Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now – Please double check what is open before you travel and follow all local waxing and masking guidelines to protect yourself and others! Plus, ads are how we pay our bills and keep our blog free for you to enjoy. We also use affiliate links; if you make a purchase through them, we may get a small commission for free.

Chicken and waffles. Steamed dumplings. Spongy injera bread. Amazing Korean Bulgogi. Auckland’s flavors reflect its culture and history. – and, like Auckland itself, completely different from its neighbors across the bay. Auckland has its own distinct history, sounds, art, social movements and yes, food. And you, the food in Auckland is

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

The flavors of Auckland reflect the complexity and diversity of Auckland’s history, and to truly appreciate Auckland it’s useful to have some context for Auckland’s story. Auckland’s restaurant scene can be traced back to the 1850s to Chinese immigrants

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, Hispanic workers migrating north from Mexico under the Bracero program, and Oakland’s black community who brought southern cuisine and African ingredients with them as they migrated south in search of freedom.

Their stories are woven into the fabric of Auckland’s history, as well as the tapestry of its food scene.

(We go into a lot more Oakland history in our post on things to do in Oakland.)

, here’s a list of our favorite Oakland restaurants to get you started on your next trip to the Bay Area!

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Grand Lake Kitchen offers some of the best brunch in Oakland with remixes of classics like spiced French toast and eggs Benedict Reuben. Photo: Larissa Cleveland via Grand Lake Kitchen

Tired of boring, traditional brunch dishes? It’s time to visit Grand Lake Kitchen! From delicious French toast with wild mushrooms, parmesan and arugula, to braised pork belly and polenta and reuben fries, to pastrami and eggs Benedict on rye, Grand Lake Kitchen transforms everything you’ve thought about brunch.

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Get there early to avoid long weekend waits, or plan to spend time meandering around Lake Merritt while you wait for a table. Or visit Grand Lake Kitchen’s other location in Dimond!

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Chicken and waffles. Creole shrimp and grits. Buttermilk biscuits. Pulled pork from the grill. Brown Sugar Kitchen offers phenomenal Southern soul food and is one of Oakland’s most popular restaurants for good reason.

A young French-trained chef, Tanya Holland, has created a staple in Auckland that gives back to the community in large quantities. You may have seen her cookbook on the shelves of many other well-known restaurants across the country, or you may have caught her on television.

Aunt Mary’s in Temescal offers delicious, gourmet Southern cuisine in a Cajun style. Think French toast baguettes dipped in whiskey cream and served with red and white wine compote and fruit. Cajun Shrimp and Grits. Fried oyster po’bois. Buttermilk biscuits with sage sauce. Are you still in tears?!

Gogi Time is a Korean barbecue restaurant in Oakland where you can eat your own meat at your table. It’s so delicious and so much fun! Photos: Gogi Time

Best Restaurants In Oakland To Eat At Right Now

There’s Korean BBQ and then it’s time for Gogi. Gogi time is on another level. You will be seated at a table with a grill and your food will be delivered to your table raw. Throw them on the grill (

There is a 2 hour limit with a set price so you can eat as much as you can.

Advice. You may want to fast all day to prepare for this feast. Our favorites are the spicy pork and savory pancakes!

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Have you ever had tofu soup? I didn’t before I moved to Auckland and now I literally crave it every week. Tofu Soup is a delicious traditional Korean soup with soft, silky tofu served in a hot bowl with crispy grilled rice. It’s delicious and incredibly filling

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If tofu isn’t your thing, cabbage soup is great. Bring a friend to drink the soup and share the side dishes. Oh, and order the kimchi pancakes (

Bulgogi, bibimbop, jhap chae and the works: Bovl’d BBK is fantastic Korean food. Bowl’d is located across the street from Telegraph from several other Korean restaurants in Oakland.

A typical Ethiopian food platter is served with several types of meat and vegetable dishes on one giant piece of spongy injera bread. The best part is eating the bread from the bottom after it has soaked up all the sauces! Ethiopian food is typical of Auckland cuisine. Original Photo: “Delicious Ethiopian Food” (CC BI 2.0) by YellowGreenFarmersMarket

Choose your combo plates to mix and match every dish you’ve ever wanted to try! I love DIY combo boards. You can buy vegan and gluten-free plates, but for the rest, don’t miss the beef dish.

New Restaurants That Opened In Oakland And Berkeley In April 2022

Asmara offers classic Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. I never left Asmara hungry. If you don’t know where to start, buy one vegetarian and one meat plate each. My favorite Ethiopian dishes in Asmara are fitfit, doro vat, tikil gomen and ie-beg alicha.

Another must-try restaurant in Asmara? Their honey wine! Try a glass… or upgrade to a carafe, smartass.

Zachary’s is a pizzeria in Oakland (Chicago style). This pizza should be eaten with a fork! Zachary’s is one of the best restaurants in Oakland. Original photo: “Zachari’s Delicious Pizza” (CC BI-SA 2.0) by DaveFairam

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

Nick’s serves what they call “Oakland Style Pizza,” a hand-tossed thin organic sourdough crust topped with local and organic produce and meats and cheeses made on site. Nick’s founder and executive chef has culinary experience at some of the most iconic restaurants in the Bay Area and the country.

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Try fresh pizza staples made the Oakland way, or stretch pies like the Popeye, made with salty Meyer lemon, walnuts, ricotta and shallots.

Zachari’s is a famous pizzeria in the East Bay. I know there’s a whole pizza rivalry between New York and Chicago, but Zachary’s claim to fame is from Oakland (

The pizza is thick as a pie, topped with sauce and deliciously cheesy. Order one of Zachary’s classic flavors or their delicious weekly special, or create your own creation. Come see why Oakland will forever champion its deep dish pizza.

San Franciscans will fight us on this one, but we’ll say it anyway: The Real Burger is better than the Super Duper Burger (

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A real burger is very tasty. They have surprisingly satisfying burgers, great shakes, delicious fresh pickles, freakishly good ketchup, and delicious garlic fries. If you’re craving a burger in Oakland, you have to try True Burger!

You can find amazingly good ramen in Oakland’s Chinatown. It’s some of the best food in Auckland! Original photo: “ramen” (CC BI 2.0) bijng104

Sobo Ramen is delicious, whether you’ve had real ramen before or still think ramen refers to the 25 cent dorm food packages they sell at Safeway.

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

. People will tell you that Oakland has better ramen, but you’ll have to wait longer and pay twice as much. Sobo Ramen is worth your time and money. We love the Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen with extra chuchu and quail eggs!

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Delicious seasonal herbs and lemon and cheese at Homeroom in Oakland, CA. Homeroom is one of the best restaurants in Auckland! Original photo: “Spring Mac-n-Cheese (Herbs and Lemon)” (CC BI-SA 2.0) bizcoplay

We’ve tried almost everything on the menu and they’re all good, but the seasonal selection is usually the best choice. Some of our favorite flavors: Jalapeno Popper Mac & Cheese, French Onion Mac & Cheese Soup, Pesto Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese, and Hawaiian Mac & Cheese.

From tacos and platos to Cubanos and yucca fries, Cholita Linda offers delicious Latin dishes. We’ve traveled all over Latin America and we still think Cholita Linda is some of the best Latin food we’ve ever had.

Is phenomenal. Be prepared to line up and try to sit outside on the back patio if possible!

Oakland, California 2022

Made fresh with just a few perfect ingredients, Oakland’s favorite taco truck is home to Oakland’s best street tacos. Between Jeremy’s Mexican heritage and traveling through Mexico, we both spend a lot of time at home in Oakland craving authentic Mexican food. And Tacos Sinaloa offers street tacos that will take us back to Puebla.

At Nieves Cinco de Maio at the Fruitvale Market and a stuffed churro at the Churros Mexicanos cart for dessert!

Fenton’s Creamery has been Oakland’s favorite soda shop since 1894. It serves one of the best ice creams in town. Your best bet? One of those delicious, dripping, melty, delicious ice creams! Original photo: Fenton’s Sundae (CC BI 2.0) Show and Tell

Best Restaurants In Oakland Right Now

As well as their components. You’ll find unique flavors like Chinese 5 Spice, Bay Leaf, Lime Curd, Garam Masala, and Adzuki Beans and Sesame mixed in among others.

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