Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me – From watching circus performers while you eat the main course, to eat in the dark, in prison or while watching some strange and wonderful entertainment, this unique restaurant in London offers something very special.

London, you are such a strange and wonderful city, and that’s why I love you so much! I was inspired to write this after writing a post about unique things to do in London (up to 49 now, but no doubt more to add). I came across so many amazing places to eat that I felt they deserved their own blog.

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

There is Archipelago London – a restaurant that leads the way with its exotic menu. How about Circus Restaurant with magical live entertainment shows that will leave you in awe? There are unusual restaurants like Dans Le Noir and The Clink, which do incredible work in the community and can change perceptions.

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There are out and out fun places like Bunga Bunga, where you will smile and laugh for a visit.

So, whether you’re looking for a unique date night, an unforgettable hen party experience, or a fun place to get together with friends, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with one of London’s unique restaurants.

Oh and if you’re on a budget, don’t miss our guide to the best cheap restaurants in London.

All of London’s favorite quirky restaurants are marked on the map below. There are a number of great spots throughout the city, so you’re sure to find a location close to where you live or stay.

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When it comes to quirky restaurants in London, I think this is one of the most interesting! Dans Le Noir translates as ‘in the dark’, hinting at what makes this dining experience so special. After being led to the table in black, you will discover other heightened senses as you focus on the smell and taste of the food.

To add to the concept, the waiters are also visually impaired. On our visit, we were surprised at how different the dining experience was from others. We fumbled around on the plate to find food, use a knife and fork to start and then surrender to the grace of the hand!

The tables at Dans Le Noir are quite close together, and we found ourselves chatting with the couple next to us throughout the meal. Without visibility, many social barriers are broken. We were just immersed in the moment!

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

After the meal was over, we went to the bar area to see pictures and menu descriptions of the dishes we ate. It’s surprising how it looks different from how we imagine people!

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Visiting Dans Le Noir is a unique experience, but one that will make you appreciate every mouthful.

I will never forget the first time I visited this Soho restaurant for a Christmas lunch celebration. After panicking about venturing into the sex shop with the boss, I realized we were in one of the coolest restaurants in town. Once you pass the ugly neon signs that say ‘Mature Video’ and ‘Peep Show’, you’ll enter the basement of La Bodega Negra.

With its cavernous, candlelit interior, it’s a charming place with a mischievous air. As for food? Expect high-end Mexican fare including tuna tostadas, slow-cooked lamb barbacoa and pork belly tacos, all washed down with tequila and smoky mezcal cocktails.

The latest opening to make this list, this new Italian restaurant in Fitzrovia is setting Instagram on fire with its incredible decor. With various lights hanging from the ceiling, walls covered in pictures, more than 20,000 bottles of spirits and a garden on the ceiling, this is one of the most beautiful restaurant interiors you will find in London.

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I haven’t visited yet, but I’ve heard good things about the food and the atmosphere. They went for friendly Italian vibes, with a big fat sense of humor. Dishes include ‘John Malkofish’ and ‘Truffle Shuffle’ pizzas (which can be ordered by the metre), and ‘Carmina Burrata’ linguine. Look, I’m sure you’re smiling just reading this!

Roll up, roll up and prepare for dinner with a difference. At this glamorous venue in Covent Garden, you’ll dine on delicious pan-Asian cuisine and enjoy performances by talented circus and cabaret artists. Forget the new act though, it’s a sophisticated circus style on display, with many acts using a long communal table as their catwalk.

If you’ve ever fancied sushi or dim sum with a side of sexy fire breath, or bubbly cocktails with glitter tops accompanied by sequin-clad hula girls, Circus Restaurant London is the place for you!

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

You may associate eating out with overindulging, but at Redemption you don’t have to worry about putting on the pounds. Redemption, one of London’s healthiest restaurants, serves vegan, sugar-free and grain-free food. Forget booze too – there’s an alcohol-free bar serving mocktails.

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With London’s love for healthy eating, it is no surprise to hear that there are now three branches in the city (Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Covent Garden). Popular dishes include jackfruit tacos, pad Thai and Vietnamese summer rolls. A meatless burger looks so inviting!

Named after London’s most literal restaurant, you might want to buy some gum when you visit Soho favourite, Bawang Putih & Shots! Food wise, choose from the international garlic menu, including Thai garlic shrimp, Swedish garlic sausage and Texas garlic chili. The drinks menu is garlicky, with more than 100 types of vodka (including some that are infused with garlic).

One of the most famous restaurants in Covent Garden, Sarastro is a favorite among thespians, with its luxurious decor and theatrical interior. While the restaurant serves a tasty selection of Mediterranean cuisine, the focus is always on entertainment, with live music most nights of the week, including performances by London’s top opera singers.

Looking for a unique restaurant in London that serves unusual food? Take a trip to the archipelago! While many of the restaurants on this list make the cut due to their unique decor, this one definitely earns a spot on the exotic meat menu.

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From smoked python carpaccio and crispy zebra jerky, to crocodile curry and kangaroo skewers (it tastes like chicken… right?!) this is a great restaurant for travel lovers, who can taste unusual food from all over the world. More than a sweet tooth? Finish off the meal with some caramel mealworms!

One of the best places to eat in London, Restaurant Story is also one of the quirkiest! Top chef Tom Sellers England came up with a clever concept: to tell the story of food through an ever-expanding tasting menu of seasonal dishes. The restaurant works a little differently than most, because you don’t get a menu to choose dishes from.

However, the 8- or 10-course tasting menu is built around likes and dislikes, and what is in season during your visit. As a little guide, previous dishes have included snail ravioli, wild duck with cranberries and pigeon with pine.

Best Quaint Restaurants Near Me

At the back of Paddington Station is the Darcie & May Green – two colorfully decorated canal boats designed by British pop artist Sir Peter Blake. Specializing in Aussie brunches (really good!!) It’s a great place to catch up with friends, sip a cocktail or enjoy a strong coffee after a stroll along the canal. I also recommend the bottomless brunch – available on weekends, it’s a great option if you like weekend drinks!

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Among the expensive restaurants on King’s Road in Chelsea is this unique Italian restaurant. What makes a difference? Well, I don’t know where else in London you have to climb stairs to get to your table!

It has been dubbed a ‘treehouse restaurant’, but it can almost be compared to eating in a restaurant made of bunk beds, or train carriages! As for the menu, expect tasty pizzas and small plates of tasty Italian classics.

One of London’s unique restaurants, Bunga Bunga is one of the best places to eat in Covent Garden. The name is a nod to the famous party lifestyle of Silvio Berlusconi, and if you go down, you will feel like a guest at one of his famous bashes.

I visited as part of a large group dinner and enjoyed the pizza served the length of the table, accompanied by hilarious comedy and cabaret. This is one of the best places in London for a birthday or hen party.

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I celebrated my birthday at Inamo London in my early 20s, and new love! I’m always surprised that other restaurants don’t try to copy it because the idea is so clever. The Asian fusion restaurant uses a projector to create a virtual menu at the table. This is one of the most unique London restaurants thanks to this new technological approach.

Well, you can see the version of the dish you’re thinking about right in front of you! It’s very smart, and when you’re waiting for food, you can

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