Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta – Front House on Cenopati (Jalan Suryo) is a new restaurant and dining area that, as its name suggests, emphasizes cool and casual dining. The entire environment is designed to make customers feel at home, and you can really tell by the beauty and orderliness of the room’s interior. Food-wise, they emphasize Asian and Western comfort food, at least as the owner tried to explain his strategy for creating a restaurant. Although we have to admit, menu wise you can find a variety of international cuisines from Vietnamese, Italian to Mexican. Let’s explore more about everything in this post and check it out!

FYI, The Front Room is located in the former Kanawa Coffee space from Okinawa Sushi (as of February 2020). The blue house has a very contrasting color and is easily recognizable. The main issue about the restaurant at Cenopati is the lack of parking space and the restaurant offers free valet parking here. Great job!

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Second Floor & Bar The second floor is spacious but only has 2 dining tables and some bar seating. The bar here is described by the owner as a ‘clean bar’, which means it’s a non-smoking bar (or you can smoke outside in the balcony area. They have a large balcony area with table and bar seating facing Chenopati Street. We personally prefer the first floor to the second floor because it’s homely. And lively

Ms. Choo Brasserie And Bar

At first glance of the menus, there was very little without a picture of the food/beverage. It was hard at times to imagine what the food would be like, especially with those unfamiliar menus / some foreign languages. Apparently, the front room has a variety of international cuisines from Indonesian, Western, Italian to Vietnamese and Mexican. That’s when customers (usually) take the easy way out by ordering things they understand, like Indonesian food, pasta and steak. Apparently, one of the owners has experience in hospitality and loves to cook, while the head chef is a Mexican with years of culinary experience around the world. This really explains why the menu is different. We ordered some of their recommended menus that we promise will satisfy you: 1. Fresh Rolls (95k) – Shrimp, Rice Noodles, Mint, Spinach, Hoisin Peanut Dip. 2. Bagna Cauda (110k) – anchovy, garlic olive oil, vegetable sticks “hot bath”. 3. Fried Rice (115k) – Jasmine Rice, Beef Tongue, Garlic, Pumpkin, Basil, Nam Brik Pao, Fish Sauce 4. Grilled Ribeye Steak (385k) – Ribeye 300g, Fried Garlic, Herb Butter, Corn, Corn Mashed Potatoes , red wine juice.

Fresh Rolls (95k) – Shrimp, Rice Noodles, Mint, Spinach, Hoisin Nut Dip. These were the most generous fresh shrimp rolls we’ve ever had. That means seeing the abundance and growth of shrimp. The herbs were fresh and the prawns were big and still crunchy. A mint leaf adds some freshness to the roll. Last but not least, the hoisin nut dipping sauce plays a big role in enhancing the overall flavor as the fresh roll is not bitten, so it actually blends with the sauce.

Apart from the famous Vietnamese fresh roll, we also tried their Italian Bagna Gada (110k) – a “hot bath” served with a variety of vegetables such as anchovies, garlic, olive oil, etc. This is the first time to have this unique menu and also the first time to see a restaurant serving this menu. The flavor of anchovies is overpowering with a hint of garlic. It is salty and sweet. This dish is often served with fresh herbs like peppers, carrots and onions.

Fried Rice (115kg) – Jasmine Rice, Beef Tongue, Garlic, Onion, Basil, Nam Brik Pao, Fish Sauce. You can make simple fried rice with beef tongue and fried egg. Since everyone knows fried rice, it’s an easy fact to pick up on the menu, right? And the thing is, the rice was a bit soggy, the taste was sweet (from the sweet soy sauce of course) but it wasn’t as salty as fried rice. But it’s still good because of the beef tongue. And the portion is good.

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Let’s move on to the highlight of our lunch, which is our favorite dish: Grilled Ribeye Steak (385kg) – Ribeye 300g, Roasted Garlic, Vegetable Butter, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Red Wine Sauce. Imagine 300 grams of juicy medium-cooked tender ribeye steak seasoned with a little salt, pepper and olive oil. In fact, it was one of the best ribeye steaks we’ve had in almost a year. Many other restaurants can serve the same old ribeye steak, but not many restaurants can impress us like the front room. Love the sweet corn, sweet and very smoky. The mashed potatoes and cheese were mild and surprisingly the roasted garlic was very good (the potato was sweet and spicy). You should definitely order a meal here.

O PW, the sauce is made by reducing red wine, which gives the steak a sweet but savory flavor. But even without the sauce, the steak itself was already salty and smoky. Everything about the food was perfect, and we mean that.

Something sweet to wrap up our lunch: Lemongrass Jelly (60g) – kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, pandan. They are sweet, smooth, aromatic and soothe your palate from heavy meals.

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

As for alcoholic beverages, they recommend their signature sangria: Classic White Shangria (120kg) and Rose Lychee Shangria (120kg). While the classic white lemon is less acidic and sweet, Rose Lychee is more sweet and has the carapace of the lychee fruit. My love is a rose. We can imagine having this in the outdoor hall when it gets chilly outside around 4-5 PM.

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Either way, this would be a great Valentine’s Day dinner idea. Don’t forget to make your reservation. Thanks so much for reading!

Labels: Bagna Gouda, Best Steak in Jakarta, Gunavarman, Kulinar Jakarta Celadon, Kulinar Cenopati, Mexican Restaurant in Jakarta, New Cafe in Jakarta, Ribeye Steak, Cenopati, The Front Room, Vietnamese Rolls Cenopati (SCBD) Located near Central Business District) , therefore, this is a very special area. After a busy day at work, office workers can unwind at one of the many restaurants. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Cenopati.

Make sure to book in advance as this restaurant is fully booked every day. Wilshire creates a romantic atmosphere with some decorative roses in the beautiful interior. Perfect for a romantic date with your partner. You can also find Indonesian and Western food here. Don’t forget to try one of Indonesia’s specialty desserts like martabak.

Address: Jl. CHENOPATI RAYA NO. 64, Chenopati, Jakarta Open: 12AM – 10PM Favorite Menu: Bacon Mac n Cheese and Pork Knuckle Price: Starting from IDR 45.000

Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dim Sum Parlour

France Bistro has three floors with a masculine industrial design. The first floor has a non-smoking area and a bar for 40 pax. If you’re a smoker, head up to the second floor, where you’ll find a lovely balcony for 30 pax, or you might want to drink and chat with your friends on the rooftop area on the third floor. Branche Bistro offers two VIP indoor areas and a private area for special events like birthday parties, bridal showers and more.

If you visit this restaurant, don’t forget to try the menu favorite, chicken au vin, an authentic dish from France. Served with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce.

Address: Jl. CHENOPATI NO. 33, Cenopati, Jakarta Open: 11AM – 12PM Favorite Menu: Chicken Au Vin Price: Starting from IDR 42.000

Best Restaurant In Senopati Jakarta

Want to try an outdoor hangout without the pollution? Go for three buns. The place offers unique design, outdoor ambiance with indoor execution. Three buns create a perfect interior as if you were on the side of the road. You will find trees, a wooden chair, a graffiti wall and an old VW car used to order food and a mini bar. For the menu, Three Buns offers rice bowls, French fries, and different burgers with different names like the Four Floors, Baby Huey and Burning Man, and Naughty Fries.

Lei Lo: Contemporary Chinese Resto In Senopati Rolls Out New Asian American Menu Concept

Address: Jl. CHENOPATI NO. 90, Cenopati, Jakarta Open: 11AM – 12PM Favorite Menu: Small Piggy Price: Starting from IDR 90.000

From the name itself, one can guess that this restaurant sells “sake”, which is an authentic drink from Japan. At Sake + Restaurant, you can find more than 100 types of sake. Apart from love, you can find Ehire, Kaizen Salad, Ebi Shinjio Age, Tori Kaage, Kanitama Udon and many other Japanese dishes.

Address: Jl. CHENOPATI NO. 54, Cenopati, Jakarta Open: 11AM – 12PM Favorite Menu: Late Night Price: Starting from IDR 35.000

You can find many Japanese or Korean restaurants in Cenopati. Here you can see the Korean atmosphere like wooden furniture, low tables and calligraphy paintings. Seorak

Milou Farm House — Greysuitcase

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