Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset – Perched high in the mountains, it offers the best views of Kos and its breathtaking sunsets. The internationally award-winning Oromedon Taverna serves traditional Greek island cuisine using seasonal produce from its own farm and nearby producers.

If you’re lucky enough to lock a table on a roof littered with vines and bougainvilleas, you’ll get panoramic views of the Aegean Sea from one side and lush mountains from the other. While trying to decide between an impressive menu full of family secret recipes and authentic Greek dishes made with the freshest local ingredients.

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

The famous family-run tavern opened in 1997 and since then, Nikos and his wife Soula Papakonstantinou (parents and children) have welcomed local and international visitors (including celebrities) to the restaurant.

The 17 Best Things To Do In Kos Island

“For nearly 25 years, we have been driven by a passion for preserving the traditional cooking styles taught by our ancestors. It is a constant effort to keep the pure taste. I think it is necessary to maintain the originality of recipes passed down from generation to generation and traditional recipes. That’s why we mainly cook and bake in our wood-fired ovens using only fresh ingredients,” Nikos told IN+SIGHTS GREECE.

Spread over three floors, each part of the restaurant includes its own wine cellar. Here you will find over 200 wines selected from Kos and other regions of Greece. And the Grand Kitchen is run by Nikos, Soula, and a talented team using ingredients harvested from their own family fields and olive oil produced each year from their own olive trees.

First of all, we recommend trying the traditional goat cheese from Possa-Kós. Beet Salad with aegina Orange Pistachio and Yogurt Dressing; Or a green salad with figs, oranges, pumpkin seeds and balsamic dressing.

Appetizers include Xortopita (spinach pie), Dolmadakia (stuffed fresh vine leaves), Kolokithokeftedes (fried zucchini), Revithokeftedes (fried chickpeas); And a very traditional Kos dish called Pligouripork with cracked wheat.

Dining Under The Best Kos Sunset!

Main courses include Grilled Cod Fillet with Chickpeas in Lemon Sauce; Oven-baked Oromedon Pork Sirloin with Fresh Mushrooms and Potatoes; and Giouvetsiorzo- Greek dish with vegetables.

So far, this tavern’s specialty has been everything made in a wood-fired oven powered by traditional mud-sealing techniques. Highlights include slow-cooked roast pork, wild boar, roast lamb and goat with avgolemono (lemon egg sauce) all cooked for 12 hours.

In addition to a variety of regional wines from all over Greece, bartenders can also create fine cocktails such as the Three Grace Greek Gin Tonic with rosemary, black pepper and fragrant cucumber. Or Strawberry Mastihito with Mastiha, Strawberry, Basil and Sugar.

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

And of course, leave room for dessert, which includes apple pie with fresh apples and cinnamon. lavani (sponge syrup cake); Galaktoboureko (cream pie); Or pecan pie with fresh walnuts shipped directly from the town of Zia. Course maps for tourists and travel guides on what to do in Greece. Discover the best attractions, restaurants, activities and boat trips on the course. Everything to do around Kos Village and Kos Island.

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Our course Greece map is free, interactive and works on any device, so you can see all the most important points of interest when traveling. Find the Kos map at the end of the guide.

Kos is an island popular with tourists from all over the world, especially from England and Germany. The high season is from June to early September and the low season is a month or more.

Discover the ancient history of Hippocrates, the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean Sea and legendary Greek hospitality.

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Sunset In Zia, Watermill.

Kos is a Greek island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. It is part of the Dodecane island chain (including Rhodes, Symi and others). It flourished in antiquity in the 4th and 5th centuries, beginning with Hippocrates, one of its most famous inhabitants, leading to the medical school at the eastern tip of the island.

Under the Roman Empire. With the Eastern Mediterranean trade route connecting Egypt and Europe and Asia Minor, the island of Kos is well positioned halfway through.

The island of Kos has been ruled by several conquerors over the centuries. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire emerged, followed by the Ottoman Empire. Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, new Italians returned, and after World War II, Kos returned to Greece. The tourism boom has boosted the island’s economy and today is one of the 10 most popular islands to visit in Greece.

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

There are still many remains of ancient times on the island of Kos, but today you can find luxury hotels, amazing views and stunning beaches in the perfect blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Fun Things To Do In Zia October 2022

Where to stay on Kos Island? Choose the ideal destination for you. Use the Course Greece map at the bottom of this article to search for each of the destinations listed here.

Cos Town – Cos Town is the island’s most popular destination for culture and history seekers. many major old

It is within walking distance of the old port of the island. The waterfront was a bit touristy, but you can see more from the back alleys.

Tigaki – Are you ready for a beach party? Tigaki is known for its young people looking for food, drinks and dancing near the beach. It’s a relatively small seaside town and a good alternative with better beaches than Kos Town.

The Top Restaurants On Kos Island, Greece

Marmari – Marmari is a seaside town and resort area on the north coast of Kos, halfway between the airport and the city of Kos. It is a central point located for sightseeing on the island. Marmari offers a more relaxed experience to the lively towns of Kos and Tigaki. Accommodation and necessities (supermarkets, restaurants, etc.) are located close to the 2 km long beach.

Kardamena (Kardamena) – a resort town on the south coast of the course overlooking the volcanic island of Nisiros. Find sandy beaches with typical bars, tavernas and clubs.

Kefalos – small villages on the hills above the southern coast of the island and resorts and hotels stretching all the way to the coast. Kefalos is located in the southwest of Kos, close to Agios Stefanos, one of the most beautiful sights in Kos. Find a comfortable pace in Kefalos.

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

Collapsing columns and walls. Stephen’s Cathedral is on the waterfront near Kefalos. It dates back to the 5th-6th centuries BC and is believed to have been destroyed by an earthquake in AD 554.

Taverna Sunset, Lagoudi Zia

The ruins were excavated by Italian archaeologists in the 1930s, and there are popular tourist beaches on either side of the ruins overlooking Castri Island. The remains of a fortress that was once used to protect the bay atop a rocky peak at one end. On the other hand is the small chapel of São Nicolau, patron saint of sailors.

Asklepion was one of the most important healing centers in the ancient world. Hippocrates, the founder of the Hippocratic Oath and one of the fathers of modern medicine, taught medicine here in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. The ruins of several temples on its site still remain and are considered to be the most important of Kos’ ancient landmarks.

He was the god of medicine and healing in Greek mythology, and this is where Asklepion got its name.

A few minutes walk from the port of Kos there is a square with a huge old tree in the center. It is said that when Hippocrates was alive, he sat under this tree and gave lectures on medicine. Although the original tree disappeared, it is now believed that the tree is a direct descendant of the original tree and is in exactly the same location.

Photos Of Kos Zia By Members

The ancient agora of Kos was a market and meeting place that was the center of the city of Kos during and after classical times. Just minutes from the port of Kos, ruined baths, temples, columns, mosaics and more fill the site. The Temple of Hercules on this site was built in the 2nd century BC and an inscription found in the ruins suggests it was dedicated to the legendary Hercules. You can tour the Agora area for free and soak up the history.

Another important historical site. Here, players trained and competed. You can find the remains of a Roman swimming pool and other buildings.

The Roman Odeon in the city of Kos was built around the 2nd century AD. The theater could originally hold about 750 people, but some upper floors don’t.

Best Restaurant In Zia Kos For Sunset

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