such as a sweet potato-jalapeño avocado roll. Sushi Momo’s founder, Chef Christian Ventura, has helmed other Montreal plant-based favorites, including Sushi Bloom.

Why you should go: Created by chef Christian Ventura, this taco-centric restaurant has a counter in the heart of Time Out Market. Featuring vegan grilled cactus tacos to an al pastor interpretation, Casa Kaizen is a great choice for a date night.

Why you should go: For a big day or special event, LOV’s high vibes are a solid choice. King Oysters are another option, this time in meatless oyster form. LOV’s calamari is made with hearts of palm and served as an appetizer. For mains, try the tofu fish and chips or the grilled coconut pan.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Montreal

Why you should go: After you’ve had your fill of vegan dishes and desserts, brunch and bakeries, it’s time to start eating. Hoche Glacé offers both plant-based and dairy-based ice cream options, including ice cream cakes and milkshakes. They also include vegan and non-vegan “tourbillons,” including ice cream mixed with toppings like cookie dough, brownies, and tiramisu.

Calgary Vegan Restaurants That Will Make You Forget Meat Exists

Why you should go: We finally have the crown jewel of Montreal’s vegan food scene: all-vegetarian Sophie Sucre. The bakery produces sweets, cakes and other products without animal products​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ World Bank, the best place to get those after-dinner treats. They also offer savory dishes, such as spinach rolls, but the sweet options are not tempting.

Willa Holt is a staff writer for the MTL blog, which focuses on real estate for rent and living in Montreal, Quebec. Go out with friends who have a different diet to us, get out of your comfort zone, cut back on meat or add some balance to your diet, eating out, vegan or healthy, is a great way to discover new foods. . Montreal has no shortage of great tips on where to eat healthy plant-based food! Most of our favorite restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menus to satisfy their customers.

Being careful about what you eat doesn’t mean you can’t have fun: we’ve compiled a short list of delicious and healthy restaurants in Montreal! Among them you will find vegetarian restaurants, 100% vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegetarian and/or vegan options.

Food – Open since June 2015, Falafel St. Jacques and the delicious Middle Eastern food counter! There are plenty of options, from sandwiches, family meals and homemade salads to hummus, homemade pitas and falafels. The menu is vegetarian and is especially appreciated for its unique flavors and generous portions. The house offers a variety of shish tauk shiitake shawarma and famous falafels. Falafel is known as the street food of Israel; here it is soft, fresh and delicious.

Of The Best Places To Eat Vegan Food When Travelling In Canada

Vegetarian – we would eat here every day if we could. The Green Panther offers a menu of local, pesticide-free foods; The soups, many salads and sandwiches (which are unique) do not disappoint – and they have one of the best falafel sandwiches in Montreal! Their spaces are beautiful and inviting, which adds to the customer experience. The company makes recycling very easy, with fees if you bring your own containers and an additional fee if you don’t. The site is open 7 days a week and offers delivery.

Food Restaurant – Lola Rosa is a very good restaurant. The address is cozy and friendly, offering comfort food with plenty of vegan options; salads, quesadillas, burgers, burritos, curries, chili and their famous nachos. Their menu offers many options that are simple, hearty and satisfying

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