Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Best Restaurant Gandaria City – Shopping is big business in Jakarta and as one would expect, this city is home to some of the best shopping malls in Asia where you can find everything you need in one big place. Also, they are not only shopping places, malls are also a great place where you can find really delicious local and international foods whether they are in traditional cafes or in budget friendly food courts. In Gandaria City, food court chains Je and Jeun provide some of the best local…

Shopping is big business in Jakarta and as one would expect, this city is home to some of the best shopping malls in Asia where you can find everything you need in one big place. Also, they are not only shopping places, malls are also a great place where you can find really delicious local and international foods whether they are in traditional cafes or in budget friendly food courts. In Gandaria, food court chains Je and Jeun serve some of the best local and international cuisines.

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Firstly, Je et Jeun is beautifully decorated, using the concept of old school Kannada decor with rustic and classic posters. And unlike most of the other food courts which can be a bit noisy and busy, they have a more relaxed and pretentious atmosphere.

Roppan, Gandaria, Jakarta

Secondly, if you are a fan of South Asian food, Je et Jeun has the most comprehensive selections available such as soups, traditional tented food, Prata bread and their Javanese and Sudanese section is simply divine. If you want to taste some traditional Javanese dishes, we highly recommend gudeg and pekel as they are excellently prepared. Food combinations are so well presented that they are white eye candy. After browsing through delicious and healthy traditional foods, we were pleased to find that there was not a fast food option in sight.

We also recommend you try their Pindang Iga Sapi, which is a delicious soup of whatever cuts and bits of beef you can think of (bones, intestines, tongue) chopped into pieces and serve them in some soy sauce soup and herbs.

If you can’t go to Gandaria City, you can find places to Eat and Drink in Kasablanca Mall, Kelapa Gading and Summarecon Mall Serpong. This is a food court unlike any other, as here you can access many traditional and popular foods without being surrounded by the usual fast food options.

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Hong Bao Ramada Phuket

Kalau bersantap di Je n Je koba dech, Carrot di salah satu gerai masakan Singapore yang berada di Je n Je ini. saya biasa makan yang di Mal Kelapa Gading.

Ratusan Menu Andalan is here. Kannada, Indian food, traditional kopitiam lokal sampai. harga relative murah. bayangang datang ke surga makanan. free wifi too. Lantai 2 Gandaria City Mall Creating a great interior design for our clients can be the answer to this question, however, if we trace back our memory, the most memorable is when we came up with the best design from an amazing background that exists. When we see how that design turns into reality and satisfies the customer and us, it’s the best feeling on earth!

Today, we present to you Seroeni in Gandaria City, Jakarta, one of the toughest existing foundations that IOOR Studio has restored into a modern Peranakan restaurant. On the first day of its opening, Seroeni filled the house while we saw how all the eyes of those passing by turned to Seroeni.

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

Seroeni gets its name simply from the flower Seruni, which many of us may be familiar with chrysanthemum. They serve a hearty Peranakan meal to people from a very wide world. Seroeni combines traditional and modern dishes, taking Malay-Chinese heritage cuisine to a whole new level.

Boat Noodle Indonesia

IOOR Studio composed the warm, changing and magical atmosphere through the colors of its brand identity, dark blue and a touch of gold. As for the decorations, we are bringing in modern chinoiserie decorations and also yellow seruni flowers as a symbol of Seroeni’s brand identity.

Through this experience, we came to the conclusion that a difficult schedule can be a blessing in disguise as long as we do what we always do, translating the brand identity into interior design. how are you

However, you are very welcome to visit Seroeni whenever you are nearby. After feasting your eyes, try to wander into the room and taste their delicious treats that have been passed down through the generations. Although the coffee shop today is popular among young people, but in fact, the restaurant with the idea of ​​a real bar is also coming up. this time. Many trees around south Jakarta are very alive especially during the weekend.

One of the places I can recommend is the Gandaria City Mall. Munchies is here on the ground floor where you can clearly see it when you pass by the food court area.

Kitchenette, Gandaria, Jakarta

As for the interior I’m sure you can see that it clearly sells alcoholic beverages. In fact, other than a restaurant, this place is more out as a drinking place for many customers. On Saturday nights, a live band plays with you there.

I believe this is not a perfect place for families or children where people can smoke or smoke there. During this time, fortunately they had an advertisement for the beer. Just for the special price I can have two glasses of beer.

Such a nice buzz before you eat a little while enjoying live music. For the meal, I ordered the Salmon with Tarragon Cream Reduction and Sauteed Mushrooms. It comes with salad and mashed potatoes.

Best Restaurant Gandaria City

I found the salmon to be very dry but I took it well. The mashed potato is just bland and I think it would be better if it were a little softer. What’s great here is the season, so much fun and fresh sour taste in it, even the salad is even better.

Tempat Makan Di Gandaria City Paling Lezat Dan Populer

Another dish I advertise here is the Munchies Choco explosion. It’s a lava cake dessert served in a mini cup with vanilla ice cream. I think the lava cake is so lovely, the taste of the milk and chocolate are mixed so well. Unfortunately, the vanilla ice cream almost ruins the taste of the lava cake, there is no sense of wonder or rich taste in it. Just like a little regular vanilla cream, and a little more sugar.

Overall, I can say that this place is definitely a good match for hanging out with colleagues. The dark ambient lighting makes the perfect effect for the wooden design. The only thing that bothers me here is getting bitten by a bunch of bugs when I sit in the corner. It was definitely confusing, however, when I realized, my hand had come out with little bumps and it really attracted me.

Other than that, the service is good, the food is good and the beer is amazing. I think that’s one of the best things I can absolutely recommend to you while you’re out there.

Available in Bahasa: Click Here The Michelin Star Restaurant Award can be considered one of the highest and most prestigious awards in the culinary world. Singapore, as one of the multicultural and ethnic countries, is currently the only country to receive a Michelin Award in Southeast Asia. This year is the second year that Singapore has received a Michelin Award. The Michelin Guide restaurant itself is divided into several categories. Available from Restaurants selected in the Michelin Guide Recommended category, Bib Gourmand, and Michelin Star Restaurant 1, 2 and 3. In 2016, a total of 29 Michelin Stars were divided into different categories. For the year 2017, a variety of new food is emerging, so that the total that received awards is as much as 38 food. Eleven of the names of the new Michelin 1 star restaurants are: 1. Braci in Boat Quay, 2.   Cheek by Jowl in Boon Tat Street, 3.   Chef Kang’s in Mackenzie Street, 4.   Garibaldi in Purvis Str

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Bahasa l English Indeed this month has become a period where the restaurant and hotel business has started to attract customers with many offers. Not to forget, the opening of many new restaurants has recently recolored the city of Jakarta. One of them is August, located in the Sudirman area, more precisely the Sequis Tower. This restaurant was opened on November 25th, 2021. The beauty and premium concept can be seen from the outside and inside of the restaurant. The area is very spacious with a beautiful bar in the front room, then an open kitchen which gives guests an interesting experience watching the chefs work in the lively kitchen. Over the weekend, you can see the number of guests around each table, it’s a good idea to do it

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