Best Steak Surabaya

Best Steak Surabaya

Best Steak Surabaya

Best Steak Surabaya – Are you looking for a great place to dine with your loved ones at good quality cuisine and affordable prices? Congratulations! You are coming right here. Today I am going to review Steak Hut in the east of Surabaya.

This establishment is not new in Surabaya. I remember celebrating my birthday here two years ago when I was working at Citibank. But like other regulars back then (before food blogs and social media took up most of the time as they do now) I just got there to enjoy the food and take pictures for fun. The only thing I remember was that I had a good steak with lots of discount promotions.

Best Steak Surabaya

Best Steak Surabaya

Earlier this week I finally got the chance to go back. I went there with friends and EQ for a light lunch, and EQ took all the great pictures for this blog post. Then enjoy… ๐Ÿ™‚

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I immediately realized how different I had reacted when I went through the glass door. In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to every time I went to a restaurant, but now my eyes don’t blink at the interior details and my brain is so active that I wondered why Steak Hut looked better. Interesting now? I also remember they haven’t changed a bit in the last few years. My excitement was going through the roof in just one second.

This two-story building has several restaurants. The 1st floor has the main dining room divided into 5 areas, and the 2nd floor has only 2 areas, mainly for private events. I think it can accommodate 150-200 people in total. Very big, I know.

If we talk about interior design. Steak Hut has a lot to offer. The walls may be square-lined concrete, but what delighted me was the art installed on them. Each section of the dining area has different types of tables, chairs and floors, some with mirrors in the ceiling. I could write a whole page about that inside but that will bore you, lol. So… Simply put, Steak Hut spoiled my view with its clean interior and if it still doesn’t make sense, let this photo speak for itself.

I was drenched in the elegant interior of the restaurant on the left and in the center, and as I walked further to the right of the building, my heart suddenly pounded. Then I found the last two parts of the first floor, the walls are full of glass and wow…

Best Steak In Town๐Ÿฎ

Deep inside, like a child standing in front of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, he felt sick to his stomach and said to EQ, “Let’s sit here!”

Yes right there on a shiny wooden table next to a transparent glass wall where I got the biggest source of โ€œfreeโ€ lighting. Every time I go to a restaurant, I won’t get tired of telling you that I like to sit by the window. It is essential if we are talking about good food photography. Because windows provide good lighting and natural light that can lead to better quality images.

Unlike the first floor, the decoration on the second floor was not so luxurious. It was much simpler, but I like the outdoor section area where everything shines and looks from the inside. It is lit up in the afternoon and great to see at night.

Best Steak Surabaya

This was our first course and one of our appetizers. The meat on top was amazing, so I ordered fish meat, chicken leg, sausage, and even sausage (the first 3 were hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihe Hehiheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheihhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe’s of you are eating too much in the vegetables.

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Everyone, please try this! This is like a croquette from another dimension. The crispy potato in the shape of a bird’s nest added fun to the dish, and it was a surreal experience that made you want to eat it again after one bite. The recipe itself was originally brought by the owner’s grandmother from the Netherlands. Crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Hmm!

My main lunch and second best dish of the day. At first glance, it may seem like a simple small plate, but the richness of its flavor was enough to satisfy the loneliness in my stomach. No cooking, no beef, no sexy melted cheese, no steak sauce, no tomato or chili sauce, no pepper, no flavor enhancers needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

This was my last order, and I ordered it because it looked a bit unique and I wanted to try it. When the plates arrived we had a bit of a fiery show as we had to burn them with brandy before serving them to the table. Even though the chicken was on the table, it was all black and thin, so it didn’t look very attractive. But when I tried it…

It was D. and L. me Mr. me or yu yea! I’m really sorry for underestimating this dish. They really didn’t taste good and I think the sauce soaked into the meat did most of the magic. Slightly sweet and salty, the meat is tender and cooked to perfection. Don’t dare eat this with a knife and fork, wash your hands and bite the bones!

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For lunch gatherings and events that are regularly ordered by many large corporations such as banks and government offices. If you have something great to celebrate with your co-workers, you have three choices:

After all, eating at the Steak Hut was a very enjoyable experience for me. I will definitely be back for another spring chicken and this time I will order the whole portion for myself. Ha ha ha.. What else can you eat at a high-end restaurant without a hole in your wallet? yang aku suka sama resto ini gak pelit ngasih saosnya mau sab 3 kali per rasa pun d kasih. pelayananya pun gercep bikin hati senang.

Aku sih gak mau rugi jadi pilih semua saos mana samabu lagi pula ๐Ÿ˜. Crispy Ayamnya Enak Tinkat Kematangana Pasterus Crispina juga kriuk mana porsinya bnyak bet terus untuk potatonya juga enak mebut gak bikin enek. not all

Best Steak Surabaya

Those who have been to Sanmat Mall will be confused if they do not want to eat it because it is so rare.

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Chicken fillet with french fries and cream sauce. Untuk Steakna Enak Sama Seferti Kaban TP Kuma di Cini Kalau Pesan Salsa Pasta Dikasi Yang Original 1 tier 1 bar Felihanan customer.

Untuk tempat lebih bagus di pakuwon ini banding TP e untuk yang bawa anak ada tempat mengambara but anak2 biar ga bosen waktu nunggu makanan datatang.

Berhubung kepingin steak, jadi ya untuk selingan dari steak lain pelihan jatuh ke steak 21. Saya pesan lombo 200gr con saus blackpepper . What’s unique about this restaurant is that you can choose only the baguette steaks on offer. Fried biers, kentang goreng atau mashed potato atau shreds, and daging steaks are also hot plates. The surprising thing I could say was that the sirloin I weighed was soft, not too hard, the kentangorengna was good, the sweet potato was good, the rasa was very strong, and the mani was not lumpy. manis. The meat was cooked well in medium well.. I was well roasted in maladium, and I am satisfied overall..

Baca-baca, hmm… katamya B aja, kamasu ada teman yang udah kesini bilang’s reviews are not recommended. Tapi toh tetep aja melitak kesini, lha wong udah terlanjur beli vale

Steak 21 Pakuwon Mall Bbq, Surabaya, Supermall Pakuwon Indah

Kesan pertama, waiter nya ramah, helpful dan cukup understand produk yang dijual. Dan kayanya yang isedi disini it sirloin beef. Tapi seperti biasa, aku kan ilanya ngeelan, pesannya malah Rib Eye dong

. Sengaja pesan medium well dan minta served di piring karena kuatir kalo di hot plate ntar habis difoto2 malah udah jadi ben fato.

Paso pesanan datang, waiternya sabar nungguin kita ngecek dulu tingkat kematangan udah suasian request belumu. Go dick, ok sip, cucok. Well average.. tapi lha kok semakin kikitti, nggak rata nih kematangannya, yang bagian lebih tipis udah well done.

Best Steak Surabaya

Yha tapi mo komplet juga gimana, lha wong tadi didek udah bener. Ja untung aja ngga teranau a lot. Cuma dagingnya itu agak kurang berasa

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