Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi – If you’re traveling through Vietnam, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in Hanoi, the country’s beautiful northern capital. Known for its lively nightlife, small craft markets and multicultural communities that remain from its French colonial past, Hanoi has a lot to see. If you’re wondering if you can enjoy a plant-based tour without too much hassle, the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s a list of the best places to grab a delicious vegan meal (or Banh Mi!) Explore the Old Quarter, stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake, and visit the Temple of Literature.

Minh Chay was recommended by so many people that it is impossible not to put this restaurant 100% on the list. You will find traditional steamed rice rolls, dishes with lots of tempura and vegetables, and some of the best tasting vegan desserts in town. Guests have reported that the vegan creme caramel is to die for! Minh Chay has become so popular that they now have two locations.

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Min Chay Vegan Restaurant 2, Au Trieu 9, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Open: every day: 9.00-22.00.

The Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi Vietnam

This small and cozy vegetarian cafe is great for plant-based snacks. Bo De Quan’s menu is full of typical Vietnamese dishes, many of which are vegan friendly and made with mock meat and tofu. They also offer lunch kits and a vegetable buffet where you can find the best. Downstairs, Quan Chay Bo De is a grocery store that stocks vegan staples like noodles and beans, as well as on-the-go snacks.

Address: Quan Chay Bo De, 65 Quan Su, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Open: every day: 9.00-21.00.

If you want a healthy meal, try Lovegan. Opened in 2017, Lovegan is a 100% plant-based and organic coffee shop that has gained popularity for its fresh salads, pesto pizza, tempeh banh mi, vegan pho and homemade kombucha. They sell tons of vegan snacks and cooking ingredients like nuts, seeds, vegan protein powder, and nut butters.

Address: Lovegan, 186 Ngoc Ha, Ngoc Ho, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Open from Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00-14.00, 16.00-19.00.

The Best Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants In Hoi An

A Hanoi tourist favorite, for both plant-based and omni travelers, is the Hanoi Vegan Banh Mi Food Cart. Located on a small alley, they serve vegan banh mi sandwiches, as the name suggests. They usually include seitan, lentils, vegan mayonnaise and homemade vegetable patties, as well as different fresh vegetables depending on the day. The food cart also sells a series of places, such as

, fried spring rolls and traditional Vietnamese desserts made with lotus seeds, agar jelly and coconut milk. A must try!

Address: Vegan Banh Mi Food Cart, 66B Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Open from Monday to Friday: 11.00-19.00.

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Along West Lake is Sesame, a lovely Vietnamese-Japanese fusion vegetarian restaurant with plenty of options for those who are completely plant-based. Their menu is very varied and creative. From banana flower salad to mustard leaf rolls, curries, and fried enoki mushrooms wrapped in seaweed leaves, there’s something for everyone here.

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Uu Dam Chay is an upscale vegetarian and vegan restaurant not far from Hoam Kiem Lake. Here you can enjoy delicious plant-based Vietnamese dishes such as pineapple and macadamia fried rice, spring rolls, hot pot and pine nut soup. It is a good choice if you are looking for a nice environment for dinner.

La Studio is an all-vegan bakery next to an art gallery, offering everything from all-day breakfast to open-faced hummus grills, sandwiches, bagels, perfect granola, and absolutely mouth-watering desserts. All breads are made fresh in house every day, including the selection of baked goods. Pro tip: don’t forget to try the coconut latte.

Finally, try the all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet restaurant, An Lac Chay Hoan Kiem. With plenty of vegan-friendly food on offer, plant-based diners are sure to enjoy a wide variety of starters, main courses and fresh fruit. Most of it will be Vietnamese food, so expect pho, rice rolls, crispy fried noodles and all that goodness.

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Sally Ho is a resident writer and senior reporter for Green Queen. With a passion for the environment, social and health issues, he is always on the lookout for the latest climate stories from Hong Kong and beyond. A long-time vegan, he hopes to promote a healthy, plant-based lifestyle in Asia. Sally studied politics and international relations in her studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Hanoi is undoubtedly a food hub, with all kinds of food from mouth-watering noodle soups, delicious spring rolls to delicious snacks and street food. . Foodies can choose from a wide range of food in Hanoi. Not to mention delicious, Hanoi also offers a number of vegetarian restaurants with varied menus and budgets. If you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, look no further. Read and choose your favorite.

Loving Hut is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, offering both vegan and vegetarian dishes made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Its extensive menu caters to all diets, including dishes such as vegan chicken, vegan pork or even vegan Pho.

You can also find other meat favorites with a nice vegetarian twist or a Western-flavored fruit salad. There are two floors for seating. You can choose to take a seat on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view while enjoying your great vegetarian meal. Prices here are affordable, so if you’re on a budget, this vegetarian restaurant is a treat.

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

Hidden in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Town, Minh Chay is a popular choice for vegetarians in the city. It is a bit more expensive than other vegetarian restaurants in the area, but it is worth it. Take the opportunity to try the dishes and you will see why. Its menu is extensive and offers a variety of dishes, making it a challenge to choose just one from the list. Most of the menus are dedicated to various mushroom dishes. Dishes include Vietnamese spring rolls, vegan noodle soup, mushroom hot pot and more.

Hanoi Best Restaurants

Located just 5 kilometers west of the city center, Bo De Quan is a reliable place for vegetarians looking for the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. This small local shop offers a wide variety of mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan dishes every day, including traditional Vietnamese dishes with a vegan twist, such as spring rolls and pho. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be surprised by the cuisine and the cozy atmosphere that adds to the overall experience of this beautiful gem in Hanoi.

Fresh ingredients, a homely atmosphere and an affordable price are sure to be a great treat for vegetarians in the region.

Find clean and green food? Or are you simply looking for a special cup of tea or coffee? Then give Veg- Organic Vego and Tea a chance. This is one of the beautiful places where you can have delicious vegetarian food and spend the day. The specialty of the restaurant is the organic and fresh ingredients, as the vegetables here are grown in organic farms. Make sure you get the most out of your fresh salad and enjoy the fantastic taste of organic vegetables. In addition to Vietnamese flavors, there are also Western dishes to choose from, including vegetarian pizza, noodles, and more.

Located next to Truc Bach Lake, Aummee is an elegant vegetarian restaurant that offers delicious, traditional Vietnamese dishes that are exclusively plant-based. The space is beautiful, the setting is intimate and the beauty of the food nourishes the soul and brings joy at first sight. Its extensive menu includes everything from fresh salads and large plates to homemade lemongrass tea for a delicious meal. This is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi for its attractive and creative presentation and preparation. You will see why it is worth walking for hours.

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Ha Thanh is an interesting vegetarian restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes and some special offers. This local restaurant serves the best vegetarian food in all of Hanoi. Its endless menu offers a variety of vegetarian dishes: fried banana flowers, vegan fish, corn pancakes, lemongrass tofu and tomato sauce. They also serve many specialties such as Thai hot pot, vegetarian spring rolls or vegetarian beef noodles. The ingredients are fresh and clean, and the prices are affordable, so you are sure to get a real deal.

This elegant, well-designed vegetarian restaurant is one of Hanoi’s most popular restaurants, catering to a small percentage of vegetarians or vegans. With an elegant cozy and quiet atmosphere, nutritious, healthy and exotic cuisine, you will find good food and good dining experience in a peaceful and relaxing environment and find yourself in a peaceful and calm mind.

The menu here is diverse, focusing on all vegetable-based dishes, including a wide variety of popular Vietnamese dishes throughout the country. It could be great

Best Vegan Restaurant Hanoi

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