Best Restaurant Puri Indah

Best Restaurant Puri Indah – If you are a foodie who likes to discover something new and different, let us introduce you to the CARBÓN restaurant in the MD Place Building serving Latin American inspired cuisine.

The genius behind Carbón is none other than Chief Andri Dionysius. We can always count on his brilliant ideas to create amazing dishes. The new restaurant belongs to the same group as the Animale Restaurant.

Best Restaurant Puri Indah

Best Restaurant Puri Indah

Coming back to the restaurant, the first impression should be the interior. If the restaurant is for one person, we can describe it as very handsome but mysterious with elements of dark wood and stone.

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Honestly, this was our first big dinner since last year. Staying at home all the time is mentally exhausting so with a few thoughts (just for two in a VIP room and on a less busy day / hour) we made an exception for lunch at Carbón, arrived empty bellies and left happy full bellies with leftover takeaway food. Let’s take a look at eating them.

OK, I’M BORED WITH THIS MEAL !! First impression, gee, the charred aroma is incredibly mesmerizing, super fragrant and delicious. It is delicious, creamy and spicy, with a pleasant hazelnut texture. Will 100% reorder!

For cheese lovers, this is a must-have. It is served by a candle to keep the cheese warm, accompanied by ground beef and nicely baked Brussels sprouts. To enjoy the taste, use blue corn chips to squeeze a spoonful of cheesy delicious goodness.

It has a very fresh and clean taste. If you order this dish please taste it first otherwise it will be overwhelmed with other dishes.

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This is very good! The scallops are sweet and buttery, they love that they add orange to them, making the scallops a perfectly delicious kick to balance the rich butter flavor.

SUMMER MUST ORDER! It takes several days to prepare this special dish. Wagyu’s tongue is incredibly fine, soft, but not too much, you can still enjoy its texture.

You can wrap the tongue and sauce in a tortilla to enjoy. Fun fact: they make their own tortillas from scratch, the yazz tortilla game is strong here! The specialty must be the blue homogeneous corn tortilla from Oaxaca, the more you chew, the more unique flavors you get, unique but not for everyone, so there are also flour tortillas.

Best Restaurant Puri Indah

Another favorite menu, Mr. Jajan loves it so much he couldn’t stop talking about it. The duck has a wonderful texture, it is not greasy, but soft, juicy without an unpleasant smell. The sauce under the duck is amazing, very good and catchy.

Puri Indah Hotel

One word: BOMB !! An explosion of flavor in every bite, thanks to the pickled aji charapita, one of the most expensive and spicy chili peppers. Spicy, juicy marinated peppers are the perfect choice for crispy squid.

When it comes to grilling, Carbón refines it every time! They have a large selection of woods for different smoking tastes, which explains the shrimp’s amazing charred flavor. We love the fresh kick of the green mojo sauce, don’t forget to add lemon juice for extra punch.

Another YAS! The fish deserves two compliments, soft inside, crispy on the outside, 100% perfectly cooked.

Oh my god, so far the smoked aroma is still in our memories, too fragrant to miss. The quail meat itself has a soft texture with all the good salty taste and a smoky flavor that is completely absorbed by the meat. If you like grilled food, DON’T FORGET to order this dish.

Menu Of Pancious, Puri Indah, Jakarta

Did you know that chocolate and hot pepper go very well together? The combination may be unusual, but as soon as you try it you will be addicted to the tempting flavors. Rich, bold, not too sweet, it is the perfect dessert to end a meal.

Overall, Carbón is definitely a place to visit for something new and different as you will delight your taste buds with unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. If you like discovering your taste, give it a try and let us know which one is your favorite 🙂

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Best Restaurant Puri Indah

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The reviews expressed on this blog are for personal taste and opinion only. There is a possibility that the taste of the food will change in the future. Tags: $$$ (average) → All places → Expat Bar → Expat Bars in Jakarta → Live Music → Live Music / Live Band in Jakarta → Puri Indah

Double Doors is a live music pub opposite the Puri Indah Mall in West Jakarta. There are not many expat bars in the area, so it attracts a small (but growing) foreign community. Visited at 6pm on a weekday and the place was quite busy with a mixed crowd of young expats and Indonesians. There were also girls, apparently office workers.

The bar belongs to the same group as Eastern Promise, De Burse and De Hooi. They all run according to a similar concept: inexpensive pub food, regular parties, friendly and open-minded waiters, live music and sports. They are not located in malls and have a rustic look that matches the characteristics of the Dutch owner Bartele Santem.

The facility is built on 3 floors: the ground floor is the bar area, the second floor is a hall with live music and the last floor is reserved for sports (or can be reserved for special events).

Favehotel Puri Indah Jakarta

Overall: I would highly recommend visiting Double Doors if you are looking to socialize with other expats in the Puri Indah area. There is a good live music program including jazz, rock and open mic evenings. The current GM is actually a musician and doesn’t mind playing the piano. Check out their Facebook page for the current schedule: Double Doors Puri Indah.

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Tags: $$$ (average), All venues, Expat Bar, Expat Bars in Jakarta, Live Music, Live Music / Live Band in Jakarta, Puri Indah what you can eat and the a la carte menus they offer.

Best Restaurant Puri Indah

The first person to open up with the concept of “You can eat as much as you can eat” is under the roof of the Group of God! Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Shaburi, Paradise Dynasty, Onokabe etc. Well known food and beverage company in Indonesia with many successful brands such as

Amyrea Art & Kitchen

Well, Puri Indah Mall is the second Kintan Buffet store as the first one is in the Emporium Pluit Mall. Established in mid-2016, this restaurant has become one of the loudest, especially for the originality of dishes and decorations.

When you walk into this restaurant you can also see cuts and species of meat, yes that’s good because most of us don’t really understand or even know about it. So take a look and pay attention for a moment.

There is also a special birthday package for those who want to celebrate. Feel free to ask the staff more questions for details! The birthday package is valid every day.

When you come to the restaurant where you can eat all you can eat just browse through the buffet menu! Thank goodness Kintan serves from delicious appetizers to delicious cuisine. They have a culinary expert who always makes sure everything is alright.

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The lunch and dinner pricing is different, but don’t worry, the package is still the same. The price starts at IDR 158 ++ (regular buffet) for lunch and IDR 188 ++ for dinner.

If you are missing information on the buffet and everything else please ask. The staff will be happy to assist you with their charming and wonderful behavior.

Eat some carbohydrates! There is rice and japchae, you can choose which one you want but don’t stuff yourself too much.

Best Restaurant Puri Indah

I had no idea what to choose so I chose what looked tasty but it wasn’t healthy. Nutritionists can choose the salad menu! The ingredients and vegetables were fresh (I’m sure).

Hotel Puri Indah Bali, Bali

I did my own job! I ate spring cucumbers, fresh corn, some cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes. There is also a sauce, I mixed it with Caesar and onion sauce.

My current addiction! Why? Why? In fact, just add tofu and shallots to make them taste good, delicious. Psst, I’ve eaten it over 3 times!

Oh yes! I chose the special wagyu package which has many meat options such as chicken, lamb and beef. it is like

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