Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh – If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, we’ve got you covered. Now you can give the gift of a white horse.

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Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Gifts… White Horse dinner and drinks are available to you with these premium gift cards redeemable at our Royal Mile oyster bar. Gifts… White Horse dinner and drinks are available to you with these premium gift cards redeemable at our Royal Mile oyster bar.

Fishers In The City, Edinburgh: ‘it Needs A Friendly Whack’

The White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar, located in the oldest hotel on the Royal Mile, serves the best of British seafood and fish sourced from across the country.

Expect small plates, sharing plates and craft cocktails washed down with carefully selected wines and sparkling wines.

In addition to an unprecedented selection of cocktails, our bar also serves carefully crafted wines, champagnes and cocktails. So pull up a stool, relax and let us pour you a drink.

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Iconic Seafood Restaurant Gets £550,000 New Bar Area

We show you where to go for Edinburgh’s best seafood restaurants, from seafood to good ol’ fish and chips.

What is a seafood restaurant? Today, some of the best restaurants in Edinburgh offer seafood tasting menus with excellent dishes such as crayfish with parsnips and white chocolate, verjus, smoked butter and prawns. Meanwhile, less formal groups such as Mussel & Steak Bar with two branches (Grassmarket and Jeffrey Street) serve oysters and pots of mussels, but clearly devote more of their energy to beef (looking for beef? Try Edinburgh’s best steakhouse). Like many other reputable restaurants, Sweet Melinda’s (Roseneath Street) may have Cajun-spiced salmon on the menu, a special olive oil-flavored flounder, but there will be roast chicken or an Aberdeen Angus burger. None of these restaurants are truly seafood restaurants, although they do serve seafood. To qualify, most of the menu options must be fish or seafood, and it certainly helps if the decor has a nautical theme – or some concession to a nautical theme. With that in mind, here are the best places for seafood in Edinburgh…

It’s on the waterfront – Newhaven Harbor is across the street – the inside looks like a well-equipped surf bar, and there’s ceviche, soup, lobster, mussels and oysters on the menu. A special table can have scallops with black pudding, sea bream with potatoes, samphire and canned shrimp, and other simple and fresh dishes. Since the owner is Thai – and the place used to be a Thai restaurant – there are sometimes Asian-influenced options. Fish haters can turn to burgers and fries; Dessert can be affogato or fruit crumble.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

For over 20 years, this has been one of Edinburgh’s top seafood destinations, along with Leith Docks. Other famous local restaurants have come and gone in that time, but the Fishers have moved on, gone about their business and quietly expanded – the business now owns a one-door bar restaurant (The Shore) and has a famous branch in New Town. (Fishermen in the city). With its busy layout and lacquered woodwork, Original Leith has the look and feel of a well-appointed ship’s cabin, while the menu features reliable classics (fish cakes, fish soup, mussels, scallops, seafood platters) and a la carte. Choice of dishes such as Goan Monkfish curry and prawns with basmati or whole with potatoes, black prawns and tarragon butter.

Scottish Seafood Week: The Top Restaurants You Have To Visit

Cheerful, bustling, furnished with IKEA furniture and located on Rose Street, the Mussel Inn is neither more nor less than it claims to be. There are starters such as soup, fish balls, oysters, scallops or white bait; Mainly such as spicy crab pasta, fish stew or sea bass. The specialty, of course, is the mussels in a half kilo or kilo pot that you can eat without garnishing, or in the classic moules marinière, they can come with blue cheese, bacon and cream, plus a choice of additions. It might be fun, but when you have a lot of work, don’t expect detail.

Open since 2009, this place has a luxurious, modern, stylish decor, and is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for the sustainable use of seafood. That’s the place to go for starters like beetroot cured salmon with pickled oysters, mains like Cornish sea bass with baba ghanoush and roasted aubergine – maybe a seafood plate with brown crabs, langoustine, lobster, mussels, oysters, razor clams and scallops. Skilled cooking, beautiful presentation and excellently sourced ingredients here make for a great dining experience.

Divided into a bar and dining area, both sections of the space have a completely nautical feel with dark wood trim and accessories, nautical artefacts and other nautical decor. Its proximity to Leith Docks adds even more salinity. You can come here for breakfast from 9 am, lunch menu starts at noon, dinner from 5 pm. In the evening, enjoy dishes such as sole meunière with lemon, grilled squid with crispy noodles sautéed with peppers and ginger or seafood paella with chorizo​​​​​​ There is also a crustacean and shellfish menu for lunch and dinner, from half a dozen oysters to fruit de mer royale for two or three dinners: almost everything you can imagine on a plate – and chips.

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The Seafood Restaurant

Sign up for our newsletter to enjoy the best – it costs nothing. Fresh, well-prepared fish is an unbeatable delicacy. Not only is it delicious, it’s also rich in nutrients, including essential omega-3 fatty acids that many diets lack. Finding the best fish restaurant can sometimes be a challenge, but luckily, this is not the case in Edinburgh. Here are five of the best places to fish east of the Scottish capital.

White Horse Oyster Bar A post shared by White Horse Oyster Bar (@whitehorseoysterbar) on Nov 23, 2017 at 7:26 am PST

An excellent location on the Royal Mile, The White Horse is a legacy of renowned culinary history. Occupying a place in what used to be the oldest hotel in the Royal Mile, it is proud to welcome locals and tourists alike in a small bar, restaurant and friendly. Their seafood is sourced from small vendors across the country and diners can enjoy shared plates as well as individual dishes. Oysters are a given, but the menu also includes delicacies such as Scottish cured salmon and dipped clams. Aside from the food, this bar is a lovely place to watch the world go by while enjoying a beer or glass of wine from the carefully curated drinks menu.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Edinburgh

Ondine is a fish restaurant that truly embraces Edinburgh’s fishing history. Its windows offer far-reaching views of the historic city centre, while its food offers a taste of authentic Scottish seafood. While its produce is sourced directly from Scottish East Coast fishermen, when it comes to cooking, its chefs are inspired by world cuisine. Dinner at the elegant restaurant can be anything from fish and chips to seafood platters. The attention to detail in cooking and presentation is second to none, the wait staff is attentive and knowledgeable, and as much food as possible comes from sustainable sources.

Great Restaurants In Edinburgh

This Edinburgh Loch Fyne restaurant is a household name for many diners, the Edinburgh Loch Fyne restaurant lives up to expectations. Located in the beautiful Old Fish Market in Newhaven Harbour, diners can enjoy dining in an area that still has a small but thriving fishing industry. Weather permitting, there is an outdoor dining area with spectacular harbor views. The fish is fresh and seasonal, and the restaurant goes to great lengths to satisfy as many tastes and needs as possible. For example, there is a children’s menu as well as a gluten-free menu. Although perhaps best known for its famous Loch Fyne oysters, this is also the place to enjoy delicious dishes such as cod caught on the line or a tasty fish stew.

Perfectly married to Scotland and its namesake seafood, Kilted Lobster is located in the popular residential area of ​​Stockbridge. Therefore, most of its customers are locals and only a few tourists are “in the know”. As well as Scottish seafood such as Isle of Mull mussels and, of course, Scottish lobster, the restaurant also includes some unusual and very tasty vegetarian options. He maintains a routine

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