Best Seller Gildak

Best Seller Gildak – When it comes to Korean food, there is no limit! There are different kinds of favorite Korean dishes, such as Korean BBQ, juicy and special taste, corndog, ramyeon, kimchi, kimbab, there are so many, it is not surprising that +62 residents idolize it K-food! Usually when you watch a Korean drama series, you will definitely see that several Korean foods are mentioned, right? Well, there is one affordable Korean street food that just launched in the Pasar Baru area, called Gildak.

The price of the food is around Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000 only you know. You can also order with a delivery service to enjoy while at home, while watching drakor or perfect marathon movies. Are you curious about the combination of Odeng and Toppoki? It is available at Gildak. Odeng is a fish cake that looks like an intestine, round in shape or can be served in a square as well.

Best Seller Gildak

Best Seller Gildak

While topokki is a Korean food in the form of tteok from rice flour cooked in spicy and sweet gochujang seasoning. The tteok used is a rod or cylinder. This same food is a big hit, not only in Korea, but also in Indonesia. Perfect to combine with noodles or odeng. It’s not wrong if you try Busan O – Pokki (Rp. 34,000) which includes Korean rice cake and odeng of course. In addition to the price that is comfortable on the pocket, the portion of Korean street food is full. Do you know what kind of Ginseng Country specialty is Gildak? Check out the next article!

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Do you want a delicious snack to accompany your rest time? Hurry up and try Itaewon Crispy Chicken (Rp. 34,000) and Itaewon Mozzy Chicken (Rp. 39,000) at Gildak! This menu is a dish of crispy chicken that is cut into pieces and then served with herbs with a very delicious taste. It’s pretty perfect, just typical Gildak food on this one. Well, if Mozzy Chicken is served like Itaewon Crispy Chicken but also added but covered with creamy and tasty cheese, the more delicious it will be to eat. Amount!

This is a dish that loves to be a bone of contention, especially if it’s not chicken skin. Hey, who here, when you eat chicken, the skin is saved for the last meal because yes, save the best for last, of course! No need to fight, you can order Seoul Chicken Skin (Rp. 25,000) available at Gildak. It is tasty and crunchy in texture, perfect to accompany your topokki dish!

Then there is the typical Korean Satay Odeng: Busan Odeng (Rp. 21,000), a fish cake that is curved like an intestine and served on a skewer. Well, don’t forget Gildak’s special sauce, which is pretty amazing. Don’t lose it. Then there is the Gangnam Cheese Ball (Rp. 26,000) which is mozzarella cheese that is rolled and then baked. When you take the first bite, you can feel the melted cheese.

You can advertise your services and products in the form of Instagram articles and content, you know. Interesting right? Fill out the form at yes! Do you miss Korea? If you miss the Korean atmosphere, Surabaya is a breath of fresh air as there are new restaurants that have just opened with Korean flavored menus. Yep, the new restaurant is Gildak, which is certainly no stranger to you Youtuber Jovi Adhiguna fans.

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Apparently, Jalan Tunjangan, which used to be famous for being difficult to park, was deliberately pushed by many restaurants that stood this year. So Gildak, which is in Surabaya, is not in a shopping center, but next to Gisella’s shop, or in front of the Land Office. Don’t worry, the car park is plenty and safe.

The location is right in front of the Bata store on Jalan Tunjungan, or near Mojopahit Hotel. At night it is really sad here because the atmosphere is very good while enjoying the atmosphere at night.

Gildak is very focused on Korean Street Food. If you have a strong belief that you should be full when you eat and you can’t snack, just skip it. But when it comes to cooking, a snack is not full because to be honest the portions at Gildak are quite good.

Best Seller Gildak

It seems to have a lot of Korean Street Food…not to mention it also has chicken and crispy rice, so it’s very suitable for those who bring you here, ma’am. Yes, my husband has to eat rice when he eats.

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I’m very honest when it comes to food reviews… for example, if it’s not great, I’d rather not write it than kill people’s lives. Even this review is honestly from the bottom of my heart… The point is, compared to Korean street restaurants like Gildak, I give it an 8 rating, except for the ramyeon , I don’t like it.

For K-pop fans, I’m sure you know the name Odeng. This food is often random in Drakor, especially if the movie is set in winter. The usual snack is fish mixed with flour and then made long and stuck / similar to intestinal satay but wider. Odeng is boiled and not fried.

Back in Korea, I had a snack in the winter, so it was really nice to eat it warm. Even at Gildak Surabaya, I ordered it with Miso Soup, just like in Korea. The taste is not inferior to the one in sono, not fishy and tender. For the odeng, I recommend choosing the miso soup.

Tteobokki are chewy rice cakes. The chew is different from meatballs/pentol, it’s more of a chewy flour. Usually in Korea, tteobokki uses gojuchang sauce which is spicy and sweet. So when I was in Gildak, I also ordered the Gojuchang.

Gildak, Pasar Baru

Oh, at Gildak Korean Street Food has 3 sauce options, which are Miso Soup, Gojuchang and Bulgogi. Can you choose one of the sauces?

Well, since I was in Gildak, I really made a mistake, so I don’t know about O Bokki. So Odeng and TTeobokki seem to be in O Bokki. So it is better if you order O Bokki, there is no need to order the Tteobokki and Odeng again.

Korea is famous for its “food” that smells like octopus. In fact, when I cook it myself, the Octopus is really scary to see how it looks. Back in Korea I had tried to eat octopus and it was very tasty.

Best Seller Gildak

Jeju Squid Peanut Sauce is in my opinion more expensive than other menus. The portion of the content is very small, you may understand because the price of octopus is expensive. The texture of the octopus is not hard and it is not fishy. It’s just that I missed the peanut sauce a little, so I mixed it with gojuchang again.

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This is an anti-mainstream order because there is no restaurant that makes dumplings with octopus, because on average, if you don’t use chicken, it’s with fish. Even though there are only 4 pieces, I really like these nuggets because the octopus tastes really good and it’s not fishy.

If you remember that I am the Shihlin, which is equivalent to chicken breast covered in flour, Gildak also has this record. So there are about 8 spices, I chose the barbecue one.

For a part with a price of 30k, I think it is enough for two. The skin is crispy and not too much. In the same way, breast fillet meat does not taste tired, the marinade is still felt in the deepest part of the meat.

I’m a noodle fan, but I don’t like the taste of Gildak’s Ramyeon. Fortunately, the price is only 9 thousand, so it is safe. But I better avoid this record. Besides the lack of flavor, the noodles are sharp.

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You must try Gildak.. It is not wrong how many reviews on the internet always say that this menu is delicious. Yes, I agree because compared to other Korean restaurants…the taste of real Korean street food in Gildak is really good. Sweet Couple, fans of hits and viral food, should be familiar with Gildak. Yes, this culinary brand from influencer Jovi Adhiguna is currently viral and growing.

Why? The strong promotion on social media as well as the opening of the outlets in different parts of the country has made many people curious. Especially with the various positive reviews that come with it.

Wondering what kind of cute is Gildak Jovi Adhiguna? We invite you to watch Sweet Couple via Youtube review by Felix Kurniawan aka Culinary Child. Here he talks directly about the flavors of the two brands with the owner, Jovi Adhiguna.

Best Seller Gildak

Gildak is a brand owned by Jovi Adhiguna that serves Korean Street Food and Snack. Of course, the food offered is Korean street food and snacks.

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According to Jovi Adhiguna, Gildak means street chicken. Here, he has almost all his culinary business on the side of the road or by the side of the road, that’s what he calls it.

The main dish at Gildak Itaewon is Mozzy Chicken. On the outside, the mozzarella sauce covers the entire surface of the chicken.

According to Anak Culinary, he had a chance to smell the fried noodles before eating ​​Itaewon Mozzy Chicken. However, when he was eating he did not like the taste.

The thing that cooking children love about this dish is that the flour is thin and the meat is thick and not fatty. The chicken is amazing!

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While judging Gildak, cooking children tasted Hongdae Crispy Dory. The taste is amazing because it melts when eating in the mouth. The barbecue flavor is also very tasty and strong. According to Anak Culinary, this dish is the best in Gildak.

In this Culinary Child review video, he tries daegu ramyeon with Gildak-style busan o-bokki. According to him, the taste is not spicy and the same as noodles in general. However, it is the sauce that makes this dish delicious.

This Gildak dish consists of Tteokbokki sauce, Oden, and gochujang. The sauce is thick and red. It looks so fiery and fiery.

Best Seller Gildak

According to Anak Culinary, the sauce is adapted to Indonesian languages, so it is not too spicy. The flavor still has a Korean feel to it, but not as authentic. Rogue River Tactical Funny Fng Military Acronym Veterans Patriotic Men’s T Shirt

The tteokbokki itself is perfectly cooked and evenly chewy on the inside. According to Anak Culinary, this dish is delicious. For the price, it is priced at IDR 35,000.00 per part.

Cooking children also tasted the Seoul Chicken Skin Gildak dish. The appearance is similar to fried chicken skin in general and the surface is clean without fine hairs. It’s delicious and it’s not

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