Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia – Lauda Restaurant is located in the Andronis Boutique Hotel in Oia. Surrounded by stunning scenery and beautifully decorated, this restaurant is a heavenly place where you will get 5 star treatment, excellent service and food. back Having said that, I will share with you my best experience at Lauda Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Oia Santorini.

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Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Long before Santorini became a popular destination for millions of tourists, Oia was a small village. Established in 1976, Lauda Restaurant became the first restaurant in Oia where locals meet and drink.

Best Restaurants In Santorini

IMPORTANT: I ​​recommend booking in Lauda a month in advance, if you want to book the best at sunset, you will love it.

20 Photos To Make You Put Santorini On Your List From the moment you arrive in Lauda,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ When you arrive at the table, the manager will introduce himself, welcome you and make you feel at home. The restaurant offers a variety of wines and craft cocktails that are the perfect addition to your upcoming experience. My favorites are the “Santopolitan” and the “Cotton Candy Champagne,” which are both out of this world.

The menu includes foods such as yellowtail, caviar and octopus, as well as chicken, fish, beef, lamb and lobster. Everything looked so delicious that it was hard to decide what to eat. For someone like me who wants to try everything, Lauda Restaurant offers six food tasting courses and eight food discovery courses.

We decided to take the chef’s advice on the food tasting, which includes the following dishes: • Tomatoes: Tomatoes and tomatoes in a thin layer of fruit frozen tomato. • Celery: Celery and Greek saffron are cooked like risotto. • Millefeuille: Broad beans from the Yannis Nomikos estate, local sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios and artichokes. • Chicken: Greek Bio Chicken, stuffed with slow-cooked legs, glazed with eggplant sauce “Poulette”. • Lobster: Carrot and lobster turban, lobster bisque infused with local herbs. • Grapefruit and local pistachio cream tart.

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All the dishes at our table were excellent in taste and appearance. The server showed us how each meal was prepared and answered any questions we had about the ingredients or preparation.

Sunset is sure to bring the best touch to the night when you enjoy this incredible cuisine, filling the sky with beautiful reds, oranges, purples and pinks.

The staff took care of everything to make us comfortable and even brought some blankets to keep us warm as it was very cold. The evening was wonderful and was one of the highlights of our meal in Santorini. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner while admiring one of the best sunsets in the world, don’t hesitate to visit Lauda Restaurant in Oia.

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

I hope you will enjoy my experience at one of the best restaurants in Oia Santorini and the next time you visit this beautiful Greek island, please stop by Lauda Restaurant. Pin it to your board for future reference. Eat and drink well!

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Sign up to receive my weekly newsletter featuring my latest promotions, sales alerts and great deals for my customers! The slopes of Santorini are nothing if not photogenic – especially Oia, which is known for its sunset views across the caldera. Here are our recommendations for Oia’s best restaurants for your next visit.

Decorated with beautiful sugar houses and blue domed churches, the village of Oia is also a culinary destination. Fruits are grown on the island, fresh seafood is caught from the Aegean Sea, and local products are at the heart of the island’s cuisine – from tomatoes and eggplants to for capers and yellow peas. Look for family-run bistros, terrace restaurants tucked in winding streets and romantic sunset spots serving local cuisine.

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Roka Restaurant In Santorini, Oia

Karma’s cool, peaceful area—all palm trees, distressed vintage glass, rose petals and foam chairs—is the perfect place to hide from the sun. This charming place is based on light and delicious home-cooked Greek food, prepared with local ingredients as much as possible. Eat freshly roasted coffee in Athens, for example. While the dinner food is delicious, we recommend coming for brunch. Keep an eye out for dishes like Banana Oatmeal Pancakes with Walnuts, Caramelized Bananas, Bee Pollen, and Greek Honey.

The sunset at Oia is legendary. However, the same goes for the crowds that gather to watch them every night. Book Kyprida’s roof terrace to enjoy a private view of the Aegean Sea and enjoy home-cooked meals in comfort. Vegetarians are well taken care of at Kyprida. Be sure to order the tomato keftedes. This unique Santorinian dish is made with fried feta cheese, red onion, flour and tomato and seasoned with mint, oregano and parsley.

Love is in the air at Ambrosia. How can it be, sitting here overlooking the crater? There is no doubt that this wide view has drawn many people to the much-desired rock band. For those who can’t find an outdoor space (pre-planning is essential), there are two indoor rooms filled with antiques. The dishes at Ambrosia are pricier, but don’t skip the appetizers – sautéed shrimp, grilled octopus, or fried calamari with pesto, pine nuts, and a dash of anisette are all to be had.

Best Restaurant For Sunset Oia

Sunset and windmill landscape? Check it out. Delicious meze dish perfect for sharing? Check it out. If you are looking for a relaxing and intimate place to enjoy Santorini’s night lights, look no further than Elekon. The menu focuses on authentic Greek dishes. While you can’t go wrong with most of the orders, try the fish sauce, leafy vegetables, shrimp in tomato sauce, and meatballs.

Where To See The Best Sunset In Santorini

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Only the storm disturbed the warm evening in Candouni, as Greek music played in the candlelit terrace, adorned with bougainvillea. This understated restaurant is warm and friendly to those who seek it out. The food made by the mother and son team is traditional and comforting. Don’t miss the grilled halloumi or fried eggplant and zucchini slices washed down with a glass of local wine.

Walk 300 steps from Oia to Ammoudi Bay, a small fishing spot below the town. There are many restaurants by the water, but our choice is Ammoudi Fish Tavern, with its huge deck overlooking the Aegean Sea. While there are many local dishes, you are here to eat fish, from steamed mussels to crayfish, mackerel, crab and sea bass. Open from April to October, evening reservations are mandatory. After dinner, take a taxi up the mountain to Oia.

Another seafood restaurant, right by the rough surf. You can enjoy the fruits of the sea while watching the cruise ships and the big ships at the marina. In fact, many customers come to Armeni by boat to taste the food. The fried prawns, grilled octopus, local lobster and fresh sardines wrapped in kataifi pastry are exquisite. Best of all, see the light fading across the water – it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Like Oia? Then why not explore other towns and villages in Santorini. If you are in the island enjoying the sea vibe, we have gathered the most exciting beaches where you can sink your toes in the sand. Haven’t booked a room yet? Check out our recommendations for the best hotels and budgets. If you are partial to the sunset, then you will want to go to the best cocktail bars in Santorini.

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