Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Best Restaurant Manila 2021 – It’s been more than a year since the pandemic brought the entire planet to a standstill and canceled all of our travels here and abroad. With the borders of many overseas tourist destinations still closed, this is the right time for Filipinos to explore and enjoy our local tourist attractions while following all safety and health protocols.

You can travel the world and still enjoy this pandemic time with NCR Plus’s must-visit restaurant with stunning views.

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

If you miss South Korea and love Korean food, stop by Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant located on the top floor of MDC 100 Building Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. This restaurant is unique in Metro Manila in that it is the only revolving restaurant with a 360 degree view of the Metro Manila skyline.

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You can enjoy your favorite Samgyeopsal and listen to soothing Korean music while enjoying the rolling clouds and the hourly views of the Metro Manila skyline, and the whole restaurant slowly rotates to give you a different view without leaving your table. Seoul Sky 100 Restaurant is like a 360-degree observatory terrace, similar to Tokyo Skytree and Taipei101, where diners can enjoy panoramic views of busy Metro Manila.

La Cathedral Café rose to prominence in 2020. It has become popular as one of the unique outdoor rooftop cafes in Metro Manila. This cafe and restaurant with European interiors offers views of the dome and bell tower of the historic Manila Cathedral, which we don’t usually see from the surface. In this historic fort of Intramuros, Spain, you can order and enjoy Italian food, wine and tea and other snacks while enjoying the panorama surrounded by heritage buildings. La Cathedral Cafe is within walking distance of several well-known local historical sites in the newly rebuilt city of Manila.

If you miss sea vitamins, especially during the hot summer months, this seafood restaurant center overlooks Manila Bay with the sea breeze and you can relax on the beach without the crowds as this place is hidden on the beach. Philippine Cultural Center in Pasay City. Seascape Village offers several seafood restaurants overlooking the famous Manila Bay sunset and surrounded by trees and boardwalks. It is considered a bicycle friendly area.

From the city skyline and the seaside, let’s go to the mountain side. This must-visit restaurant in Binangonan, Rizal offers stunning views of Laguna Bay and the skyline of Metro Manila’s major cities. Art Sector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360 ​​are an hour’s drive from Pasig. As you eat and look out every window, it’s like you’re looking at beautiful paintings of Laguna Bay and Metro Manila. The grassy surroundings and gentle breeze give guests a relaxed feeling while enjoying Italian food and sipping their favorite juices.

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Tagaytay holds a special place in the hearts of residents of Metro Manila and the surrounding area as it is the closest place to relax and enjoy cooler weather all year round. One of the most famous Filipino restaurants that hails from Negros Occidental is Balay Dako, owned by Chef Antonio Escalante, who also owns restaurant chains in Tagaytay and Bacolod. Balay Dako is perfect for families and group travelers as it offers popular Filipino dishes while enjoying indoor and outdoor dining with views of the famous Taal Lake, Taal Volcano, as well as Tagaytay and Batangas Rock.

Now that the Department of Tourism has announced that NCR Plus residents can now travel for holidays, it is still best to check the health advice of your travel destination to avoid stress and enjoy the long awaited vacation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is a vlogger who loves to travel and shares his experiences on his YouTube channel, The Wayner. R-Wayne is also a certified heritage, environmental, animal welfare and HR professional. After two long years, I was finally able to return to the Philippines for a vacation. Unfortunately, the Omicron variant spread quickly before long, prompting many to stay behind and many restaurants to close, but fortunately, cases are also rapidly decreasing. I took this time to eat safely at some of Manila’s leading “fine dining” restaurants (the terms have changed, but I’m just using them as a category for easy identification) restaurants and take a look at their latest multi-course/tasting menu. victim All I can say is WOW. Manila, you are spoiled for choice! From Filipino to Western to plant-based/vegan, here’s a guide to some of the best (mostly local!) chef-driven tasting menus in the country. *Outdoor seats are marked if available.

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Hapag Quezon City is listed among the 50 Best Asian Restaurants at the Essence of Asia Collection 2021. (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

Signature Dining Restaurants In Manila

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are the 3 main island groups in the Philippines. And at Hapag, which is part of the Essence of Asia Collection of the 50 Best Asian Restaurants, they created a LuzViMinda course highlighting dishes from each: warek warek mushroom (Luzon), scallop napoleons (Visayas), alavar crab (Mindanao). as if it were the Philippine archipelago.

Hapago LuzViMinda highlights dishes from every Philippine island group: warek warek (Luzon), scallop napoleons (Visayas), crab alavar (Mindanao), served as if they were the Philippine archipelago (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

This is just a glimpse of the thoughtful and savory journey through the Philippines that comes with 10 tasting menus (I had a pescatarian), where each dish is a delicious tale of the country’s bounty and heritage.

Definitely worth challenging the traffic to Quezon City! And I’m sure that Chef Kevin Navoa, Thirdy Dolatre and Kevin Villarica will continue to be in the spotlight with the Philippines and the Philippines in mind.

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Metronome by Noel Bernardo is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in town (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

There are only a handful of female chefs in the Filipino fine dining empire, and Miko Calo is a force to be reckoned with. Calm elegance and meticulous precision make every product-centric plate (from haricot vert to Hokkaido scallop to monkfish cheek) a work of art.

Haricot vert, vinaigrette kabayawa, tuna roe mayonnaise preserves, quail eggs, tomato sauce and taggiasche olives (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Metronome is a French word, and yes, Miko is trained in French (by Joël Robuchon himself), but did you know that he is from Mindanao? His cuisine is also seasoned with ingredients from his home province, Agusan del Norte – and I enjoyed learning more about this part of the Philippines from him.

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Chocolate butter grilled monkfish cheeks served with bordelaise, mushroom and soy sauce topped with cocoa butter, tarragon and parsley (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

P.S. He was awarded by the Tatler of the Philippines in 2022. Chef of the Year is a very well deserved achievement! And since the pandemic, Metronome has also opened its doors for lunch, serving up more casual bistro fare in one of the city’s most stunning dining rooms.

This is actually Fiddle Leaf, the all day restaurant on the rooftop of Somerset Hotel Alabang, but for the omicron version, this is our Tiago dinner menu (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

Two new concepts from Extremadura-born Chef Carlos Garcia from Black Pig Alabang, both located on the rooftop of Somerset Alabang. Fiddle Leaf, currently an all-day continental concept, will soon be entirely Spanish-centered, an ode to Garcia’s legacy. in 2021 Opening on Christmas Day, Tiago’s is a multi-course/tasting menu concept featuring techniques inspired by the chef’s time at the Michelin-starred Gauthier Soho and Rousillon in London.

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Both are completely plant-based/vegan, these chickpea fries and nori tacos with bits of sashimi are delicious (photo by Cheryl Tiu)

Plant-based products will be a big theme here, as Garcia reveals that she is getting more and more demand for vegan and vegetarian options. The fries and nori tacos with beet sashimi really stood out. Their plant-based tasting menu will include celery cheese with mushrooms and ground cocoa. (*My menu is vegetarian.

It’s amazing to see how Carlos, Executive Chef Jorn Fonseca and Executive Chef Lea Malagamba continue to create the fascinating landscape of South Alabang!

Best Restaurant Manila 2021

Toyo Eatery currently only has an outdoor dining area – in a windy hallway – (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)

Restaurants With Al Fresco Dining Spots In Metro Manila

Toyo Eatery’s – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019-2021 awarded Best Restaurant in the Philippines, the plant-based tasting menu is an evolution of our Filipino favorite without meat, dairy or seafood. It’s still the same celebration of Filipino production in abundance: husband and wife couple Jordy and May Navarra and their team, whom they have cared for with all their heart like family.

Think: our famous tortang talong x squash on charred eggplant chips; rare ginataang; Our famous banana sauce…

I chose the vegetarian/vegan menu at Toyo Eatery: Tortang talong & pumpkin with charred eggplant chips, eggplant puree; Rare ginataang, kadyos, shallots, kangkong; Homemade banana bread, banana peel and flower vinegar, tomatoes, spices; Sinangag, crispy garlic, scallions, tomatoes, pickled papaya; Bacon Labana Salad, gamete seaweed, kamatis, sibuyas

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