Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta – Jakarta’s cuisine is not only about fresh and trendy food. If you want to get a different feel, you can try the historical restaurants in Jakarta.

This cafe is located in the Old City near the Fatahillah Museum. This cafe building was first established in 1805-1850 and is the second oldest building in the Old Town area. In the past, this building was used as an office, there is a warehouse. The interior of this building still uses teak wood mixed with square-shaped natural stones. Mom can try the restaurant’s best-selling item on the menu, oxtail soup.

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

This restaurant in Menteng has a typical Dutch colonial feel. The building in use was built in 1900 and it is said that this building was once used as a meeting place for diplomats and heroes of the revolutionary era.

Restoran Vintage Di Jakarta Yang Instagramable Dan Lezat

The next historic restaurant is an ice cream shop located in Gambir, specifically on Jalan Veteran near the Istiqlal Mosque. Ragusa is an ice cream shop that has been operating since 1932. The menu is presented with a unique, which is old school ice cream without preservatives. The interior is simple but has an old-school feel. Mom can try spaghetti ice cream, which is her favorite item on the menu.

The Kunstkring Paleis in Meteng also has a long history. This building, established in 1914, was once an immigration office. Then it changed its function to an art gallery, a bar to a French restaurant. This restaurant is also perfect for mothers who want to celebrate their birthday with a romantic dinner with a colonial touch.

This restaurant is located in a row of old buildings in Chikini. Outside, a large glass front with the store’s name adds to the restaurant’s old-time feel. When you enter, the interior is mostly wooden with retro designs and high ceilings. Apart from homemade food and coffee, Kedai Tjikini also offers old-school tea, which is hard to find now. Vintage is one of the popular interior themes in restaurants and cafes in Indonesia. Jakarta has several restaurants in old buildings, you know.

Retro restaurant design doesn’t have to be American or European. Vintage can be interpreted as old-fashioned, so old Chinese, Peranakan and Javanese patterns can also be defined as retro. Fortunately, yes, Indonesia is rich in culture, so the decorations are very different! You can take beautiful photos in these old restaurants.

Cicipi 4 Restoran Bertema Belanda Di Jakarta Yang Rasanya Autentik

Some of these retro restaurants are fine or fancy restaurants. So in some restaurants it is better to dress formally. This recommended restaurant also offers a delicious menu. Come on, “go to the past”!

If you’re talking about a restaurant or cafe with a vintage look, obviously Cafe Batavia is the place to start talking about. It is located in Taman Fatahilah complex area in Kota Tua, West Jakarta. The old town is definitely the center of Dutch colonial architecture and this cafe houses one of its buildings.

When you see the building, you immediately feel, literally, the wind. When you walk in, you feel like you’re dining in a Dutch-era restaurant. There is also a grand staircase in the middle of the room, various old wall hangings and vintage restaurant details! Therefore, this place is also a favorite place for pre-wedding photos.

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Here you can enjoy a variety of Indonesian-Dutch specialties. You can also simply order drinks at the bar. However, the price is very expensive which is about 300,000 IDR for two people because it is in the middle of the tourist area.

Restoran Bersejarah Di Jakarta

During the Dutch you must try the Paleis Kunstkring monument near Gondangdia station. Menteng is one of the areas with the most historical buildings in Jakarta and it is obvious that the old restaurants with typical Betawi-Dutch-Peranakan old designs are also here.

Luxury large capacity room. Don’t be fooled by the interior design as it is a mix of old Betawi with Dutch and Peranakan touches. These three traditions are very strong in Jakarta.

For your own dishes, you will try Indonesian and Betawi cuisine, which look beautiful and are very tasty. The price is expensive of course, around IDR 600,000 for two people. You can order the Betawi Rijstaffel which serves a full range of Betawi dishes from appetizer to dessert and the unique thing is that the food is served with Betawi dance!

Do you want to eat delicious and luxurious Indonesian dishes with an amazing view from the restaurant? Just come to Loro Djonggrang at Tugu Hotel. This restaurant not only serves Javanese food, but also has a bar that looks great.

Must Visit Places In Jakarta Beyond Shopping Malls

The design of every corner of the room is always different with the same thread, the old Java that makes this restaurant feel old. However, there is no doubt about the service and the taste, of course, because it all depends on the price paid, which is around IDR 500,000 for two people.

If you eat here, you can choose any food. Sate Lilit is loved by many customers for its superior taste and aroma! You should also try different types of sambal which are common from Sabang to Merauke. Guaranteed to enrich your knowledge of Indonesian food!

Many large corporate transactions take place at Bunga Rampai. This is because this restaurant is the best Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta. Anyone who enters is always amazed by the magnificence of the building, typical of the Dutch colonial period, with its beautiful white columns.

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

The content is simpler than the previous restaurant. However, the style remains the old, typical old Dutch expat apartments. The color is also dominated by white and very classic. Even the back side of the restaurant where it was is probably not being used

Wayang Museum, Jakarta

The food here is very expensive around IDR 700,000 for Indonesian and Dutch-Indonesian dishes. The service is friendly and courteous, but the taste of the food is still less interesting than the previous restaurants. However, if you’re curious, then when your boss asks you to find a place to eat in the office, just pick that place!

Now is the time to see some vintage restaurant style. After dabbling in Dutch and Javanese decor, Dapur Babah Elite introduced Peranakan decor in the 1930s. According to the Peranakan era, there are three cultures shown namely Javanese, Dutch and Chinese.

There are 6 rooms decorated in different Peranakan styles. The house is Tao Bar, which is the bar of Dapur Babah Elite, VOC, Angela, whose name is taken from her favorite bar of Raja Gula Oei Tiong Ham, Megawati, Kwan Yin and Garden Babah. People often compare this restaurant to Lara Djonggrang, but in the end, they choose the atmosphere here.

The food served is also similar to Peranakan. One of the best menu items at this restaurant is the crab curry rice. The curry seasoning is very tasty, and the difference is that there is shredded beef on top of the rice! isn’t it Amazing Tuh fits perfectly! Try eating here by inviting your friends because you only pay IDR 250,000 for two people.

Restaurant, Central Jakarta, The Hermitage

Menteng Square is a residential area suitable for gathering in the areas of Menteng, Chikini, Gondangdia, but also near Tamrin. There are two types of rooms to choose from, 12m2 and 20m2, both of which can only be occupied by one person.

You will find a fully furnished room, with a comfortable common room and kitchen. WiFi is also fast so good for WFH. Apartment amenities include a swimming pool, badminton court, mini market, and more. You can book a room or single unit with rental prices starting from IDR 2.9 million.

This guesthouse is unique because it is only 550 meters from Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station! This means that the accommodation is only 500m-1km from the Tamrin office. This guesthouse in Menteng has two types of rooms of 12m2-16m2, with two double beds, so the room can accommodate two people.

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

There is also a large parking space at no extra charge, and laundry and cleaning services are included in the bill, starting at Rp. 3.3 million per month. So you don’t have to worry about paying for this and that or cleaning it. Not enough, let me try this dream house board?

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Thamrin Residence is one of my favorite apartment complexes because of its professional location and good facilities at a reasonable price. There are three room sizes, from 8m2-19m2 with unit prices from IDR 5,750,000 per month.

Wanting to exercise is easy because there is a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball and running track for you to use as a condo dweller. Laundry and cleaning services are included in the bill! You really don’t have to pay maintenance fees anymore, so it’s hassle free!

When you enter this retro restaurant, you feel a dark, mysterious and old atmosphere, but in the style of China in the 1920s. There are many different types of Chinese ornaments such as ribbons, paintings, paintings and metal, but with a combination of old Javanese furniture. .

Shanghai Blue 1920 is definitely in the same group as Kuntskring and all the retro-style Tugu group restaurants mentioned above. You feel like you’re walking into a Hong Kong spy movie set in the 1920s. It is so beautiful, like a museum!

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Dishes served with Chinese cuisine. It’s delicious even if it’s inconsistent sometimes, because sometimes there are dishes that aren’t good. But the great thing is that this restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan options, so many Indians love it here.

Alcohol is of course expensive here and the price is above Dapur Babah Elite which is around IDR 350,000 for two people.

Maybe someone will argue about this restaurant. Is Loewy a retro restaurant rather than the French bistro style? FYI, the decor shown by Loewy is a 1960s French bistro style with bulky sofas and old posters.

Best Restaurant Belanda Di Jakarta

Loewy is one of the best places for brunch in Jakarta, you know. You will enjoy a variety of delicious French brunch dishes in large portions. You can sit outside or inside with the weather as if you were in a movie theater. Although the decoration looks quite unique, the menu prices at Loewy are still reasonable, which is around IDR 350,000 for two people.

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At night, the Loewy bar area is usually full. You can try a variety of delicious and unique cocktails. Unfortunately when

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