Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Best Restaurant In Hongdae – Hongdae is one of the most abused places in all of Seoul. Music, dance and art – you will find yourself surrounded by life and youthful energy in this area. If you are a fun person and want to explore the culture, you should definitely visit Hongdae. The Hongdae neighborhood stretches from Seogyo-Dong to Hapjeong-Dong and is full of clubs, shopping malls, shops, restaurants and cafes. The food you can get in Hongdae is as impressive as the area itself – you’ll find many restaurants offering national and international cuisine. Be it cozy cafes, elegant restaurants or gastropubs, Hongdae has something to offer for every taste and mood. So keep scrolling and find out which restaurant interests you the most!

If you want irresistible Mexican food that moves your soul, look no further than Gusto Taco. Their pork dishes are not to be missed when visiting this place. The availability of vegetarian and vegan options is very convenient for non-meat eaters. Tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, burgers, fries and salads are on the menu. Pork tacos are a favorite among customers.

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Jokbal is a popular Korean dish consisting of pork belly braised in a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine, garlic and ginger. Many other ingredients are present in different Jokbal recipes. Myth Jokbal is a must-visit restaurant for pork lovers. You can enjoy generous portions of Jokbal with soup and noodles. Be sure to reserve a table in advance or you may have a long wait!

Top 20 Restaurants In Hongdae, Mapo Gu, Seoul, For The Best Food Ever

The name itself inspires a beautiful Italian spirit, and the dishes are just as enticing. At Spacca Napoli you can taste real and authentic pizza that will make you come back to this place, which is why you will notice more pizza lovers visiting this warm and cozy restaurant. Pizzas made with a generous portion of tomato sauce and topped with fresh ingredients are something not to be missed.

Another delightful place for Italian food lovers is Ciuri Ciuri, which offers Sicilian style and Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, vegetarian options are also available. Delicious gnocchi, lasagna, cannoli and exceptional wines – Ciuri Ciuri is a place you don’t want to miss if you want to try authentic Italian cuisine in Korea – confirmed by many Italians; Who went to this restaurant!

This Korean restaurant is known for offering a light, creamy and filling soup made with beef bones, brisket and meat, topped with lots of delicious ingredients and spices. So don’t be too surprised if you lick the bowl dry! These fortune cookies are exceptionally delicious. The restaurant’s kimchi is also delicious, not too salty and not too sour, just enough to make you want to eat more.

Cheese, well-cooked chicken, cabbage, sweet potato and ramen – the dakgalbi you get at this restaurant will be one of your best choices! And it seems that many already make this choice, because there are usually long queues at the restaurant, so don’t be impatient! The best thing about this Korean restaurant is the foreigner friendly staff who are very attentive and prompt.

Best Dakgalbi Restaurant In Hongdae & Myeongdong Seoul, Korea

This hyped French restaurant in Seoul immerses you in a heavenly experience with its delicious French cuisine. The meat here is juicy and melts in your mouth. Compared to other French restaurants in the city, you can find this at a more reasonable price. Don’t forget to try their selection of drinks that will enhance your gastronomic experience.

Another French restaurant on this list is a restaurant to include in your itinerary – Yec’hed Mat. With more than 150 varieties of wine, the selection of French gourmet and tantalizing flavors will make you dizzy. Yec’hed Mat will make you feel right at home because of the exceptional service – the restaurant owner is known for his warm hospitality and friendly nature.

Do you like the idea of ​​hanging out with friends, drinking chilled drinks and petting your furry canine friends? This is the best thing that can be done for any animal lover. At Bau House you can sit in the small dog area or the large dog area. As soon as you sit down, cute dogs quickly run to you and lay their head on your lap. Oh, and you can eat them off the counter too! But who wants to when you’re busy playing with the dogs!

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

Another animal cafe that you must visit while in Hongdae is Thanks Nature Cafe. Some soft cute sheep welcome you! Have a very relaxing time at this cafe, have a coffee, eat their waffles and try their other desserts. Hygiene is well maintained as the staff takes care of the animals and cleans them. This peaceful cafe will surely put you at ease.

A 2019 Travel Guide To Hongdae, Seoul’s Most Vibrant Neighbourhood

This retro-decorated, dimly lit restaurant is a must-visit for those who can never get enough of chicken. Perfect for a night out or a date night, Chicken in the kitchen offers a wide selection of chicken dishes that go well with their beers on offer. The staff has a reputation for being kind and friendly. It’s a bit hard to see on the map. But when you do, you’ll keep going to that restaurant for more!

Oksang Dalbit is located in the student area of ​​Hongdae, so you can expect this place to be busy with young locals. A unique attraction is the hot “Pepper and Garlic Fried Chicken”, so hot it’s on fire! It is quite an exciting moment. Feel free to sit at the bar counter or somewhere near the middle; Oksang is perfect for an informal dinner with friends.

Indian food is quite famous in Korea. Find this Indian specialty restaurant in Hongdae serving the best of Indian cuisine. The meat used is certified Halal. The staff is known to be very courteous, polite and prompt. Vegetarian dishes are easily available here. Don’t miss a great chance to taste delicious Indian food at this restaurant.

Ttobogetji Tteokbokki has many shops all over Hongdae serving the very famous dish Tteokbokki. Tteokbokki, also known as slow-cooked rice cakes, uses teokmyeon as the main ingredient, including eomuk, onion, boiled egg, and spices. The dish is chewy, spicy and delicious and tastes heavenly if you want to enjoy it with a carb-heavy meal. Visit Ttobogetji Tteokbokki to taste some amazing Tteokbokkis today!

Sammat Hotteok Hotteok And Tteokbokki Restaurant At Hongdae

Get the best bagels in Korea here at SF Bagel. These sourdough-based bagels taste so good they’ll transport you mentally to New York. Check out the many different flavors of Bagels available here and enjoy your coffee with bagels. Don’t forget to try their cinnamon rolls; Thank you for telling me!

Jinjin offers the most exquisite selection of Chinese food that is impossible not to love. You will find that the dishes are on par with those found in Chinese restaurants, but at a surprisingly low price. Remember to book in advance; It is almost impossible to get a table if you visit without a reservation.

If European brunches are your thing, you won’t regret visiting this cafe. A trendy, energetic place that just gives off good vibes, Grain lets you create your own brunch. pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, fries and drinks; You will definitely love the menu. Vegetarian options are also available.

Best Restaurant In Hongdae

A restaurant with an immersive Korean BBQ experience – the staff welcomes you with a selection of meats, vegetables, kimchi and Korean spirits that are big enough for a large group of people. Delicious meat can be stewed with charcoal, so that meat cooked on gas is tastier. The taste of their kimchi is unforgettable. So visit with friends; You will enjoy it here.

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Do you want a quiet brunch that fits between a brick and wood interior and is decorated with lots of plants? Then Urban Factory is a must for you. The atmosphere, combined with delicious fresh food, will make you want to go here several times. Due to the atmosphere, the cafe has become popular on Instagram, so don’t forget to take memorable photos of the food.

Finally on this list is the ice cream parlor Sobok, which can drive people crazy because of the perfection of its ice cream taste. The menu is minimal, so don’t expect to browse multiple options. But choose one of their limited selection and you won’t regret it at all. The staff at Sobok certainly know their craft. If you are in the Hongdai area, you must visit this ice cream parlor!

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Creatrip: The Best Bang For The Buck Korean Food

There are so many things to do in the Hongdai area. Everything from live music to cat cafes, but where should you eat after or before? Time Out Seoul has the inside scoop.

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