Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi – Fish buffet is a special buffet for those who love fish dishes. If you are looking for the best seafood restaurants at affordable prices, please check the addresses of Hanoi seafood restaurants presented by Vinlove below!

Poseidon Food – The Poseidon buffet, inspired by the gifts of the sea, offers guests more than 200 sophisticatedly prepared buffet dishes. Foodies will enjoy endless delights with delicious seafood dishes of various styles from Asia to Europe by the skilled hands of world-class chefs.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

With the passion of the founders and the passion of the chefs, Poseidon pays special attention to the quality of the food and is very strict in the processing stages. The best food is the sashimi seafood, the dishes like the beef is soft and fragrant, the BBQ sauce is sweet, the beef is sweet, the desserts are all delicious, followed by cakes with variations such as: macaron , waffle. , cookies and very well done, beautiful, attractive to the gentleman.

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Cuu Van Long Restaurant, called the “paradise” of fresh seafood, is famous and conquers guests with the most delicious seafood buffet in Hanoi with more than 200 diverse and rich dishes, known as A Only Food Buffet that serves Dimsum.

Upon entering Cuu Van Long, diners can’t help but be impressed by the restaurant’s warm yet casual atmosphere. With a beautiful bright red tone, sophisticated peony motifs or typical decorative lamps… all these together create a quiet image, a space filled with the traditional effects of the wonderful Thom Camp. beautiful control in every frame.

With the power of seafood, Cuu Van Long Restaurant focuses on a variety of delicious dishes and attracts everyone. Among them are: crabs, crabs, big water prawns, snails, birds with onion fat, big fish, spicy fish belly, red silk sticks marinated in Thai style, vegetables baked with onion fat … In fact, the restaurant also serves the famous Ca Mau crab, which is considered the best crab in the country for its low fat content, high protein content, rich in minerals and multi-nutrient vitamins and crab meat. , both fragrant, sweet and meaty, and crab cakes are incredibly fatty.

In addition, foodies who love Kannada cuisine can also enjoy the Dimsum menu of food with more than 10 delicious dishes. Dimsum dishes are rich from sensory to eye-catching colors with white powder. thin that hides the green or orange color inside to bring out the best taste. Thanks to this, diners enjoy the best food.

Best Buffet Restaurants In Hanoi

To ensure that diners have access to delicious fish dishes, in accordance with the requirements of fresh – delicious – clean, Cuu Van Long imports food every day and keeps it in its own tanks to ensure new 100% delicious. In particular, the food in the restaurant is all prepared by chefs from 5-star restaurants and brings out the most delicious, round and delicious taste of fresh seafood.

The restaurant space is very large, it can accommodate 500 customers at the same time. It can meet all the needs of dining, meeting with friends or large parties. In order to serve young customers and families with small children, Cuu Van Long has also designed a separate play corner with all kinds of fun games for children right inside the restaurant. Your family meals will taste better when you don’t have to worry about fussy kids.

In the charming and memorable place of Cang Thom, you can gather with friends and relatives and enjoy delicious food. With all care and passion, from the level of ingredients, broth, sauce…

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

Includes full fish buffet menu (except crab) + 01 portion of half lobster with cheese. (another 100,000 for unlimited crab use).

Paper Hot Pot

Huong Sen Seafood Buffet is the best seafood restaurant in Hanoi. This restaurant brings customer satisfaction by focusing on providing customers with clean, delicious, nutritious and transparent food. The seafood buffet menu here is very diverse with more than 140 dishes. Some notable fish dishes such as crab marinated with lemongrass wine, Norwegian salmon sashimi or grilled pork belly… Huong Sen restaurant has a large indoor and outdoor space with a classic European design and it can accommodate up to 600 guests. The restaurant serves guests both in the morning and in the afternoon, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. In addition to seafood, Huong Sen Restaurant also offers a rich menu of vegetarian dishes such as bird’s nest soup, mooncake, Sichuan tofu… to enhance the menu and for those who love the purity of vegetarian dishes. Indicative price: between VND 289,000-320,000/person depending on time and date. This price does not include VAT and drinks.

Huong Sen is the director of a premium seafood restaurant in Hanoi, committed to 100% natural food quality, no unhealthy ingredients, all food is tested according to the protocol. Perfectly, ensuring the standards of the Department of Hygiene and Food Safety. At Hanoi’s world-class seafood buffet, it is among the few high-end restaurants with the most luxurious atmosphere of the European capital. In Europe, Huong Sen Restaurant is a destination for many corporate customers, food lovers and families who want to enjoy delicious food in a modern setting. Come to Huong Sen Restaurant with your family and relatives to enjoy a paradise of seafood cuisine prepared by a Chef with more than 20 years of experience in 4- and 5-Star restaurants.

Chef Dzung is a high-end restaurant that specializes in serving buffet-style hot sauces and fried seafood. It has a modern and spacious space with a capacity of up to 400 guests, divided into VIP rooms and common areas. The restaurant has a very safe playground for children. The restaurant serves guests all days of the week, when you arrive at the restaurant, diners make a reservation by 10:30 or 17:00 of the given day, the restaurant is open for lunch from 11 to 11:30 and in the evening from 18:00 to 22:00.

Chef Dzung has a system of natural fish food tanks, so the amazing advantage of the restaurant is that the food is fresh and of good quality. It specializes in smokeless hot pot and grill buffet with almost 200 dishes: seafood, grilled meat first class, completely fresh… The menu of the restaurant is very diverse, about 200 dishes, which it is 20 sushi, sashimi, 20 dishes. The seafood is grilled and steamed right at the service counter. Since the menu also includes grill and hot pot, in addition to seafood, Chef Dzung also has a menu of 30 meat dishes, such as American bacon marinated in bulgogi, lean shoulder with black pepper, octopus marinated with Korean chili … The hot pot here is also very diverse with 18 types of meat and more than 10 types of vegetables that can satisfy all the dining needs of diners.

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L’Annam Buffet is formerly known as Sen Ha Thanh Restaurant, this place is loved by many customers because every food here is unique. With a capacity of up to 250 guests, this old French style restaurant operates fixed opening hours from 11 am to 2 pm. and from 6 pm to 10 pm daily. The fish buffet at L’Annam is Asian in style with sushi, sashimi and fish salad bar, a large herring counter and a direct selection of fresh fish.

The price ranges from 265,000 to 355,000 VND/capacity depending on the season and day. Not only does it have a very beautiful site, but it has also absolutely won the hearts of customers with an extremely special offer. With more than 100 different dishes with ingredients imported daily completely fresh, customers coming to the restaurant can taste all kinds of seafood such as: heliotrope snail, baba, lobster, eel, etc. to popular species such as: mussels, clams, fish, … are improved in many different culinary styles from Europe to Asia, which is extremely attractive. This price does not include VAT and drinks. When you go out to eat, don’t forget to redeem your e-voucher for more discounts and offers!

TBQ is a seafood restaurant designed in Korean style with a very large space (3,000 m2, which corresponds to the capacity of 700 guests), with an indoor area and a garden with a safe playground for children. . The seafood here is very fresh, delicious, imported from many types, such as Japanese arctic mussels, sea urchin eggs, queen snails, milk oysters… Vietnamese-style TBQ with grill, hot pot and ready meals. No sushi, sashimi here like many other restaurants. The restaurant is open during the day from 10 am to 9 pm Diners can choose the dishes they want.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Hanoi

This restaurant belongs to a chain of first-class restaurants and is listed on the list of the famous best seafood restaurants in Hanoi. In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant also has an extremely rich and varied selection of VIP rooms. The number of dishes available here is more than 100 dishes and this place is a perfect choice for foodies who want to enjoy the wealth of sea creatures. Featuring more than 100 delicious and nutritious dishes: Shrimp, Beer Lemongrass Crab, Grilled Oysters with Onion Oil, Raw Wasabi Oysters, Norwegian Salmon Sashimi, Octopus, Egg Octopus, Octopus, Grilled Oysters add Fat Onion,… also

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