Best Resto Sawah Malang

Best Resto Sawah Malang

Best Resto Sawah Malang

Best Resto Sawah Malang – Malang is a holiday choice because there are many beautiful tourist destinations, besides traveling in the city of Malang there are many romantic places that are recommended for those who want to invite their loved ones. So guys, now I will show you 8 favorite places in Malang that you must try!

This is a very good place to invite your friend, because here you can see the width of the rice, breathe the fresh air, and the beauty of the people to see.

Best Resto Sawah Malang

Best Resto Sawah Malang

The special feature of Paddy City Resort is that you can sit on wooden chairs overlooking the rice fields, while sitting on the rice fields you can order food such as fish, chicken, chicken rica-rica, beef. rib soup, beef krengsengan, Javanese fried rice, and many other dishes here, in addition to the recommended food for Paddy City Resort, this is a bowl of ginger brew, folk, with cold air, and you will enjoy a cup. perfumed water to make you feel comfortable and fresh. This place is perfect for those who love nature and eating rice that gives a romantic feeling.

Wangi Padi Resto Ciwidey

Here you can see beautiful mountains, wide rice fields, and green trees around this restaurant, you can imagine here with a special person, remember and love very much. This cafe is perfect for those who are bored of the hustle and bustle of the city, here you can experience a quiet place, fresh air, and a natural environment. This restaurant is very beautiful in the afternoon you can see lush celery plants, and the blue sky, perfect for taking pictures with special people, couples.

In addition to the beautiful beauty of this restaurant, you will make healthy food, which includes heavy food such as five-flavored chicken, regular beef, orange dishes, and drinks such as coffee, tea, water, etc. menus you have. can choose from.

This place is already famous among Malang children’s hits, here you can enjoy 3 scenes at the same time in 1 place, the first view is the open fields, the second view is the country, and the best here you see. The mountains are beautiful.

This restaurant is open in the evening and till evening you can see the lights inside the restaurant. This restaurant in Outdoo is recommended for a meal with a friend. you can order delicious food such as hot dogs, black pepper chicken, and beef teriyaki rice.

Restoran Dengan Panorama Alam Paling Indah Di Malang!

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, go to this cafe to relax and relax for a while from the accumulation of daily activities. This restaurant in the middle of a teak garden offers an outdoor feel that blends well with nature, guys. here you can sit on a bench in the garden, and order some food that is suitable to end your conversation with your loved ones, this restaurant will be good if the light is connected to the think romantic and it’s something really you have a special dinner. for the instagrammable, you should come here, your photos are guaranteed to be cute and romantic.

For those who want to see the beauty of the city of Malang by watching the beautiful blue sky, then come to the Skyroom of the best hotel Oj west. This restaurant is located on the 12th floor of Best Western OJ Hotel Malang.

In this cafe you can see some beautiful scenery, which has mountains, villages, and at night you can watch the lights of the poor city burn, give love, love has no day In conclusion, here you are. with some romantic music, make your dinner with my special person. for the food here is European, Asian, Indonesian, and the taste of the food here is like a 5-star hotel, so guys, what about this restaurant, not interesting ?

Best Resto Sawah Malang

Here you can enjoy the view of the green garden in the outdoor, you can enjoy dinner at night, with DJ music that will melt the air when you are with your loved ones . In addition to the night you can see the sunset with loved ones, this place is very popular for those who want to enjoy a fun experience with special people, because it is a special food conceived here, and the garden looks very beautiful. .

Kafe Di Puncak Dengan Panorama Kebun Dan Sawah Keren

The restaurant, which has 2 areas, inside and outside, is interesting for young people who hit Malang. Here you can hangout outside close to nature. and breathe the cool air here.

This place is really instagrammable and it is not often that this place is used as a pre-wedding function, men rush here the experience of this restaurant is guaranteed to do for you are at home for a long time in this place.

The romantic place in Malang is very beautiful for you and your loved ones. here you can see the mountains, at night you can see the lights of the beautiful city of Malang, and here you can enjoy the cool air that makes you romantic when you are alone in this place. For all the food here, you can find Indonesian, Asian, and Western food in this restaurant. Eating delicious food, seeing the beauty, and having dinner with romantic music is a real feeling, and will not be forgotten, so guys, hurry up and come here, invite your loved ones.

Men, hurry up and invite your loved ones to enjoy the romantic scenes of the cafe and restaurant above, surely your partner will love and bond more, hehhe… good luck!!! hope the dinner went well… – Malang is one of the most popular cities in East Java Province. Malang has become one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations. When visiting tourist places in Malang, it seems that we are running out of ideas to choose a place. Tourism in Malang is diverse, from tourism, educational tourism, modern tourism, to culinary. The cool and pleasant climate of the city of Malang will make you feel comfortable to spend your vacation time here.

Restoran Dan Kafe Di Malang Paling Hits Dan Kekinian

Malang City was one of the favorite cities of the Dutch during the colonial period because of its cool climate. In addition, historical and cultural information also attracts tourists from all over the world. Besides being a tourist city, this city is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya. It is not surprising that Malang City has become a big city.

And the development is very fast. And the interesting thing is that all this has been preserved and can be enjoyed today. Malang has the largest and most popular schools in Indonesia. Therefore, there are many young people in Malang from all over Indonesia. Indeed, Malang is known as the student city of East Java.

Here, you will find cool tours and cool places to hangout. Many people think they live in Malang, because the weather is cool, the traffic is not easy and the city has enough places to enjoy. Malang is a city in Indonesia that is endless when it comes to tourism and local wisdom. It has a long history and now Malang has grown into a new city that is always popular to visit.

Best Resto Sawah Malang

When you visit Malang, you can take the time to go on a food tour. Here are some special foods that are prepared for your tongue. For those who want to do more than just eat, and want to sleep in a comfortable place, don’t worry, has listed 40 cool places in Malang, of course you can relax in your home . Tuesday (6/11).

Tempat Makan Di Malang Dengan View Bagus Yang Instagramable

The atmosphere of this restaurant is very pleasant with minimalist design and beautiful lighting. Also, this restaurant has a photo gallery on Instagram. Labore has two rooms, such as smoking and non-smoking. Located on Soekarno Hatta Road No. 2 June.

BataPuti Coffeehouse has a garden that is always beautiful and beautiful. For those of you who are traveling with your partner, this place will be recommended because it has many romantic options. In the outdoors, for example, you can spend time in the dark night in love. This restaurant is located at Jalan Araya Megah no. 9, Indie Park Complex, Araya, Malang.

This restaurant has an open concept with a fireplace available at every table. And what’s more fun, because the fire is lit with coal and oil, so you don’t have to worry about being affected by the burning smoke. Each table is surrounded by round chairs with soft cushions, so you can hang out with your friends while relaxing to your heart’s content. Great isn’t it? This restaurant is located at Jalan Ir. Soekarno no. 300 (in front of Hotel Mentari), Batu City.

Paddy City Resort is one of the most popular places to spend time with your partner. This resort has the best of nature and cool climate, with beautiful rice fields. What’s more, you can eat from rice with green rice just by waving with your partner. Really love like that. This hotel is located at Perum Tatasurya Jalan Regulus 9 Tlogomas, Malang.

Review Fifteen Celcius Skylounge Batu Harga Menu Dan Lokasi

This cafe is located in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city and has a relaxing atmosphere. It is perfect for those of you who are tired of city life. During the day, the weather is not too hot and you can see the green fields with beautiful mountains in full view. At night, the weather changes to high with

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