Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete – The city of Rethymnon is one of the most touristic places in Crete. This southern city has a lot to offer, including beaches on both sides of the island and green mountains that surround it.

However, one thing that makes this city different is its food scene; there are great restaurants with unique dishes, each tastier than the next. So, if you’re looking for great places to eat while you’re in the area, look no further! Here is a list of the best restaurants in Rethymno to make your experience in Crete even more enjoyable.

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

This restaurant is the perfect place to dine with loved ones who want to enjoy delicious food and excellent service. It has a beautiful garden facing outside

Cuca Restaurant, Jimbaran, Bali

You can find a seat on one of their wooden tables while looking at the lemon trees and beautiful pomegranates, just taking in the atmosphere. The restaurant itself is very nice, with a rustic vibe and a variety of delicious dishes.

Lemonokipos offers Cretan and Mediterranean dishes made with fresh local ingredients, giving you the best of Crete in every bite. However, if you’re here for the drinks, don’t worry! Their coffee and wine are excellent and will brighten up a day of sightseeing in Rethymnon.

Cavo is a beautiful restaurant in Rethymnon located right on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. A gastronomic restaurant with an intimate vibe perfect for a romantic dinner.

Enjoy your meal while listening to the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby and take in the stunning view of Rethymnon’s harbor and fortress.

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Their menu offers a variety of Cretan dishes, seafood, and meat. All meals are made with local ingredients, giving you the best Crete has to offer.

Salt and peppered fish are all things to try for visitors, along with their cocktails and wine that go well with the fish.

If you want to eat where you can see nature with nature, you should check out Avli. This restaurant is surrounded by a green garden and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious and fresh Cretan food.

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Their menu is the best Cretan food, with an emphasis on meat and vegetarian dishes. You can try some of their mouth-watering dishes while sitting outside, enjoying your meal overlooking the garden, or you can dine in the restaurant. The brick walls around you really give a cozy and authentic feel.

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As you walk through the narrow streets of the old town of Rethymnon, you will come across one of the oldest restaurants in the city, “

.” If you want to try hearty local dishes, you will love their snack plate served on a wooden table, and a carafe of their name Rakomelo.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. It offers a rustic charm with its gentle and carefree personality. If you want a good meal and a relaxing night, then

If you are in a restaurant, you will be given the option to try local, Greek, and vegetarian food, so there is something for everyone.

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7 Thalasses is a restaurant on the beach of Rethymnon that gives you the opportunity to have your meal in one of the best places in the city. Their menu offers traditional Greek dishes with an emphasis on seafood and local wines.

It is the best place to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. You can enjoy eating on the beach under the stars while listening to great music.

If you are looking for a cozy place to have dinner, visit La Boheme restaurant in Rethymnon’s Old Town. It’s a nice restaurant with a good menu and traditional decor, offering a relaxing atmosphere.

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Grilled vegetables, great meats, and an excellent wine list are just a few of the things on La Boheme’s delicious menu. Plus, their staff are friendly and attentive, making sure you’re in good hands during your meal.

Livadi Beach (bali)

Earning its place on our list is Prima Plora, another great restaurant by the sea. This charming restaurant offers everything you would expect from a Cretan taverna, including a refined selection of fresh seafood, from sushi to other traditional options.

The sound of the sea breeze while enjoying the best Cretan food is truly special. With a modern ambience and friendly service, this restaurant will give you a delicious experience you will never forget.

A small restaurant in the old town. This place is known for serving the best gyros in Rethymnon and is a local favorite for its reasonable prices. All their dishes are cooked in front of you and come with a generous portion to satisfy the appetite.

Try their fried options like lamb chops or whole chicken and experience the taste of authentic Cretan food. Of course, if you are a foodie, you can find a perfect dish on their menu!

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Plus, you can order food to go or eat out at one of their tables, taking in that Old Town atmosphere. The perfect place to visit for a quick bite or drink before a night on the town, DerlicatessenGrillHouse is never-ending.

Thalassografia is a great place to eat if you want to be surrounded by the unique landscape and beautiful nature of Rethymnon.

The food is delicious, and the service is even better, this is one of the best restaurants in Rethymnon. Apart from this, they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks throughout the day.

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

Apart from the food, the amazing view of the sea will finish your meal and the classical music playing in the background. Their delicious food and their wide variety of cocktails and beers make it a restaurant worth visiting.

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While you’re in Crete, this restaurant will make sure you get authentic Italian food. At La Casa di Hari you can taste the best pizzas in Rethymnon combined with delicious Cretan dishes.

Apart from their mouth-watering pizzas, they also have a variety of salads, pasta and meat dishes that will surprise your palate. The restaurant has a great atmosphere with friendly staff and an interior design that makes you feel in Milan.

Whether you want a hearty breakfast, a quick meal option, or a nice dinner, the Bankery has it all. In addition, they offer a nice bar with skilled bartenders who serve high quality coffee and the best cocktails.

When it comes to interior design, this place is very different and stands out from other restaurants.

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. Try their food and drinks, visit the bar and relax with a panoramic view over the bustling city!

It’s a great place to eat small plates and enjoy a glass of raki. 1600 raki baRaki is one of the many restaurants in Rethymnon that can be part of your list if you want a typical Cretan dinner.

With an extensive menu offering the best Cretan dishes and pastries, you will be satisfied with the quality and value of your food. In addition, this healthy restaurant also has a large outdoor area that is perfect for a comfortable meal, making it the perfect place to visit on a hot day.

Best Restaurants In Bali Crete

We all need a good burger, and there is no better place in Rethymnon to enjoy American food than Mojo Burgers. It’s perfect for travelers looking for amazing burgers and sandwiches.

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They don’t just offer regular burgers, but add a touch of Cretan ingredients to make your meal unique. This place is located in a small cave near the port of Rethymnon and is decorated in a homely way that will make you feel comfortable. If you are looking for a good burger in Rethymnon, this is your first choice!

Among the most popular restaurants in Rethymnon, Taverna tou Zisi is a great place to enjoy traditional Cretan dishes with a great view of the city.

This restaurant has been around for years, and is known as one of the best places for vegetarians and those who enjoy healthy food. You can taste their delicious homemade dishes, cooked with fresh ingredients.

If you really like meat, you can try different types of fish, pork, and chicken that will take your breath away. The setting of this place is very different, there are trees and flowers for outdoor seating, which is more welcoming.

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Check out this beautiful place in the middle of the old town, which has good reviews for a good reason! Veneto Wine Restaurant is a traditional Cretan restaurant serving the best wine in town and the best food.

The menu has a good selection of pasta, meat, and fish dishes prepared with high quality ingredients.

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