Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot – If you’re looking for the best restaurants in EPCOT you’ve come to the right place! Dining at EPCOT is a real treat and has only gotten better over the years. Many people go on a Disney trip with the idea that the only type of food you can eat is “resort food” a la burgers, fries, hot dogs and the like but this is not true. Deep in the truth! The food at EPCOT is out of this world and is truly the best of all the Disney parks as far as dining options go.

EPCOT is my favorite theme park and one of the main reasons why is because of all the great food options. There is something for everyone. Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat eater, someone who likes a different cuisine like Japanese, or someone who is just a foodie and looking for Disney food that is truly “resort themed food” EPCOT’s dining options they silence you. .

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

In this post, I’ll take you to the best restaurants in EPCOT ranked from best to worst so you can get an excellent introduction to the best food in EPCOT. Even though I’ve been to EPCOT hundreds of times as an annual passholder, don’t believe me! I want you to see for yourself and taste something from all the best restaurants in EPCOT. You won’t regret it! Be sure to check out the official Epcot Map so you know where everything is around the park!

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20 Best EPCOT Restaurants From Best to Worst Best EPCOT Service Restaurants Rose & Crown: Favorite EPCOT Restaurants

Rose & Crown is easily one of the best restaurants in EPCOT for a variety of reasons. First, the place is beautiful. It is in the United Kingdom Group which is at the “lower” end of the World Exhibition Lagoon. If you’re coming from Futureworld, you won’t have far to go to visit the United Kingdom Pavilion because you’ll have to go through Canada.

Second, you can almost always find travel reservations. We all know that getting a reservation for EPCOT dining can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but don’t feel bad if you can’t get one for Rose & Crown. Usually, if you go between 5-6 pm, you will have a short wait. This is a huge benefit if you don’t prioritize dining reservations at EPCOT or if you’re planning a last-minute trip but want the restaurant table service experience.

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Of course, we can’t forget the food! The food at Rose & Crown is delicious. There is a “secret” vegetarian menu that also offers MANY of the favorites as vegan options including Vegan Fish and Chips and Vegan Bangers And Mash.

Every time I visit Rose & Crown there are at least 3-4 people around me ordering from this secret vegan menu. If you’re not vegetarian or vegan, there are still TONS of options for you, including all the British favorites you’ve always wanted!

Finally, Rose & Crown is one of the best restaurants in EPCOT to watch fireworks and shows at night. The restaurant is right on the World’s Fair Lagoon so you have a perfect view of the show. Just make sure to get a reservation around 7:45 or later so you can eat and enjoy the show without room for everyone!

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

La Hacienda de San Angel is easily one of the best restaurants in EPCOT. It is located in the Mexico Pavilion and is suspended in the water of the World’s Fair Lagoon. There are 3 Mexican restaurants in EPCOT and this is the mid-level option. Unlike Rose & Crown which offers outdoor seating, La Hacienda de San Angel only offers indoor seating with a floor-to-ceiling window view of the World’s Fair Lagoon. This makes it one of the best options for dining at EPCOT if you want to see the fireworks without sitting outside in the heat.

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La Hacienda de San Angel has the best food in EPCOT because the portions are huge. There are vegetarian and vegan menu options if anyone in your group has dietary restrictions. Some orders have a HUGE portion of beans and a HUGE portion of rice. If you ask nicely, you can even fill it up again. Also, La Hacienda de San Angel reigns as one of the best restaurants in EPCOT because it offers FREE chips and salsa to munch on while you wait. Most of the restaurants in EPCOT don’t offer any kind of “freebies” with your meal, but La Hacienda de San Angel does and that’s why it’s a fantastic dining option on your trip.

Remember that La Hacienda de San Angel is very popular and sells out quickly. Usually you don’t just go and have a table prepared for you because it’s usually sold out. Be sure to make a reservation in advance if you want to eat here!

If you’re looking for dinner and a show at EPCOT, look no further than the Biergarten Restaurant. Located in a German pavilion, the Biergarten Restaurant is a family-style, all-you-can-eat buffet. There are traditional German-style shows that are fun for the whole family. The Biergarten Restaurant is designed to feel like you’re outside while you’re inside.

Remember that you are not alone. Instead, you will sit at a long table with other people than your group. If you are looking for a romantic dinner for two, this is not the best EPCOT restaurant for you. Dinner is about $60 for adults but the all-you-can-eat meal is a bit pricey.

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Finally, the food at the Biergarten Restaurant has all the German favorites from bratwurst to sauerkraut. The best part? Adults will receive a beer to drink during the show. Cheers!

The powers that be might be mad at me for recommending the Nine Dragons Restaurant, located in the China Pavilion, as one of the best restaurants in EPCOT, but I would never lie to you! This place is often tagged as one of the best dining options in EPCOT and I really don’t know why! First, there are usually storage facilities. This is probably because the myth that this is a terrible place to eat at Epcot is often spread. You can get sunbeds at the Nine Dragons restaurant.

Second, the prices are very affordable! A vegetarian meal costs $17 here while at other EPCOT restaurants it costs $24. They are great for a request like when you want rice noodles in a dish. Just ask! Plus, the portions are plentiful and if you want to “upgrade” to fried rice rather than white rice, the price is not expensive. You can leave Nine Dragons Restaurant full of feelings.

Best Sit Down Restaurant Epcot

Finally, the Nine Dragons Restaurant also has panoramic windows of the World Showcase Lagoon. I have sat by the windows many times and it makes people watching so much fun. I honestly don’t understand the bashing of this place and for me it really has the best food in EPCOT.

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Cheap, beautiful views of the World’s Fair Lagoon, and are there always savings to be had? Isn’t that what you ask when eating at EPCOT? Try Nine Dragons Restaurant and let me know in the comments what you think!

If you bring the whole family to Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria and order a pizza, well, you have one of the cheapest restaurants in EPCOT. Although the price may seem intimidating at first for a PIZZA, when you break down the price, it really isn’t that bad, compared to other food options at EPCOT. Plus, it’s easily the best place to eat in the Italian Pavilion for price and great atmosphere.

Let’s break up! You can get a pizza with toppings for about $41 [ouch!] that feeds 3-5 people. If you do the math, you’ll see that $41/3 is $13.60 cheaper for a table service meal at Epcot. If you divide $41/5 you are now at $8.20 per person. These prices are amazing, and the pizza is truly amazing. If you have a picky eater on your hands, this is one of the best restaurants in EPCOT for the whole family. If you don’t like pizza, there are other dining options for you so don’t worry!

Make a reservation here because the wait for the shuttle service is long. There are usually some reservations left 1-2 days in advance so if you book at the last minute, you’re in.

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