Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown – Like Chinatown, Japantown in San Francisco was the first of its kind in the country and has struggled during the pandemic.

Aside from the smaller crowd that frequents the tacky 1980s Japantown mall, which hopefully will forever retain its “retro” bones, the racism faced by Asian neighbors affects entire Asian communities. (In May, SF is one of four US cities participating in Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate [CSAH], a benefit dinner series in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; dine and support here).

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

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What To Do And See In Japantown San Francisco

In the meantime, here are five of the great foodie destinations in Japantown that you can support in person or with takeout and delivery. And don’t forget: shop at the great Nijiya Market if you want to find yourself in the Bay Area’s largest collection of Japanese groceries, prepared meals and sake.

There are three great sushi places in Japantown (all featured here), the most spacious of which is Sasa, a soothing dining room overlooking the sushi making but secluded. Sasa strikes a fine balance of exquisite fish from Japan’s legendary Toyosu Market (formerly Tsukiji Fish Market) in real nigiri and maki (buns), but at an average price that’s among many of the city’s small Michelin-starred sushi bars lies. For takeout or delivery, their silky fish, chirashi bowls and sushi feel like a delicious treat. Must try: The divine scallops of Hokkaido in scallop rolls with snow crab and cucumber, creamy with Kyoto white miso aioli.

The tiny Oma San Francisco train station, recently reopened, feels like you’re being transported straight to Japan, where subway stations are lined with great sushi bars. From the fish selection to the small sake collection, this eight-seat sushi counter has that vibe, casual yet upscale. It’s an omakase (お任せ: “trust the chef”,” tasting menu) format for eat-in only, as well as a few plates of oshizushi (pressed sushi) on the take-out menu. Here you can talk to sushi chefs and ask questions.

What started in 2007 as a small booth under the stairs of Japantown Mall has grown into a larger lounge area for Japanese tea, sweets, bento, dango, udon and onigiri. I was first drawn to Kissako Tea by their homemade, irresistibly smooth mochas (my lifelong best friend said they tasted just like her grandmother’s from Tokyo). But here I fell for Japanese delights like mitarashi dango, chewy sweet rice dumplings sliced ​​on a bamboo stick in a sweet soy sauce glaze — perfect for the sweet tooth among us. Their onigiri (triangular rice balls) make the perfect appetizer, and salmon or unagi (eel) are excellent.

Partner Love: Japantown — Best San Francisco Food Tours

While soba or udon are my favorite Japanese noodles (to find udon at Japantown Mall, head to Udon Mugizo), there’s no denying that ramen is the nation’s favorite. And Marufuku Ramen is arguably some of the best in town, with queues often forming at the mall to get into the cozy shop. Now with five locations, they operate a strong takeaway and delivery program and also offer indoor dining. Known for their Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen (a milky, umami-rich broth made by simmering a pork bone for hours), their thin but juicy noodles and flavorful cha shu pork and chicken paitan ramen typical dishes.

Unassuming, cozy and only open for indoor dining on the 2nd of March. The Japanese restaurant has been considered an under-the-radar sushi gem since 2015. The look is dated, as is the warm but understated service, but the fish at Toyosu Market (formerly Tsukiji) is impeccable and offers much more than plain tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. [庵] means a hut where monks and artists could rest and retreat, and this nigiri sanctuary feels like an escape, with tiered omakase tasting menu options and

Where can I order English afternoon tea to go in the Bay Area? Enjoy this sumptuous and festive meal in a socially distanced style

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

After founding The Perfect Spot in 2007, Virginia is a presenter for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a judge and a writer/editor for over 60 food and beverage publications worldwide. It would take several days and a detailed table to check all the shops, cafes and restaurants. So next time you spend an afternoon wandering the aisles of Daiso or shopping for Shiba Inu teacups, use this guide when you inevitably get hungry. From an omakase counter at the end of a hall in the Japan Center to a lively Korean eatery with cheesy kalbijjim, this is the place to be.

What To Do & See: San Francisco’s Japantown(updated Jan 2021)

Located on the second floor of Japan Center East Mall, Japanese Restaurant has something for everyone, whether you’re coming for lunch or that date night you went on a week ago. If you want to make choices for the day, there’s 14-course omakase, chef’s choice sashimi that comes in a charming wooden case, and mini uni and ikura-coated donburi, perfect for serving alone. Despite the place’s casual energy, everything on the menu is on par with the best omakase and sushi places in town, making us return for lunch on weekdays and weekends even when we’re not in the neighborhood for shopping. Crayons and Hi-Chews.

A one-time omakase may require paying for three round-trip tickets. It’s not in a Japanese restaurant. Tucked away in a secluded corner of central Japan, this high-end sushi joint offers a variety of menus from $75 to $110 per person with a delicious mix of prime raw fish, chawanmushi with mushrooms, miso soup and flaky miso marinated Black cod. Everything, like the a la carte sushi rolls and nigiri, is light and simple and lets the flavor of the fish shine. The place is about the size of two elevators, so you can sit in peaceful silence at a counter that seats six, or have a casual chat with the chef about how deep smallmouth bass can swim. Be sure to make a reservation via SMS to eat here.

Dinner at Nari always includes fine Thai dishes so delicious and so good you won’t mind your nose running all night. The squid and pork cheek appetizer is a gooey and sweet umami blast. Cubes of seared branzino are peppered with chili for lasting heat. Pandan and Thai tea cocktails are available to cool you down. Being able to enter a location that looks like a monster lover’s dream is just an added bonus. Save this one at Hotel Kabuki for special evenings or when you want to pull out that chic turtleneck that’s gathering dust in your closet. To make the most of it, the $115 tasting menu is essentially a non-stop parade of the menu’s greatest hits.

Oma SF Station sits at the end of a bare corridor in downtown Japan, and its casual location is part of its appeal. Hear the moody chatter of the mall all night long at this omakase joint while chatting to the chefs throughout the bar. Available energy refers to food. There are three omakase options ($95, $125, and $165), each with an increasing number of courses, so you can choose how much to spend on nigiri and small dishes like miso black cod or unagi with tamago. Whichever route you take, expect quality fish that will keep you coming back for more.

Belly Good Cafe & Crepes

The SF-based chain (which now has seven other locations nationwide) has perfected the art of the Hakata-style ramen bowl. So it’s not hard to see why this casual spot draws hordes of noodle soup lovers every night. The rich, creamy broth hits you after the first sip like intense pork flavor bombs. The thin noodles are cooked to perfection every time, and the tender chashu pork belly melts in your mouth. We’ll think of any excuse to come here for Friday night dates, weekday lunches and group meals with friends who don’t mind waiting in line for hours for the perfect ramen.

Visit On The Bridge for soothing specials that blend Japanese flavors with Western influences. Think big plates of curried rice and shrimp roe spaghetti, okra rice, pizza and Japanese-style hamburgers. There’s plenty of eccentricity, too, at this downtown cafe-style Japanese restaurant that’s been a neighborhood favorite for decades. Sit at the long wooden bar surrounded by plush, tart chairs and bookshelves filled with every manga imaginable. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to relax with something from the encyclopedia-long beer and sake menu, either. Basically, you land here to end the good days, hide from Mercury retrograde, or whenever you don’t want to queue at nearby Marufuku.

Walk anywhere within two blocks of downtown Japan and you’re bound to see at least five people holding cups of matcha soft serve. Because these sweet treats from Matcha Cafe Maiko are delicious and soft

Best Places To Eat In San Francisco Japantown

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