Best Restaurant In Jogja

Best Restaurant In Jogja

Best Restaurant In Jogja

Best Restaurant In Jogja – Exceptional cuisine is an integral part of the dining experience at Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta. Combining the best of Indonesian and Asian culture, with flavors from around the world, each restaurant and bar offers a unique atmosphere, rooted in the heritage and culture of the Royal Palace of Yogyakarta.

With elegant design and decor that reflect the hotel’s pedigree, our hotel offers 5-star service and presentation at affordable prices. Delicious to love, experience a carefully curated menu of international cuisine that highlights, with Asian flavors and featuring fresh ingredients.

Best Restaurant In Jogja

Best Restaurant In Jogja

For more information about our hotel or to make a reservation, call +62 274 488 488 ext. 7310 or email at [email protected]

Angkringan Jogja Patrum Restaurant, Kualakapuas

Welcome to this spacious, modern lounge offering a range of gourmet drinks, sophisticated wines and light canapes, accompanied by live music every night.

SamaZana Restaurant, an all-day dining venue, offers not only the best breakfast in Indonesia, but also a wonderful journey of food from across Asia to across the Mediterranean. Open daily from 06:00 to 23:00, last order at 22:30.

Showing the front of the living room – in a warm and modern and sophisticated style. It will open its doors to everyone every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 24:00, the last order at 23:00.

The well-preserved 100-year-old royal garden has three gazebos and a Koi pond, providing a beautiful setting for a picnic or a romantic dinner under the stars and royal trees with beautiful orchids.

Fun Things To Do In Yogyakarta

Offering a variety of Western, regional, Indonesian, Asian and fusion menus; 24 hours a day in your own home. Yogyakarta, also known as Jogja, has many meeting places; from the budget to the extraordinary. So some of you may find it difficult to decide where to go when you are hanging out with your best friends or even just spending some time alone.

Don’t worry, check out our list of recommendations below and choose the one that suits you best:

Alun-alun Selatan is famous as a tourist attraction at night in the heart of Jogja. There are many fun activities you can do here, such as riding a scenic bike and sipping a healing ginger drink, wedang ronde.

Best Restaurant In Jogja

And be sure to try Masangin – the ritual of crossing two large banyan trees with two eyes. Legend says that people can make their dreams come true if they go through the trees. Do you think it’s easy? Try it yourself!

All Day Dining Restaurant Yogyakarta

If you are a coffee lover and a photography enthusiast, this cafe cannot be missed. In keeping with the gallery concept, Awor decorates the cafe’s walls with beautiful photographs. This restaurant is open from morning to midnight and its food and drinks are like Awor Coffee Cream and Grilled Cheese.

Blanco Coffee & Books stands out as a coffee shop that offers its visitors shelves full of books. Another thing that makes the restaurant famous is the skill of the baristas in making latte art. Curious? Go on your way and go to the cafe. Don’t forget to order some European sweets, because this is the best place for that!

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta at night, one of the best places is Bukit Bintang, which is located in Pathuk Hill. If the sky is clear, you will see the stars scattered across the sky. However, even if the stars are ‘hidden’, the city lights shining at night are not very attractive. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can sit and enjoy the panorama.

Brick Restaurant is new in Jogja but it has attracted the attention of the locals. The design of the cafe is unique with a European vintage style theme both inside and outside. This is an opportunity for photo hunters, especially instagrammers, to enhance their social networks with beautiful photos taken on the site.

Instagrammable Places To Eat In Yogyakarta

Looking at the city can be a way to relax your mind. Jogja has a restaurant called Canting Restaurant located on the roof of the Galeria Mall. If you are lucky you can see the sunset in Jogja at night. But if the sky is not friendly, Canting interior can also spoil your eyes, not to mention being very instagram-worthy.

This hotel located in Dusun Pakeman, Kaliurang, offers a beautiful mountain view with a calm atmosphere and good atmosphere. Its vintage interior decor makes for an unforgettable dinner. The house has a variety of delicious “beautiful” cakes to make your day better.

It is a Jogja coffee shop that will be a part of your Instagram feed. Epic Coffee steals people’s attention very well because of its unusual location in the warehouse. The cafe is located next to a furniture store called Epilog Furniture. This is definitely the place you want to go when you’re catching up with old friends or doing homework.

Best Restaurant In Jogja

House Raminten is a wonderful restaurant located on Jl. Faridan M. Noto No. 7, Kotabaru. Not just an ordinary hotel, Raminten offers a traditional and attractive atmosphere.

Top 11 Coworking Spaces Near Tugu, Yogyakarta

As you eat your meal, you will be treated to the unique, delicious sounds of traditional, gamelan games. Whenever you are inside a restaurant, you will smell the strong smell of incense. Also, a variety of food and drinks are served; like hot milk served in a mug shaped like a breast.

Joglo Pari Sewu is not an ordinary hotel as it is also a family home. The brown wooden furniture is decorative and the plants placed in pots from the roof will give the impression of being in a tree house. It offers regional menus such as Nasi Pecel or Ayam Woku-Woku.

As vintage is the new fashion, Kamikoti chooses to keep up with the times by incorporating classic design into its interior with old and stylish accessories. Located at Jl. Ngadisuryan No 4, Kamikoti serves coffee, tea and milk. This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining. If you want a musical show, go to Kamikoti on Saturday.

If you prefer more milk, Kalimilk is the best option for going out. This place specializes in fresh milk as it offers a variety of dairy products such as cookies and cream and even grape flavored milk. It has many branches in Yogyakarta, but its main store is located on Jl. Kaliurang KM 4.9. Interested? Come, hurry! Although it opens at 9 am, the milk products sell out quickly.

Beyond Bali: Your Next Destination Is Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Once seen in the famous movie n, this hotel has started to become a favorite of young people with the special features of this hotel. It can be found on the walls and floors, which are decorated with unique and beautiful patterns. You can also stay here because it is next to a hotel whose plan is not good.

A two-story Chinese restaurant located on Jl. Taman Siswa No.156. Established since January 2016, it attracts curiosity because of its Flying Noodles. It is named because the restaurant serves as if the food is floating in the air – thanks to its trick.

The mezzanine level, located in the northern part of Yogyakarta, has an interesting and beautiful architecture that combines glass exterior and wooden interior. The food is a fusion between Western and Asian food. You must try the Wagyu Steak and the Mezzanine Caffe Latte Special. delicious!

Best Restaurant In Jogja

Combining the views of Mount Merapi and Jogja, Manglung becomes your favorite place to relax while filling your stomach. It is close to Bukit Bintang, making it easy to access. Manglung is not only a charming place for a romantic dinner, but also a family-friendly restaurant.

Best Authentic Local Street Food From Yogyakarta (jogja)

As the name implies, this place exposes the beautiful species of bears. There are a lot of wild animals here. The walls are also painted with pictures of bears. If you are an animal lover and a foodie, you will not move here.

TapHouse Beer Garden offers many beers in a unique atmosphere. The interior consists of old buildings with walls covered with cobwebs, moving paintings, and poorly restored ruins. The place is located at Jalan Jlagran 18 and has different types of beer such as white beer, stout or beer with different flavors. In addition to serving beer, this place serves non-alcoholic wine, liquor and drinks.

This simple ice cream stop has become a topic of conversation among the residents of Jogja. From students, locals to tourists purposely come to taste the most delicious gelato in Jogja. Tempo Gelato offers gelato in many different flavors, from fruits to herbs like Coconut Choco and Ginger Sorbet. The ice cream recipe comes from the owner’s family secret and is made without preservatives, without artificial colors and made with natural ingredients.

Find a different atmosphere while vacationing in Jogja? You must try Captain Urban Lounge. This place is referred to as an airplane hangar with a cockpit! You can order food and drinks and take pictures at the port. The meals offered include a variety of sandwiches and pastas. Such as

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