Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan – As a local food writer and food photographer, I’m often asked what (and where) to eat in my hometown. I’m also very proud to be from Regina and enjoy having out of town guests for a taste of the Queen City.

Now, this is not a list of the 12 best restaurants in Regina, although I’m sure a few of these places will make the list. It’s a breakdown of delicious bites and unique dishes. Appreciating the relationship between taste, texture, ethnic influences, local ingredients and urban legends. Longtime favorites are combined with the latest debuts; things your parents might wish they had grown up with, or millennial plates they could post on the ‘gram.

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

This has been my favorite food in Regina since I was a kid. There is nothing like it. It’s topped with meat, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and horrible cheese. It is also baked at a high temperature for a crispy crème brûlée. The rising crust is golden on the outside and chewy on the inside, with a touch as sweet as a badge. There are many great pizza restaurants in Regina, but Hill Avenue Houston Pizza is the OG. They have been making pizzas this way since 1970.

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Speaking of OG’s, Bushwakker is Regina’s first brewpub, established in 1991. Located in Regina’s warehouse district, it honors our city’s history. Black-and-white photos adorn the walls, and local dishes like Saskatchewan hot plate jump off the menu. I often recommend that dish to out-of-towners, but I can’t resist their beer-battered fish and chips, the best in town. It’s a big portion, so pack an appetite.

When it comes to proud local bars, Leopold’s can’t be missed. Their original location is on the corner of Albert Street and College Avenue and is decorated floor to ceiling with local memorabilia and knick-knacks, as if you were in your grandfather’s garage. The menu has something for everyone, whether it’s nachos, wings, burgers, poutine or a bacon bucket. My go-to is the buffalo wings with blue cheese dip, a great beer pairing.

I tell people all the time how lucky we are to have Skye in Regina. Opened by a husband and wife who are award-winning chefs and cake makers, both are artists. Their artwork is on the walls and on your plate. They promote local ingredients and even grow their own herbs year-round. And their south-facing balcony makes you happy in the summer. Open for brunch on weekends and lunch on weekdays. For starters, I recommend the Mediterranean Bowl.

Good pho is something like zen – the broth should hit the soul. Quan Ngon perfectly balances beef bone broth, a generous amount of rice noodles topped with freshly chopped beef, onions, herbs and a garnish of lime, bean sprouts and chili oil. If you have been to Vietnam, this place will bring you back. Order the B3 (Phở Tái) and double the beef. Best hangover cure.

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What sets Thai food apart is its complexity, the delicious layering of flavors. This dish is characterized by rich coconut milk, bird chili heat, herbal notes from kaffir lime leaves and fresh basil, tender courgette and chicken breast skewers, and a variety of curry spices. Sprinkle on a bed of white jasmine rice and you’re in business. Siam is also the only certified Thai restaurant in Saskatchewan, a badge of authenticity awarded by the Thai Department of Commerce.

Have you ever eaten at a fried chicken shack opened by a highly skilled chef working in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen? If not, stop by Beaks Chicken and try Paul Rogers, owner of Nashville’s Hot Chicken Sandwich. The object is a work of art above all else. And his dedication to his work is amazing. He sous vide cooks his dark meat (i.e. thighs and shanks) before roasting, so the cuts come out perfect every time.

The Italian Star is a local institution. Whether you’re looking for authentic ingredients to make your own lasagna or imported European goods from olives to soft drinks, it’s worth it here. And their sandwiches with cold cuts, cheese, hot peppers and a drizzle of olive oil are amazing. They come in mild, medium and spicy – I went for spicy and double the meat.

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

Tangerine feels like a coffee shop and bakery in a big city. Grab an espresso or drip coffee, connect to the Wi-Fi for something to do, and most importantly, enjoy fresh baked goods and lunch specials. Tangerine has the best scones in town. Favorites are French Vanilla & Coconut and Blueberry Peach scones, but every day is different.

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The Avenue is the most exciting place to enter the Regina restaurant scene in the last few years, the offspring of Dale Mackay’s successful Saskatoon Restaurant Park. Korean Pork Press is a delicious dish made like a sushi rice roll, but with braised pork belly, spicy gochujang sauce and homemade cucumber kimchi. Order one with a signature cocktail and enjoy the moment.

Allan Pulga is a Regina-based PR and communications consultant with a healthy appetite for food and sneakers. She writes the monthly food column Regina Bites for CBC Saskatchewan. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @poonisms.

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Saskatchewan is a great place to get off the beaten path in Canada. We have many hidden gems, with many delicious stops along the way. If you’re into local food and farmer’s markets, micro-distilleries, craft shops, or an informative restaurant, you’ll find it all in Saskatchewan.

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All based on stories from my new book, Flat Out Delicious: Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan’s Food Artisans.

Harvest Eatery in Shaunovan offers creations of all descriptions, including this Nanaimo bar version. (Photo by Richard Marjan.)

The southwestern region of Saskatchewan is incredibly beautiful and diverse, and the town of Shaunavon in the middle of the region made it so.

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

In addition to being home to country music act The Hunter Brothers, the southwestern city is also the culinary heart of Saskatchewan.

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Husband and wife chef duo Garrett “Rusty” and Kristy Thienes in 2013. opened Harvest Eatery, a welcoming venue serving a unique blend of Saskatchewan comfort food.

“We know who grows the food, how they look after it, what their methods are. That’s what will keep the restaurant (and our food program) going,” Rusty said.

Think roasted carrots with legumes, bison tartare, wild boar ravioli, and Lake Diefenbaker’s trout-engraved wine, with a wine list to suit any discerning palate.

The cool thing about this restaurant is that you’ll feel right at home if you show up in jeans or heels.

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The grotto is in the nun’s house in Vibank. From left to right are Cecilia, Javier and Kevin Zimmerman. (Photo by Richard Marjan.)

Many of Saskatchewan’s best-kept restaurants are located in the southeast region. The Happy Nun is in Oblivion and Carnduff is home to the Olive Branch Bistro. Find authentic Neapolitan pizza at Ogema at Solo Italia.

The Grotto is perhaps Saskatchewan’s most unique restaurant and one of the best places for authentic, homemade Mexican food.

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

Kevin and Cecilia Zimmerman have a small living space in the Ursuline Convent, built in 1923. Much of the history has been preserved, including the altar in the chapel, which is now the main dining room.

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The original grotto is at the back of the building where Cecilia keeps garden boxes full of fresh fruit and herbs.

Both are self-taught wizards. Cecilia improved her skills after moving to Vibanka together with Kevin. He missed the food of Oaxacan, the region where he grew up in southern Mexico.

He returned, learning recipes and tricks of the trade from people in small communities. And what he really loves is what he brings to The Grotto.

Reservations are usually required several weeks in advance, as there is only one space per night. Trust me; worth the wait and worth the drive.

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Nadine has dedicated the last ten years of her life to building relationships between urban residents and those who cook with holistic practices. By doing so, you also help small farmers to be economically viable.

“Food is a great way for people to reconnect with each other,” she said.

Farmers and food producers can sell or trade their produce in a roving market that markets and resells to the public.

Best Restaurants Regina Saskatchewan

The market features seasonal produce, meats, eggs, dairy, bread, baked goods, preserves, tea, coffee, pasta, raw honey, grains and legumes, as well as Nadine’s kimchi and sauerkraut.

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Executive Chef of Cathedral Creek

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