Best Restaurants On Central Park

Best Restaurants On Central Park – With an estimated 42 million visitors annually, Central Park is New York City’s most visited attraction next to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. This makes tracking down the best restaurants near Central Park more difficult than you might expect, thanks to the hundreds of restaurants and tourist buses that are overpriced or annoying.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of great food in the middle of nowhere, which is why we’ve put together our guide to the best restaurants near Central Park. From innovative cheese sandwiches to authentic Vietnamese fare and upscale brunches, you’ll be ready to walk the park from dawn to dusk with a full stomach.

Best Restaurants On Central Park

Best Restaurants On Central Park

Parm had its humble beginnings in the heart of Little Italy and thus begins our guide to the best restaurants near Central Park with its location on the Upper West Side. Only 72, this Italian place strives to provide a comfortable and friendly pitstop after a long ride in the park and serves the best versions of classic Italian dishes that stay true to their history. Known for their prized chicken parm and homemade meatballs, the restaurant’s from-scratch pasta is also unforgettable. The fresh fusilli Bolognese is particularly noteworthy, with generous dollops of creamy risotto and a delicious veal coating of pasta shell, that is fresh and al dente. Their chicken parm and meatloaf dinners—including spicy rotini pasta—are also great choices.

Restaurants, Concession Stands And Dining Options In Central Park

Established 12 years ago, this little cantina on the Upper East Side offers some of the best Mexican bites in the neighborhood. You’ll find a variety of antojitos, delicious tortas, and classic al agustan and bistec tacos. However, take it easy on the extensive menu and head straight for the sauteed, lime-cured octopus tacos. They come on a plate of three and are topped with onions, cabbage, and pico de gallo. It provides all the authenticity of the more common street tacos with an unexpected twist. If you don’t want seafood, their chorizo ​​tacos are creamy, crunchy, and full of flavor. Either way, you will enjoy your time at one of the best restaurants near Central Park.

One of the best restaurants near Central Park is in the northeast corner near the Conservatory Garden. Teranga provides a great welcome in West Africa for tourists and locals as well as the lobby level of the African Industry. Rooted in traditional African cooking, this East Harlem establishment offers authentic dishes that promote African-grown ingredients. There are many bowls to choose from, but one of the most popular is the Suya Bowl. Soft jollof rice, cooked in spiced tomato broth, filled the whole bottom. Next we have chicken Suya seasoned with lime, garlic, and thyme, as well as Kelewele (sweet potato), and Ndambe (black bean, sweet potato, and okra paste). The bowl also includes a portion of Mafe, a sweet and creamy peanut sauce.

Shake Shack doubles as one of the best restaurants near Central Park (specifically their UWS location) and one of NYC’s most classic joints. Once a simple hot dog stand in Madison Square Park and now a global institution, their custom Angus beef burger is the most delicious thing around. And while their ShackBurger is good, their SmokeShack is where it’s at. With chopped red cherry peppers, Niman Ranch apple-smoked bacon, cheddar, and their zesty ShackSauce, this is a smokier, crunchier, and all-around tastier option. Obviously, you still have to get a side of their big salty, soft, cut-inkle fries or signature shake (or both!) for the full experience.

Somewhere between a bar and an outdoor lodge, Earl’s Beer and Cheese isn’t what you’d expect to find on Park Avenue. But its beauty is even more undeniable. Recognized annually as one of NYC’s top places to try, it’s also one of the best restaurants near Central Park thanks to its unique food and premium craft beer. There are many different types of cheese available here, but the one you have to order is the NY state cheddar. It comes with pork belly, kimchi, potato chips, and a fried egg in butter, toasted flour. A truly elevated grilled cheese experience—but not so complex that it loses its nostalgic roots. You can also take your food to the park across the street and warm up in the middle of one of New York’s most iconic streets.

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Halal Guys has been serving authentic American halal food since 1990. They first started selling traditional halal food from a cart to Muslim taxi drivers from all five boroughs in the city. Although they have grown on a global scale, they are a major NYC establishment. Located south of the park, Halal People is an important part of our guide to the best restaurants near Central Park. You can choose from gyro beef, chicken, and falafel in both pita and platter form. If you want a little of everything, the combo platter lets you choose two mains on them turmeric-yellow rice with lettuce and tomatoes. Every part is rich in flavor, but the point is to dip everything in their famous white sauce, which is addictive. Note: Their signature hot sauce is right spicy, so lean.

Smith’s is an American Brasserie with four locations in New York City. It offers casual yet upscale dining featuring bistro classics, seasonal fare and creative drinks. And, with a location in Lincoln Square, it’s also one of the best restaurants near Central Park. Their extensive menu has something for everyone and for any diet. For brunch, enjoy their vanilla bean French toast. It’s a celebration of all things delicious, from soft bread with crispy edges to caramelized bananas that melt the moment they hit your tongue. For lunch and dinner, the burger (and the pile of fries that comes with it) is the star of the show. Topped with crackly fried onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and punchy aioli, it checks every box you can think of.

The Loeb Boathouse lakeside restaurant is an urban oasis with a beautiful dining experience and even better views. And true to its name, you can enjoy the sight of boats sailing on the lake. One of the best restaurants near Central Park, it has menus for all daily meals. Their brunch is also popular—so let’s dig in. Crab cake is a menu favorite. Rich in texture and flavor without being chewy, it’s cooked to perfection and served with chipotle sauce and seasonal vegetables. Another unique item is the macaroni au gratin with Vermont cheddar and bacon-crumble toasted topping. It’s buttery, gooey, and textured, and the resulting cheese pull is a gold medal. Last, but not least, stuffed French toast is a great mountain of sweet, fluffy carbs. Blueberry mascarpone fillings are nothing short of delicious, and the blueberries on top combine with maple syrup to create magic. Garnished with a mint sprig and topped with lemon-scented sugar, you’ll be tempted to turn your back to the park view to see your plate.

Best Restaurants On Central Park

Saiguette is a small Vietnamese restaurant with a large menu. But with so many options, the reason we’re here is for the best banh mi on the Upper West Side. Grab the grilled lemongrass pork shoulder for a snack that will rock your life. Between the fresh baguette, grilled carrots and jalapeños, crunchy cucumber, and spicy chile mayo, it’s more than you can handle. But the addition of the grilled, lemony pork shoulder really takes it over the edge. Another favorite menu item by the Saiguette brand is the following pho. Go with spicy pho udon for a beef broth unmatched in depth and flavor. It comes with a round raw beef eye and brisket that cooks instantly when dipped in a steaming hot broth. With chewy udon noodles, onions, and bok choy, it achieves the perfect combination of textures.

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Queen Pastrami has been king of the Upper East Side since 1998, recently expanding its territory to the Upper West Side. For park-goers, this means that one of the best restaurants near Central Park has two convenient stores a few blocks on either side. The World Famous Hot Pastrami on rye is here for you. Their pastrami is truly perfect: salty, creamy, and smooth. Sliced, you can really appreciate the tenderness of the meat and the pepperiness of its secret spice coating. It also makes a larger sandwich a little easier to manage. If you’re not a pastrami purist, get some of their homemade slaw or Russian dressing to go with it (and maybe some killer Matzoh ball soup) for a party fit for a queen.

New to the Central Harlem food scene, this little spot just north of Central Park offers a casual spot to have authentic, southern-inspired biscuit sandwiches. As they serve a variety of biscuity delights from bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches to breakfast combos,

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