Best Sunset View In Sedona

Best Sunset View In Sedona

Best Sunset View In Sedona

Best Sunset View In Sedona – For most of my time in Sedona, I ended up going the “dinner with a sunset view” route, but I knew I needed at least one amazing sunset hike to do And of course, I knew Sunset Mesa Airport was the one.

What I didn’t know until I got there, in particular, was that Vortex Airport’s little hill was my vote for the best sunset hike in Sedona.

Best Sunset View In Sedona

Best Sunset View In Sedona

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking in general in Sedona, but especially for sunrises and sunsets…

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The lucky ones get access to one of the few spots in a small parking lot just off the Mesa Airport driveway (pictured below). There are only about 10 spots left and I was really hoping to find one but no luck.

So instead I continued up the hill to the actual table. There is a lot of parking, it costs $3 to park and then you have to walk to the walkway. It’s just over half a mile, so plan extra time on each side if you want to see the sunset.

Across the street from the large parking lot is the Sedona Airport Scenic Lookout. It’s popular at sunset because it doesn’t require walking (I have a picture of it at the end of this post).

Look for signs for the Sedona View Trail and make sure you don’t go on the road. The trail from the parking lot to the Mesa Airport trail is not difficult, but it is a bit difficult just because of the rocks that are located along the trail (see photo below).

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It just makes it a little difficult to go fast because you don’t want to twist your ankle and come back near dark you have to be careful.

Once you reach the main trail, you can immediately climb to the top of Vortex or hike the Airport Mesa Loop Trail, which circles Tabletop Mountain. I didn’t do the entire loop route (I think 3.2 miles) due to time, but I also heard that the back part was a little less impressive.

From the trailhead I went clockwise (to the east), and it’s a beautiful trail. It has very steep slopes and the path is very narrow, so be careful. It is possible, just go slow and be careful. I’m not sure I would recommend it with young children and I certainly don’t recommend it at night.

Best Sunset View In Sedona

I pretty much had the loop route to myself, just a few other people wandering around (most were on Vortex).

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My friend @sjems5 said that this hike is amazing at sunrise too, and since this section of the trail faces east, I’m sure it would be even better. I loved the scenery, the abundance of wild flowers and the occasional cacti.

Immerse yourself in the scenery and the beautiful golden light. This view in the first photo is looking at the top of Vortex (that little mountain with the tiny people on it). At that point, I figured I’d better go back if I really wanted to see the Vortex sunset.

Then it was time to climb to the top! I walked back to the path where it enters the car park (on the left) and continued straight, following the signs for the Summit Way.

Vortex doesn’t require much walking, just a short steep climb at the end. There are handrails, which help, but definitely be careful if it’s wet.

Best Sunset Hikes In Sedona, Arizona

Some people had already chosen their spot for the sunset, but many of us were looking for different types of photos. As you can see, I’m a bit obsessed with starburst effects right now…

I’m a sucker for a “full descent” photo…and there are so many angles to choose from here! A few people were smart enough to bring a tripod (I rarely used my selfie stick, but I asked a stranger to take my photo).

It was such a beautiful and peaceful time… people were just relaxed, no screaming or music. Just taking in that golden light and watching the sky change colors.

Best Sunset View In Sedona

When the sun finally dipped below the horizon and the colors of the sunset began to deepen from fiery golds and oranges to a softer peach, I decided I had better move on. I didn’t like walking back to my car in the dark and spraining my ankle or something.

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Along with a bunch of other people, I started walking back along the path. And the good thing is that you even get an incredible view of the sunset as it deepens and changes. You’re usually on a narrow trail with drops, until you see all of Sedona spread out before you, with the red rocks jutting into the sky.

By the time I got back to the top, the sunset had changed to pearly pinks and dark purples. Here is the scenic view I mentioned in the beginning, there was a good crowd of people enjoying themselves here without the walkway.

If you want a meal or drink before or after you check out the Mesa Airport at sunset, Mesa Grill is just a few meters away (across the parking lot near the airport runway). I would recommend a reservation if you can get one as the place gets very crowded at peak times.

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Sedona is known for its unique sunsets, each one a different and impressive event. Make sure you have a good spot to watch as the sun sinks below the horizon and the landscape glows with a dreamy palette of colors.

For a woman over 50 like you, watching the sunset in Sedona is without a doubt a wonderful experience! It’s also one of the best reasons to come to this part of Arizona! The red rock walls of the Sedona wilderness, steep valleys and beautiful natural formations are the perfect backdrop to capture the majesty of the sun.

Best Sunset View In Sedona

Anywhere around Sedona is great for watching the sunset, but some stand out more for their red rock formations and stunning views. Watching the Sedona sunset is hands down the most enjoyable way to end a desert trip.

Why Airport Mesa At Sunset Is One Of The Best Hikes In Sedona

The beautiful setting is filled with warm light and there are plenty of places to hang out and admire the beauty of nature. Keep reading as we check out our list of the best places to see the Sedona sunset!

There is nothing more beautiful than the red and orange colors of the sunset. Sunsets can be seen all over the world, but some places are particularly famous for their vibrant colors at dusk and dawn. The best way to end a perfect day in paradise is to watch the sun set over the Sedona skyline with a spectacular display.

Indeed, sunsets in the Sedona Valley are spectacular when the beautiful red rocks and nearby scenery become even brighter. The horizon becomes a kaleidoscope of crimson, orange and purple.

Seeing the sunset in Sedona is also a must when you visit, and luckily, there are several places in the area that offer amazing sunsets with impressive views.

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Sedona is surrounded by overlooks, trails and parking lots, making it easy to get out of the car and enjoy the sunset from afar. Some even decide to make the most of the evening by bringing a picnic dinner.

Luckily, below are the 7 best places to watch the sunset in Sedona; and you may want to explore them further.

Mesa Airport is often what comes to mind when people think of sunsets in Sedona. Sunset watchers come to this place because it is convenient to reach by car and offers magnificent views in all directions. Next door, the Mesa Airport is one of many places where you can access the earth’s energy. Find a secluded spot here to meditate and watch the sun set over Sedona.

Best Sunset View In Sedona

Additionally, Airport Mesa offers spectacular views of West Sedona sunsets. However, the Airport Vortex, found halfway down Airport Road, is far more interesting. You can see more of Sedona from this vantage point, so you can take in all the beauty of the red rock landscape as the sun sets.

Best Time To View Sunsets In Sedona

Mesa Airport is easy to get around by car, but if you want some peace and quiet, it’s better

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