Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

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Waikiki is full of great food if you know where to look. From fine dining to casual dining, sunset mai tais, coffee and dessert, these are the best restaurants in Waikiki.

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

Here are our favorite spots in Waikiki! I will update this list quarterly (as I do with our list of the best restaurants in Honolulu/Oahu). These are the places I like to go with my family and friends, and I also bring my friends who come to the island with me.

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Some are good sit-down restaurants. Others are casual dining spots. There is afternoon tea, homemade udon, sushi, dim sum, lots of fresh sashimi and ahi poke. There are cafes, dessert places and everything else. We hope you enjoy!

O sunny! This is our most visited restaurant in Waikiki. This is a nice Japanese restaurant in the heart of Waikiki and popular with the locals.

Guests If you are visiting for lunch, order the Shunsaizen dinner set ahead of time. This is great value and should be requested when you book. They make a limited number of games every day and often sell out. Shunsaizen is a lunch set that changes monthly and includes 8 delicious, seasonal small plates.

But don’t worry if they run out of kit. They have regular lunch specials that are very good! I love the combination of miso butterfish and sashimi.

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For dinner, we like to gather a group to enjoy teppanyaki. Be sure to specify the teppanyaki room when booking so that they can place you in the correct room. If you’re in the regular dining room, order a mix of sashimi, tofu dishes (lots of large tofu dishes), and sukiyaki. Must buy sukiyaki. Everything here is harmful.

Sashimi! Give it a touch! Rice! The original Maguro Brothers is located in Honolulu’s Chinatown. We loved it, but the hours were limited. So we were very excited when this new Waikiki location opened! The Chinatown location is open for lunch. The Waikiki location is open for lunch. So now you can take the Maguro brothers to lunch.

What to buy here? The King Salmon Donburi (pictured above) with a side of uni is my favorite order. I’m salivating just thinking about this dish. You can also order Chu-Toro Donburi or Hamachi Donburi or Chirashi Donburi (which has mixed fish).

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

I also love the fresh ahi poke bowls. From the classic Hawaiian Limu Ahi Poke to Shoyu Onion Ahi Poke (the most popular local flavor) and Ume Shiso Ahi Poke (inventive!) they have some great flavors. Can’t decide between Donburi or Ahi Poke? Don’t worry, they have a Donburi and Poke combo board. You can also reserve larger sashimi plates. Grab some rice and take it to your hotel room to eat. Oh man, so good.

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Who doesn’t love matcha ice cream? It’s called “smooth cream” here, and you can order it in a cone or as a parfait (my favorite order!) Maiko’s special parfait layers combine smooth cream with matcha chiffon cake cubes, azuki beans, roasted chestnuts, and fresh walnuts. shiratama mochi. Oh man, this is so hurtful.

There are other Matcha Cafe Maiko locations in San Francisco, but the one in Hawaii is the original and the tastiest. There are some special Hawaii-only menu items, such as the Uji Kintoki shaved ice (pictured above), which combines shaved ice with smooth cream.

There are three “main” places for afternoon tea in Honolulu: the Kahala Hotel, the Halekulani Hotel, and the Moana Surfrider. Halekulani Hotel (currently under renovation, reopening fall 2021) and Moana Surfrider in Waikiki. Moana Surfrider offers afternoon tea on Saturdays and Sundays by reservation only. Call early, they fill up fast.

Afternoon tea is served on the patio and is a complete experience, Hawaiian style! Afternoon tea is always a treat, from savory treats to warm scones with lilikoi cream and butter and little sweet treats (don’t miss the haupia cake) and fun tea options. Bring your best friend (or your mom and grandma!) and have a great afternoon.

Best Waikiki Restaurants: Best Places To Eat In Hawaii

If you’re going to have a great meal in Waikiki, make it Sushi Sho. Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach, this intimate and beautiful (wait until you walk in…wow) sushi spot is a bucket list restaurant for many sushi lovers. Omakase is about $300 per person and worth every penny.

Reservations are usually a must in advance (although you may get lucky with a last-minute cancellation). If you’re looking for great food in Waikiki, Sushi Sho can’t be beat.

If you can’t get a reservation or prefer not to spend too much on sushi, try the $50 bento to go. It’s not the same as enjoying omakase at a restaurant, but it’s a fun way to try Sushi Sho. Benton’s ordering instructions are posted on his Instagram.

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

Udon! Big bowls of great udon made fresh in house. They have so many different types of udon that I always get something different depending on my mood. Tan Tan Udon is excellent as is Sukiyaki Udon. I love Uni Udon on a cold day. And there’s even Ahi Poke Udon! This place is always busy and great for groups too.

Honolulu, Hawaii Travel Guide: Where To Eat, Drink And Stay

Oh, we love udon in Hawaii. After visiting TsuruTonTan, be sure to also visit Marukame Udon. You’ll find crazy long lines out the door (even lines for udon in the morning!) at this cafeteria-style restaurant on Kuhio Avenue from opening to closing.

Affordable prices. Marukame has other locations in the US, but Hawaii is known to be tastier.

Alii Coffee has three locations in Honolulu and the Waikiki location is within a courtyard by the Marriott Waikiki Beach. They have lots of fun coffee drinks and sandwiches (get the breakfast sandwich). It’s also nice and air-conditioned inside, so if it’s too hot and sunny while you’re walking around Waikiki, just come here and order an Ube Latte (one of their signature drinks). Sit back, refresh yourself and enjoy.

Katsu! This is the only US location of Tonkatsu Ginza Bair (visit the original in Tokyo). From lokomoko katsu to katsu donburi and katsu curry, it’s all about katsu here. The Pork Tenderloin Katsu set is popular and comes with rice, miso soup and unlimited shredded cabbage fillings (a very important side dish). Make a reservation. Dinner is often crowded, but lunch is less crowded and has great lunch specials. They also offer katsu bentos, donburi and katsu sandwiches to go.

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Be sure to also check out Tonkatsu Tamafuji, just minutes from Katsuda Waikiki.

We loved the dim sum and Tim Ho Wan (originally from Hong Kong) is a go to place! Located on the third floor of the Royal Hawaii Shopping Center, this is the only dim sum place in Honolulu with outdoor seating. It’s bright and breezy and the food is delicious.

Favorites include BBQ pork buns with a nice crust, tofu stuffed with steamed and spicy shrimp, fried eggplant and shrimp, and the ever-popular siu mai. Their siu mai is so good! Look out for Hawaiian specialties on the menu, too, like lobster rolls and pineapple-stuffed black rice mochi.

Best Restaurants In Honolulu Waikiki

The recently opened restaurant (recently renovated) at the Kaimana Hotel has a privileged location on the beach. It is an ideal place for breakfast or sunset dinner with friends. The menu is a crowd pleaser with dishes like lemon ricotta pancakes and lobster rolls for breakfast, steamed mahi mahi and grilled kanpachi for dinner. Reservations are essential. Don’t miss the dessert! I love toasted coconut cake.

Best Steak House In Waikiki For Over Forty Years

This breakfast spot is famous for their souffle pancakes! Come for breakfast or lunch and be prepared to queue. Come on a weekday if you can, because weekend lines are very, very long. Or go later in the day, around 1 p.m.

Imagine a pancake cut with a soufflé. Golden, super light, fluffy. Pancakes have many different flavors. Think fresh strawberry, mixed berry, banana and blueberry compote. An order of souffle pancakes, a cup of hot tea and you’re done.

Located inside the Prince Waikiki Hotel, Katsumidori is an excellent and relatively reasonably priced sushi place. We love coming here for a simple lunch and dinner with family and friends. Katsumidori is from Japan and this is its first location outside of Japan. Make a reservation! It’s casual but always busy. The fish is cut generously, always so satisfied and unpretentious.

Good for groups too. From sushi to hot dishes to udon, there’s something for everyone. When you come alone or with a friend, we reserve the sushi bar and eat sushi until the end. If you come with more than two people, reserve a table and order a combination of sushi and cooked dishes.

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The keyless entry is located inside the Halekulani Hotel. The entire hotel is currently undergoing renovations (we’re glad they’re reopening soon!) Place this at the top

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