Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

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I can’t believe I was able to visit so many Canggu restaurants in two weeks! I’ve made it my mission to find the best food, a mission I’ve set for myself in many places!

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

I also blame Canggu’s food scene trying too hard. In this guide, I will tell you where to eat in Canggu including vegetarian food, brunch, Balinese food, western food, and more!

The 8 Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali You Must Visit

I would encourage you to look for local Indonesian food. Not only is it great for cutting costs, but it’s authentic and delicious. However, there are also international cuisines and other great dining options in Canggu.

The coffee and cake area is great too, which is important to me wherever I go. Winning in all respects, right?

How much does it cost to eat out in Canggu? Anywhere between $1 and about $20. The price range of restaurants in Canggu is very wide, even within the same type of food. Take lunch, for example. I had a cheap dinner with fine ingredients for IDR 40k, other restaurants near you charge the same for a side dish (*cough cough*

The best food in Canggu doesn’t have to be the most expensive, so if you follow this guide, I’ll tell you where to eat in Canggu for all budgets.

The Best Restaurants In Bali

After having the best lunch in Ubud, I had the opportunity to explore the lunch area in Canggu. This is what I found…

My favorite lunch restaurant in Canggu is Canteen. This surf-themed spot serves up delicious food in an unassuming setting. The crowd is more beachy than the “man bun” which is a bit cheaper than other restaurants in Canggu.

Most of the main courses are 40,000-80,000 IDR but the best option is the breakfast plan. I paid IDR 60,000 ($4) for white bread, fruit bowl and banana pancakes. The pancakes were delicious, dipped in sweet coconut milk that I can happily drink.

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

The canteen also serves lunch in the form of large salads and burgers (vegetables, chicken and beef), and some have been Instagramed as charcoal buns.

Where To Eat In Canggu, Bali

Did you hear this right? A whole avocado plant! Millennium dreams really come true. Along with the usual avocado and toast dishes, this Canggu restaurant

I had a burger with avocado slices, avocado patties, pulled pork and a side of purple potatoes and an avocado dip. Definitely one of the best brunch in Canggu!

The avocado factory is located beside rice fields with dreamy views and a relaxed and open atmosphere. My burger and coffee came to 120,000 IDR ($8) at the end of Canggu Cafe prices.

Hungry Bird has become real. In addition to doubling as a large co-working space, it offers delicious, balanced meals at a bargain price compared to many other restaurants in Canggu.

Best Restaurants In Canggu And Where To Stay

My vegetarian breakfast with eggs, toast, asparagus, spinach, roasted purple potatoes and fried tomatoes was only IDR 44,000 (tax free). Nothing else to add – just awesome!

Places that offer a little bit of everything sometimes do nothing good, but this Canggu Restaurant is an exception. I’ve only tried the snack and coffee at Tropikale, but the Indonesian, Italian, meat and seafood dishes look fresh and tasty too.

This would probably be a good contender for my healthy eating section below because the vegan dishes filled with sweet potatoes, avocado, and squash are likely to get rid of any colds or hangovers.

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

I thought I’d mix it up from the usual smoothie bowls with avocado and French toast at Spruce. Parma ham, feta cheese, pine nuts and smoked mushrooms make it worth it!

The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Bali

In addition to being a great café with a huge wall of hummingbirds, Sprout probably fits in all the other categories below – they serve great coffee and pastries as well as healthy food (check out their salads and feeder bowls). win over

It almost didn’t include Cafe Vida as they rudely kicked me out to work with my laptop less than an hour after buying their expensive food and drinks. I get it – not every coffee shop wants to be a co-working space but it annoyed me.

However, their smoothie bowls are the best I’ve ever seen so you might want to check them out. If you visit socially (or solo) instead of at work, you won’t have a problem.

I would add that smoothie bowls look better than they taste. It wasn’t the sweetest and didn’t have much granola or sustenance. However, I liked the interior design of the cafe, which was worn and not modern. Line dishes are priced at IDR 94,000, which is more expensive than The Loft. Not the best restaurant for me in Canggu but others might like it.

The 2020 All In Guide To Canggu In Bali

One afternoon, Josh ate a portion of Shakshouka at the Surfside Café. This place is not as famous as some of the best Canggu restaurants, but it offers great service at reasonable prices.

Shakshouka was 40 thousand, the same price as a side halloumi in the loft! I also liked the wonderful garden environment.

Crate Cafe is one of the best places to eat in Canggu for breakfast and lunch. It offers urban charm to its most sophisticated lunch kitchen, long tables to encourage conversation and prices for every type of traveller.

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

All main courses cost the same whether you’re getting a vegan Curry Munch, a bowl of Why So Cereal, or a Ya Bish stew. It is stable, cheap and the place is in Canggu.

Traditional Balinese Dishes To Eat In Canggu

For a day out in Canggu, head to Copenhagen Café run by Danish owners for authentically priced cakes that will make you feel like you’re in Denmark. But look at the road and you will remember that you are in my beautiful Bali!

Copenhagen is committed to its green initiatives including a zero-plastic policy, using local products and buying stock every day to reduce waste.

Where do you eat canggu if you need nutrition? Some of the best food in Canggu is really healthy. This is not the way around the world but it is in my mind! The best healthy restaurants in Canggu include…

Although I liked the other healthy meals on this blog, I often still feel hungry after eating a cold salad. Machine Cafe is one of the best healthy restaurants in Canggu because their food feels like fried without the guilt!

Restaurants & Cafes In Bali

My healthy hot pot came with honey-dried tempeh on a bed of baked beans, spinach, goji berries, cucumbers, sautéed mushrooms, and tomatoes. They also give you a free slice of watermelon.

The Shady Shack is located in a peaceful garden with a beautiful interior. They serve delicious, healthy vegan food including salad bowls, smoothie bowls, innovative burgers (puréed jackfruit, halloumi, etc.) and many egg and avocado bowls. In the evening it remains open as part of a cool dinner.

Shady Shack also has a smoothies, smoothies and coffee menu. The matcha latte was amazing and I loved the little details like the rose cups and the flower motifs.

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

Betelnut Café serves up some of the best healthy food in Canggu, probably because they started the whole movement. Apparently, it was one of the first healthy restaurants to open when Canggu was still sleepy and undiscovered…something I can’t imagine now! The idea started and spread all over the city.

Best Restaurants In Seminyak 2022

Sticks, crackers and yellow coconut sauce. With brown rice on the bottom, it was more filling than a bowl of Shady Shack. I was looking for a new product for another customer this summer that looked great.

Along with a variety of other salads, Betelnut offers juicy dishes, fresh juices, and healthy burgers: all kinds of Canguu staples. They also use plastic free tubes that look and feel like real. Why can’t all restaurants do this?

The Raw Beach Garden Organic Kitchen (BG) is one of Canggu’s most elegant and affordable outdoor eateries and is perfect for lunch or dinner. This is the best place to enjoy food in Canggu made with local, 100% organic, seasonal and ethically sourced produce. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options here too.

The best part about BG is the cold juices as the owner is also the creator of The Juice Press, one of the most popular juice companies in the US.

Most Beautiful Restaurants In The World

I’m not sure this part matters because everything (except the walnut lilylette sticks) in the above health section is vegan. However, there are a few vegetarian restaurants in Canggu worth mentioning…

Old Rose was laughing on the street at the idea that a macrobiotic vegan diet was delicious. The current rose still didn’t want it with every meal, but this dish was delicious! (I still don’t understand what macrobiotics mean and this may never change.)

Oma Jamu offers a daily changing buffet which is a total deal: seven dishes and rice for 40,000 IDR (about $2.50). I went with tempeh rendang, garlic mushroom, falafel, roasted potatoes and green vegetables with coconut. The buffet starts at lunchtime and runs until closing at 8pm.

Best Restaurants Canggu 2020

Peleton Superstore advances whenever the best food in Canggu is mentioned.

Best Food In Canggu, Bali In 2022

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