Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly – If you’re looking to travel and explore a new city, don’t overlook Atlanta! There are lots of things to do with children. But of course, as soon as you arrive, “I’m hungry!” Your children will declare it. In my experience, they keep saying it until you feed them.

Atlanta (also known as the Hollywood of the South) is home to Chick-fil-A (yum!), but you may also want to check out other food options. We set out to find great restaurants (that’s kid-friendly too!).

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Here are nine delicious places to eat with your kids while visiting or staying in Atlanta. I would eat at all these places again. Actually, I’m going to do that.

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Ponce City Market is this super cool industrial space with lots of restaurants and shops in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

It reminded me of Chelsea Market in New York City. And there’s a reason – it’s owned by the same developers. Ponce City Market has many options for food and the best is H&F Burger.

The place has an almost banquet feel with long wooden tables and metal chairs. We went in the evening this week and it wasn’t crowded at all. But be warned, Ponce City Market can get crowded on weekends, so definitely be careful when you go if you have impatient kids. (Are there any patient toddlers? Question.)

The great thing about Ponce City Market is that you can get food to go and sit at a table in the shared common area. So everyone doesn’t have to eat at the same place! But if you want to have a relaxed meal with the family, definitely check out H&F Burger. This is one of my favorites on this list.

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Kids Menu: There is no kids menu but there are many options for kids. There’s a Mighty Junior burger for $7, a hot dog for $6 and a grilled cheese for $4. I got a delicious chopped salad for $7. We also got two orders of fries (only $2 each!) and it was enough for all 6 of us. To be fair, my son won’t eat chase fries, but trust me, I’ve had his fair share. All the kids loved their food! The burgers and fries were amazing. Really.

Children’s options on the adult menu: The options are mainly burgers, hot dogs and a few salads. So maybe not a place for a kid who only eats chicken nuggets.

Parking: We had no problem finding parking, but it can be difficult at peak times. Fortunately, there is a server. Well!

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Just steps from Piedmont Park is Woody’s Cheesesteaks. It’s a small, unassuming place with lots of regulars.

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There aren’t many options, but if you want a delicious and cheap cheesesteak, go right away. I really love the relaxed atmosphere of this place and really enjoyed bringing my kids there.

I couldn’t find parking in the small, hilly lot, but I was able to park on the street.

High chairs/bath chairs: No high chairs or high chairs. But there are stalls that are much easier with children.

Children’s menu: No children’s menu. There’s a 10-inch cheesesteak (steak, chicken or veggie) for $6.95 that can definitely be split between two kids. It’s a hot dog for $3.75. There are fries for $1.25.

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Service speed: Fast. You walk up to the counter, order, sit down and wait for your food to be ready.

Overall kid-friendly atmosphere: It’s very relaxed, so no one will notice what your kids are doing. I know this because my 4 year old son stuck Cash out a screen window and pulled down a whole rack of chips while we were there and no one seemed to notice.

Changing table: No, but small bathrooms have a large pedestal that can be used to change a baby in a pinch.

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Parking: The site is very small and parking is not easy due to the hilly terrain. Then we found street parking, which was a short walk away. But this is a small busy street, so children should be watched closely.

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The city of Atlanta has many great tourist attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca Cola, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. After logging in for hours at one of these places, you’ll be pretty hungry. Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria is a great, kid-friendly place for pizza and other Italian fare.

Max is within walking distance of these museums. Sorry I didn’t realize this. So we pulled our car out of the parking garage, tried to drive to Max’s, got stuck in rush hour traffic for an hour, and parked back in the same garage. I really wish I was kidding. Don’t make this mistake. Just walk. Either way, it’s good for the heart!

Kids Menu: For $8, kids (ages 10 and under) can choose penne, meatballs, small Caesar salad, chicken breast or butter noodles. Includes a drink of your choice (juice, milk, tea or soda).

Kids’ options on the adult menu: Of course. A few of my kids ordered pizza and had a very tasty pizzaola salad (red onion, cherry tomato, mixed greens, mozzarella). There are pastas ($13 to $15) and sandwiches ($9 to $10).

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Family bathroom: The ladies room and the men’s room are one bathroom so it can easily be used as a family bathroom.

My kids wrinkled their noses when they heard we were going cowfish. It didn’t sound good. Who wants to eat cowfish? But it’s actually a lovely idea. They serve sushi and burgers. Kids meals come in these cute bento boxes.

Biggest surprise? Cowfish is actually a real fish. They even have one in the restaurant. Well, it’s like a cow. And fish.

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

The restaurant is located in Perimeter Mall, but the entrance is outside. It is a very nice open space.

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There was only one major downside… our food took too long. But after the wait, I would take my kids there again.

Kids Menu: Tons of options for kids 10 and under. Kids can choose from Californian Roll ($7), Tempura Shrimp Roll ($7), Veggie Roll ($6), Dragon Bites ($6) with Grilled Chicken Bites, Gorilla Cheese ($6) with Grilled Cheese and Ninja Nuggets with Chicken Bites. ($6), Sushi Roll ($6), PB&J Sushi Roll, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like Mac & Cheese ($6) and The Cowfish Mini Burgers ($7). Kids can choose a drink and two sides. Side options include carrots, apples, oranges, edamame or chips.

Kids’ options on the adult menu: This is a big menu so there are lots of different sushi rolls and burgers. But honestly, there are so many kid-friendly options that even the pickiest of eaters can find something. You might want to end your meal with one of their amazing milkshakes ($6.50) that can definitely be split between multiple kids.

Service speed: Very slow. We ordered at 3:40pm and the last person got their food at 4:25pm. And the food didn’t all come together. A few people got food and at least 5 minutes passed before others got food. If they can fix this situation this place will be awesome.

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General child-friendly atmosphere: Very child-friendly. Very interesting atmosphere inside. Outside you can play games like giant connect four, cornhole and a very annoying game where you swing a rope with a ring and try to catch it on a hook. Does anyone have any tips for that game? Tell me.

Price: Kids’ meals are reasonably priced, but as adults order sushi, the bill can be high.

Parking: This is a mall, so you may have to drive around a bit to find a spot, but we had no problem finding one.

Best Restaurants Near Me Family Friendly

Flying Biscuits is famous in Atlanta and even if it’s not, I’m into all things Biscuits because YUM.

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This Flying Biscuit location is just a few blocks from Piedmont Park (which is like a mini Central Park) and less than a mile from the Center for Puppetry Arts. If you have kids 8 and under, definitely check it out.

There is often a wait at this place as it is very popular. At 11am on a Saturday, the wait for 6 people was 30 minutes, but we sat for 20 to 25 minutes. And it was worth it!

Flying Biscuit offers breakfast and other options all day, so there’s pretty much something for everyone

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