Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center – As a great and avid lover of food, it’s a bit puzzling why I don’t write about it more. I don’t really like the nature of restaurant reviews because I cook a lot myself, so I’m very picky and I think it can be very difficult to find consistency among the best restaurants. So my take on the best restaurants in Glasgow is coming to you now, because the people on this list are great, great friends of mine. I live about 20 minutes from all of them, have visited them more times than I care to admit, and I can confidently say that if I missed one of them, I would be totally lost.

A default, go-to, super-reliable and all-around bank star, CrabShack has long been a family favorite. A titan of Finston’s since 2009, the menu is simple, creative and repetitive. So I really need to ask for some subscriptions. The sweet, delicately crispy crab cakes are still the best I’ve ever tasted, and they make excellent fish dinners. Shrimp, crab, langoustine, squid, oysters, scallops and mussels are always on the menu. An extensive menu of the day accompanies these guys, and the chefs use the seemingly small space to create wonders.

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

Although they cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians with a surprising non-fish option, this place is a product of the deep. Neighbor Gannett is another absolute star of Glasgow restaurants, but Crabshack overshadows it for me. I don’t remember those crab cakes.

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Finnieston has been a well-known center for Glasgow’s west coast restaurants for some time, bursting onto the scene from the Byers Road area to attract a lot of attention. Once a run down and ugly hood, now it’s the place to be. Space at CurbShack is at a premium, so make reservations in advance during busy times.

Speaking of Finston and its strong appeal, Mother India is probably my most frequented restaurant in Glasgow. I’m such a fool. Glasgow and I get along really well, as the city caters to my curry needs perfectly, considering my addiction. Yes, every city in the UK can boast a strong curry establishment, but I’m not sure Glasgow has an equal. Kole, Deccan, Dabba, Vein Curry Shop, Ashoka, Sheesh Mahal etc. Bharat Mata stands above all for her harmony and warmth.

It was an honor to visit Bharat Mata’s kitchens last year and interact with the owner, Monir. Mother India is a powerhouse and institution within Glasgow’s culinary circles. Although I don’t have the chance to eat there every week, I try my best to go there at least once every two months, and in between I prepare Bharat Mata’s cookbook, which is a great companion. . My butter chicken still isn’t as good as the real deal, but it’s getting there.

The Mother India brand has grown its arms and legs in recent times and has a few dots in them – we felt generous enough to donate to Edinburgh. I like the main restaurant in Finnieston, but I think I actually prefer the Mother India Cafe opposite Kelvingrove. A simple routine centered around small appetizer-style dishes suddenly turns into a family feast and deliciousness marathon. Give it a try – and say hi to me when you’re there. I either stuff my face at home or look out the window optimistically.

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Like a long-lost savior, Pesno’s solved Glasgow’s pizza problem two or three years ago. For what seems like forever, there really isn’t a top pizza purveyor. Having lived in Italy for a while and being a complete Italophile, I’m pretty picky / cynical about pizza and any old fool from takeout won’t cut it. I’m proud to say I was one of Paesano’s first customers – immediately drawn to its Neopolitan chef team, strong choice of location (Miller Street downtown) and impressive-looking oven. They are all about the oven.

After quickly becoming infamous in the city center (queues out the door every day), they were thoughtful enough to open a second pizza place at the end of my street in the Kelvinbridge area to the west. Take a moment to think about this – your favorite pizza place decides to open a shop at the end of your street. It’s a wonder I can still move.

The menus are short, simple and do what they promise. Great pizza, super value, efficient experience and friendly service. It’s amazing what can be achieved without overcomplicating it. They use a no reservation system, so be prepared to wait during busy times.

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

There was no way I wasn’t going to include a Scottish-focused restaurant on this list. While the ubiquitous Chip, Stravagin and the likes of Ox and Finch closely always get a fair round of applause, Cal Bruch steps up for me. Expect plenty of fish, game and meat from a seasonal perspective, with an emphasis on the local population. Every minute detail is covered and perfected, the staff is excellent and the quality is exceptional. An open kitchen allows for a glimpse into the efficient workings of the kitchen. It’s a special occasion for me (and in my opinion) and a 3-course dinner is usually invited, but a set lunch menu is also an option. On my last visit I went with pheasant, monkfish and a chocolate/pistachio mix. Thoughtfully selected wines are ready for your accompaniment. There was nothing I would change.

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Along with Crabshack, Cal Bruch falls on the higher end of the spectrum for my liking. If I get a chance to eat here regularly, I definitely will. Advance booking is always recommended.

Far Eastern cuisine is surprisingly not something that Glasgow restaurants excel at. The establishment, Lun Fung, remains strong with Chinese herbs, but overall there is still a lot of room in the area. This means that a bike shop in Hanoi has been out of reach for a long time. Just off Byers Road and opposite the hustle and bustle of Ashton Lane, this place is a cracker. Vietnamese classics are supported by creative food tours to provide an extensive and memorable menu.

The atmosphere inside a cozy space is always good – slightly chaotic, informal and casual in its presentation. I may have skipped by neighborhood yoga classes in the past in search of a hipster overdose. For those familiar with Asian street food markets, you’ll find plenty of this buzz – without the pandemonium, without the health and safety concerns. Pork is a highlight on the menu (sharing is highly encouraged), but I’ve always loved their creativity with vegetables. The menu includes children’s, gluten-free and vegetarian options. These people also work hard to make tofu just right. Love it or hate it, I can’t find good tofu, but I know it takes effort to get it right. If you hit the handle every day, try to find a place for it somewhere in your order.

My trips to Japan (unfortunately many years ago) are some of my favorite memories and I was always disappointed by the lack of Japanese restaurants in Glasgow. But suddenly the Far East section has bike shop company, as the nearest E Sushi has just popped up on Byers Road. Of all the styles of Far Eastern food, I lean slightly towards Japanese and it’s easy to welcome this newcomer to my favorite Glasgow West End restaurants.

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Exceptionally friendly staff, crisp fresh ingredients and an extensive menu make it difficult to choose, but the sushi steals the show. Perfectly cooked and delicately flavored (with a strong backing of wasabi and pickled ginger if you need it), the soft shell crab option was impeccable. Many meat, fish and tofu dishes appear in all forms – soups, noodles and rice bases abound. Casual and budget-friendly dining, I think this will become my favorite brunch spot….

So there you have it. A local view of the best places to eat on the West Side. While Glasgow’s city center (and increasingly the east side) has opened up some strong and alternative restaurants to try, the biggest concentration still remains in the west. For Glasgow veterans and first-timers, this is still the best neighborhood to find dinner.

My picks here are based on my personal experiences, long-term admiration and confidence that they won’t disappoint you. As you can see, I chose

Best Restaurant Glasgow City Center

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