Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast – To be honest, it took me over a week to write this post about the best places to eat in Kyiv. It was difficult to choose what to include in this list and what to exclude.

There are so many great restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that I often get confused about which place to choose, where to go and what to recommend.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Below I share my favorite places to have breakfast in Kyiv. Some of them serve breakfast all day, while others serve it until the early evening.

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The only note to keep in mind: don’t expect them to be good. The average check, I would say, will be 120-180 hryvnias (4.5-7 dollars) per person. Do not forget that this price includes not only food, but also a beautiful environment. But the food itself is incredibly fresh and delicious.

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The FAVORITE UNCLE restaurant deftly refutes the stereotype that poached eggs are eaten only for breakfast. So if you have a midnight craving for eggs benedict, try this place.

The chef also came up with the idea to create a lighter alternative to eggs Benedict. It consists of fried chicken or asparagus on a homemade carrot bun instead of the classic English bun.

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The morning menu is great and it’s hard for you to choose what to order. To make it easier for you, I suggest you try the poached egg on carrot bread toast (you can tell I’m totally obsessed with these poached eggs) and shakshuka. You can choose from two: grilled chicken, spinach and curry sauce, or creamy spinach stew and green sauce.

If you don’t like eggs, try lazy dumplings with sour cream and berry sauce, parmesan oatmeal and sandwiches. Lovers of sweet breakfasts will love homemade cakes or coffee with sesame halva and spices.

Locals love KOSATKA cafe for its relaxed atmosphere, stylish interior and original dishes. This is the right place for a quiet breakfast early in the morning or meeting with a group of friends at night.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

The breakfast menu is small but the list of dishes stands out. Until 4:00 pm, you can order a large American breakfast, spinach pancakes, French toast, caramelized banana pancakes, and sweet and savory cheese pancakes with creamy peanut sauce or vegetables and tomato pesto.

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For a good start to the day, order the full English breakfast, which includes eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, sausages and toast.

What you need to know: Delicious breakfasts, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. But sometimes it can be too noisy here.

Another cool place for breakfast in Kyiv where you can have breakfast all day is the ZIGZAG restaurant. Brick walls, a partly wood interior, light jazz music in the background, and a charming design with pleasant lighting and a vanity will cheer you up any day.

For breakfast, ZIGZAG offers waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup, cottage cheese balls with apple-orange sauce, as well as scrambled eggs on toast with smoked tomatoes and cheese.

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For dessert, try the gluten-free chocolate cake with cherry sauce and the famous donut with currants and cream.

By the way, here is also very tasty coffee and an excellent playlist, which is constantly updated. Live music lovers will find an old Soviet-era piano and play it however they want.

ZZL has quickly become Kyivans’ favorite breakfast restaurant. And actually not only breakfast. It is also a great place for lunch or dinner.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

The first thing that catches your eye is the huge selection of breakfasts and the attention of the staff. The breakfast menu spans two pages, so be prepared to wonder what to choose from such a variety. But whatever you order, it will be delicious.

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Particularly good are pancakes with apples, shakshuka with hummus and eggplant, muesli with mango and coconut, as well as a Turkish breakfast. There are dishes for vegans, and for lovers of a full and satisfying meal in the morning.

My advice to you – when you go to have breakfast at ZZL, take a seat on the summer terrace. It is very pleasant to enjoy the morning breeze and observe the life around you.

A cozy vegetarian cafe in Podil where you can’t help but take pictures of your food or interior. He is so photogenic.

This is an ideal place not only for vegetarians, but also for everyone who loves cereal and vegetable breakfasts. But in addition to breakfast, HUM: HUM has incredibly tasty and healthy lunch and dinner options.

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If you want to eat a nutrient-dense meal, grab a breakfast plate with quinoa, grilled cheese, pumpkin, avocado hummus, pickled peppers, granola, and honey sauce. Another option is a cheese platter. We also enjoyed the toast with avocado hummus, cream cheese, herbs and lemon.

If you want to start your day with a classic American breakfast, come to YOLK. It doesn’t matter how much you love to sleep. Breakfast is served here throughout the day. So you can count on pancakes and unlimited coffee even before bed.

In addition to the large American breakfast, the cafe serves a large English breakfast or a large “farmhouse style”. Try pizza with scrambled eggs, traditional homemade pancakes or cheese pancakes in Ukrainian style, eggs Benedict with roast beef or tuna. For a lighter option, choose raspberry cornflakes yoghurt or coffee fitness pie.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

If you are in the Obolon district in the north of Kyiv, I highly recommend that you look into TIRAMISU BAR.

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Scandinavian loft in unusual powdery pink tones, upholstered furniture, panoramic windows overlooking a busy street, catchy paintings and funny decorative accessories recreate the atmosphere of childhood and eternal holiday.

This cafe positions itself as a children’s cafe. It has a specially equipped area for children, where kids can watch cartoons and play. In addition, the menu has a special tiramisu for children, without coffee and alcohol and with low-fat cheese.

The breakfast menu is quite extensive and each dish is more like a work of art. Try cottage cheese balls with sour cream and cherry jam or poached eggs on a bed of mashed potatoes with parmesan and truffle oil with a delicate cheese sauce.

FANDOM COFFEE BAR is a place for all occasions. Here you can have a business lunch, drink a cocktail before going to the Opera House and, of course, come for breakfast. The breakfasts here are delicious.

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Order classic toast with fruit and honey, eggs benedict with turkey, syrniki with dried apricots, granola with pumpkin puree, fruit with honey and three types of croissants – classic, with caramel and almonds.

Surprisingly, here you will find very decent classic American dishes, French dishes and Ukrainian-style cuisine. All ingredients are natural.

MILK BAR is one of the most favorite places for breakfast in Kyiv among the residents of the capital. No wonder why. It is conveniently located right in the center and has a simple but very clear menu.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

The cafe has a special morning menu, which includes homemade muesli, oatmeal and toast, pancakes with strawberries and cream, poached eggs, vegetables and goat cheese. There are also dishes for vegetarians, one of them is my favorite bulgur porridge with coconut milk.

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KIFLYK is the only cafe of its kind in Kyiv with exotic Transcarpathian cuisine (or Transcarpathian in Ukrainian). I always recommend every traveler visiting Ukraine to go to the Carpathians and Transcarpathia, as they show Ukraine in a completely different light.

KIFLYK is a great place for breakfast in Kyiv, where you can learn a little about one of these regions through food.

Minimalistic interior and unique dishes of Hutsul cuisine are perfect for those who want to try something new, but do not want to leave Kyiv.

For breakfast, try “gambovanzi” – first curd balls, and then fried with various fillings and sauces. Try banush wheat porridge or funky donuts with fruit fillings. From drinks, choose Carpathian herbal tea, which energizes and uplifts. From time to time they also have seasonal dumplings with various fillings if you don’t mind eating them first thing in the morning.

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Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of the dishes on the menu. The waiter will explain.

I love ONE LOVE cafe for its panoramic view of Kyiv, elegant design and special environment that helps me to work on my laptop. There are several cafes with this name in Kyiv, but my favorite is in the Pinchuk Art Center on the 6th floor.

If you are somewhere between the Palace of Sports and Khreshchatyk and want to work during breakfast (and even after it), come to the ONE LOVE cafe.

Best Restaurant To Eat Breakfast

Along with first-class coffee from a professional barista, delicious and plentiful breakfasts are served here and are served throughout the day.

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