Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos – Fine Dining Nobelos “Nobelos” is a nice and welcoming restaurant on the north coast of Zakynthos called “Agios Nikolaos”. It is known for using only the freshest local biological products for the production of traditional Greek dishes. Last, but not least, is the famous Greek hospitality that every visitor should experience. The architectural style of the restaurant is inspired by the ancient times of Zakynthia, where Zakynthos was under Venetian rule. Utopia “Utopia” Restaurant is located on the edge of the village of Argassi. The restaurant offers a beautiful and poetic atmosphere to its guests with a view of the Ionian Sea. Utopia’s menu is a marriage of Mediterranean cuisine with modern and creative cooking. The dishes are born from local products, which attracts them. Dominical  “Caesus Restaurant Mare Dominical” is located in Argassi, which can be found on the east coast of the island. The word “Dominicale” comes from the dialect of Zakynthia and refers to noble house owners. The restaurant is known for its fresh food, sourced from local fishermen. The taste of fresh seafood mixed with the salty smell of the Ionian Sea gives you a refreshing feeling between meals. Cebu Cebu is one of the famous clubs in Zakynthos, which turns into a clean restaurant, in the afternoon hours, for lovers of food and taste. “Cebu” restaurant is the perfect restaurant for those who want to celebrate a special occasion or want to mix food and clubbing. Anadalis

“Anadalis” Restaurant is focused on making dishes from Mediterranean and Greek spices. The restaurant is located on the south coast of Zakynthos, Argassi. It offers a beautiful view of the lights of Zakynthos town at night. Kavo

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

Kavo’s restaurant perfectly combines the art of Seafood and Haute Mediterranean cuisine. They enjoyed the dishes of the Ionian area under the stars and the lights of the town of Zacynthus at night. The Madisons

Best Things To Do In Zakynthos, Greece

“Madisons” is a restaurant-bar-café, opposite the port of Zakynthos. It offers a beautiful view of the main port of the island and the old castle on the mountain. He works in a large restaurant with different cuisines, he is ready to serve any customer. In addition, the bar has a large collection of spirits for all drink and cocktail lovers. Maenian

The Blue Terrace and Sea Restaurant are located on the terrace of the Balcony Hotel. Because of the view, you can see the magical lights of Tsilivi at night. Alesta’s restaurant focuses on healthy Mediterranean cuisine but also delicious recipes

“Alesta” is the definition of a traditional Italian restaurant in the heart of Zakynthos Island, St Marcos * Square. The restaurant offers a wide variety of classic and modern Italian items made by local organic farmers. The main attraction of the restaurant is the wood-fired oven, which prepares many delicious dishes in the restaurant. Taste the area of ​​shops

The taste of the band is known for its delicious, but at the same time healthy recipe. The restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free recipes for non-meat lovers. And to get to the restaurant, first, you have to go through the beautiful paths of Zakynthos. ethnic

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Zakynthos Island

Ethnic is the epitome of a Greek tavern. The business is run by a family, which makes the atmosphere warm and inviting. The famous restaurant serves delicious traditional Greek food and local wines made by the hands of Zakynthos. The restaurant is located on the main street of Argassi. Fish Shop in Komis

Komis Fish Shop is the epitome of a traditional Seafood Shop. The restaurant remains true to its roots, as it is still caught with local fishermen and fish every day.

Spartakos “Spartakos” is a restaurant specializing in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located opposite the port of Zakynthos, making it the perfect place to enjoy Seafoo while watching the local fishermen. Spartakos Taverna is known for its fresh and cheerful cuisine. Decide

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

“Mpasia” is a unique restaurant located on the east coast of the island of Akrotiri. The combination of the night stars and the breeze of the Ionian Sea is perfect for a romantic or family time. The restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by Greek and Mediterranean culture in general and can accommodate any type of occasion. Peppermint

Best Things To Do In Zakynthos, Greece

Peppermint is a restaurant in Argassi, in a quiet location with friendly local staff, organic ingredients, and a children’s playground. Peppermint is known for its food and homemade flavoring. O Adelphos tou Kosta

“O Adelfos tou Kosta” Restaurant is near the sea in Vasilikos. This restaurant perfectly represents an ancient Greek Taverna with traditional live music played by Zakynthian Greek instruments. The restaurant is known for serving heart-healthy meals made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Why book with us?

We are a group of young people who have spent their lives in the cultural and urban development of the island and we respect the highest expectations.

Boatrental boattrip eatinzakynthos finedining laganas boat rentals License Free boat rentaboat rentboat restaurants thingstodoinzante wheretoeat yacht yachtcharter zakynthos zakynthosrestaurantes zante zante2021 zante boat rentalis zantte2021 Sinusedum has produced a large amount of exoHoris around the world. Local specialties – including the melted beef fat soup sofigadoura and the garlic-laden aubergine skordostoubi dish – are mixed with it. Other unique homegrown ingredients include sweet white Belousiotiko onions and small wild strawberries that color the hillsides in spring. Round off a lunch of cheese and sherry-like Verde wine with spicy island lamb and you’ll agree that the gastronomy of this island, where Apollo once roamed, is fit for the gods.

Where To Eat In Zante: The 8 Best Restaurants

It’s a hit and miss shop whose half-dozen plastic panels are wrapped around bamboo-covered concrete strips that overlook the near-level sloping waters of Zante town’s kaiki boat-lined harbor. . Once a hangout for local fishermen, today it’s one of the best (and most expensive) seafood restaurants in the city where globetrotting owner Giannis combines his extensive culinary skills to create many foods, full of local flavors. Each one is garnished with garlic cuttlefish, tomato green wine sauce and pan fried sardines covered in crunchy sesame seeds.

Don’t miss the cuttlefish in garlic, tomatoes in green wine sauce and fried bread at Komi’s restaurant

Located in the peaceful pond garden of one of the oldest hotels on the island, this beautiful bucolic restaurant – the oldest eucalyptus tree on the island still grows here – is one of the first on the island to source ingredients locally and there are traditional local dishes. regional – mostly organic – wines on the menu. Enthusiastic owner Maria Lougari – whose parents opened the hotel in the ’90s – is on hand to chat (and chivvy waiters) while dinners are served under silver olive leaves on succulent lamb and giouvetsi pasta, veal, onion and tomato soup moscharistifado and more. traditional foods.

Best Places To Eat Zakynthos

A common gift for a lover in ancient Greece, the humble kouneli – a rabbit – was a staple of the Zante diet. Stathmos (that’s ‘stop’) in the old town of Zante is less desirable, but this cheap and cheerful cafe sidemat is famous locally for its kouneli stifado rabbit soup: tender rabbit meat marinated overnight of red wine vinegar with spices. fried in oil, then stewed in a rich garlic tomato and wine sauce. Other specials on the board include their daily salt served with skordalia – like the rabbit run if you want a seat for lunch.

Orizodes Restaurant Zakynthos

Locals flock to this popular fish restaurant overlooking the warm, shallow waters of Amboula beach, a short drive from Zante town. The dishes (tables set with blue cloths and cloths on wooden dishes) are cooked on a charcoal grill, or baked in the oven and served on clay plates. Try the saganaki shrimp sautéed in olive oil, anise-scented ouzo deglaze, then baked in a feta and spicy sauce, or the red spar, whose crisp smoky crust splits open to reveal the tender meat inside – served as raw , lemon drizzled potatoes.

This is one of the best farm to table restaurants. From Asimina lycopersica apples in delicious sauces, lamb in dishes like delicious parchment kleftiko, to wines served straight from the barrel, all spiced or roasted ingredients of diachroniko (the name translates as forever.’) Jus grows here on the farm of the Plessas Family. Skoulikado Located in Skoulikado, it is a bright village with bougainvillea at the foot of the Vrachion mountains. They also make their own breads baked in a wood-fired oven, so you can also make homemade juices.

Surrounded by olive groves and banana palms, the organic restaurant of the Giannouli family in a rustic courtyard is a cluster of red and white checkered tables scattered across the terrace with large olive groves where the chickens and goats moaning in their hearts. they swayed and trembled under the silver leaves as dinner

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