Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

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Over the past few years, Portland has built a strong Italian food scene, from wood-fired pizzas to handmade pasta. Even during the pandemic, the city has seen its Italian options expand; beyond the old trattoria, Portland now has a variety of Italian food carts and homegrown food markets. Meanwhile, many of Portland’s venerable spots like Nostrana and 3 Doors Down have adapted to the new conditions, expanding outdoor seating and adding delivery and takeout services.

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

Downstairs, you’ll find Portland’s only Italian osterias and trattorias; those looking for a detailed pizza map can find it here.

Best Restaurants In Little Italy That Aren’t Tourist Traps

Note: Health professionals consider eating out to be a very dangerous activity for unvaccinated people; may pose a risk to vaccination, especially in areas with high levels of COVID-19. The latest CDC guidance is

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The residents of St. The Johns don’t have to travel far to find amazing Italian food, as Gabagool is in the heart of the region. The menu offers specialty options, including flatbread sandwiches like the namesake gabagool, which is an Italian sub served on flatbread. For pasta, there’s spaghetti in a variety of ways (including pomodoro tomato sauce and meatballs), rich but mild pappardelle with fennel sausage ragout, and other options—seasonal ravioli are always good.

These days, the restaurant has moved from the spacious, windowed dining room to a heated patio, and also offers its pastas and sandwiches for takeout and delivery via online ordering.

Absolutely Best Italian Restaurants In Nyc

Check out this Instagram post Fettuccine with Prosciutto, Delicata Squash, Mozzarella, Rosemary, Brown Butter and a Fried Egg. A post shared by Gabagool (@gabagoolfood) on Sep 26, 2020 at 11:01am PDT

Tucked away in the Woodlawn neighborhood, Campana began as a late-night pasta stop at the Grand Army Tavern’s pork restaurant. However, the house-made pasta dishes and extensive starters proved very popular in the completely transformed restaurant, although it kept the minced pork in the form of dishes such as the grigliata mista (grilled meat dish). There’s a lot to love about this bright, open industrial space, but a simple but delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs is hard to beat, especially with a glass of Italian red wine in hand. Campana is open for indoor and vaccination proof dining as well as outdoor dining.

This self-proclaimed Italian-American restaurant brings out the best: slices of duck breast over rich foie marsala; Parmesan chicken the size of a cork, fried crispy and topped with mozz; Autumn lamb osso bucco on a bed of polenta. The restaurant is more careful where it strays from the original, however, using beautiful pink chicory leaves in the Caesar or infusing Campari with sun-dried tomatoes in the Negroni. Diners can sit in the lively, vaccination-proof dining room, or sit at tables overlooking the heated patio.

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

Formerly Portland’s best Italian food truck, Gumba has relocated and taken over the space that was once home to the Aviary. Gumba walks the line between Italian-American cuisine and more “traditional” Italian food. Thick strips of al dente pappardelle are covered in fragrant veal sugo; giant handmade meatballs sitting on piles of dense spaghetti topped with marinara and sprinkled with ricotta; and soft and colorful noodles garnished with poached egg and burrata. Menus are constantly changing and Mondays often feature vegan or meat-free versions of classic dishes. Restaurant and takeaway orders can be placed through the website. Gumba is open for indoor dining and vaccination proof.

Best Restaurants In Nashville (where To Eat, By A Local)

You could argue that Grassa is a bit of Italian food, with quick service to contrast the American and Italian influences: any red-blooded Italian who orders a carbonara and gets a pasta dish with breadcrumbs and a fried egg would. talk to the manager But it is very satisfying, like all other freshly made pastas. Noodle dishes packed with flavor, Grassa is the pasta equivalent of Lardo: fast, affordable, reliable and delicious. It’s also available with Caviar delivery at each of its three locations.

Check out this Instagram post More pork please. A post shared by Grassa (@grassa) on Aug 28, 2020 at 1:49pm PDT

While it still faced many of the challenges others in Portland did when it opened in September 2020, the Co-op’s position as a marketplace helped it weather the pandemic. Today, it still operates as a place to sell Italian products, food and travel, and other products, but as an Italian bistro in its own right. The menu leans towards the classics, with new pastas such as the rich and hearty Bolognese, the bright and fragrant Pasta all’Amatriciana and specials of the day. It also serves a pizzeria with Roman-style pizza by the slice and whole pies, as well as drinks and Italian cafe items such as panini and frittata breakfast sandwiches.

Check out this Instagram post Stacks of paper-thin prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula and garlic oil on homemade bread. Sometimes you get away with the sandwiches, other times, less is more. A humble approach to fine ingredients means our paninotecca makes delicious ingredient sandwiches like the 10-ingredient sandwiches. Today 7a-8p A post shared by Cooperativa (@cooperativa) on Sep 26, 2020 at 1:23pm PDT

Folsom Italian Restaurant

Caffe Mingo’s legacy looms large at the Portland restaurant — it’s where, after all, Gumba’s Jesse Martinez rolled dough before opening his cart. The original restaurant continues to evoke warmth and sophistication, frying golden arancini stuffed with mushrooms and a lasagna delicately layered with bolognese and béchamel. Pasta always goes here, whether it’s pappardelle topped with wild boar ragout or bucatini with broccoli, and the restaurant’s cellar is well stocked with possible pairings. Caffe Mingo is open for indoor and vaccination-proof dining, as well as al fresco dining.

Montelupo was part of the trend when it opened as a two-in-one grocery store and restaurant. Since it began to expand, it welcomes us for breakfast, lunch and dinner as usual, the counter service of an Italian cafe and bistro, while also offering a dinner menu with Italian ingredients. Diners can enjoy pasta dishes in, out and to-go, with items like soft tajrin with truffle butter and heaps of parmesan, hearty pappardelle with tomato cream and pork ragout, and the best lemon chicken cavatelli with ricotta, capers and olives. In addition, the market sells fresh pasta dishes for home preparation, wine, pantry staples and everything needed to transform home kitchens into Italian restaurants. All available for online ordering, including delivery. Montelupo is open for indoor and vaccination-proof dining, as well as al fresco dining.

The black and white tiled floor and racks of olive oil, canned tomatoes and wine give Luce’s intimate space the feel of a small shop in an Italian village. The illusion is completed by Luce’s selection of fresh pasta dishes: clams floating in a fragrant broth and piles of al dente spaghetti, rich and meaty rigatoni dishes paired with strong Italian wine served in typical bistro glasses and Spicy shrimp that sink into spiral piles. of linguine Beyond the pasta, Luce’s food is spectacular, from the baked omelette to the hanger steak. The expert suggested going with a few friends and sharing all the pastas on the menu, along with a few large plates and a bottle or two of rustic Italian wine. Luce is open to indoor feeding and vaccination testing.

Best Restaurant Italian Near Me

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One of the downtown staples, Mucca is as much a destination for its impeccable service as it is for its menu, both of which offer little by little. After eating focaccia served quickly on white tablecloths, diners dig into tender plates of tagliatelle and meat ragout, rich veal and cabbage-stuffed agnolotti, and decadent duck with marsala. Desserts, panna cotta and tiramisu are a must, and the wine list is far from an afterthought, with an impressive collection of bottles from across Italy as well as French and New World offerings. Mucca Osteria is open for indoor and outdoor dining.

While most Italian restaurants in Portland are defined by their pastas, Sebastiano’s takes a different approach. This cafe and deli in Montavilla is all about Italian baked goods, especially its sandwiches: used in homemade focaccia, options include muffuletta with local meat or a vegetarian version of eggplant, with a daily special. It also offers salads, cannoli, cakes and a pantry

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