Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul – Kumpir is available in many towns and cities in Turkey, but one small community has made a name for itself with this slightly oddball member of the Turkish street food family.

We could have come back earlier if we wanted to, but we thought everything would be fine when we got back.

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

You see, since Istanbul became the European Capital of Culture in 2010, many of the city’s most famous buildings have had, and are still undergoing, a major facelift.

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Gradually, the Ortaköy Mosque (or Büyük Mecidiye Camii, to give it its proper name) also disappeared under scaffolding and green gauze.

You can see the mosque here, poking its head out of its hiding place, as we crossed the Bosphorus Bridge in 2013. Will it be finished…?

Yes, of course it will, in the end, now, if you visit Ortakoy, you will be able to see the splendor of this small neighborhood of Besiktas.

Make an effort to get to Ortaköy as it is on the shores of the Bosphorus. You know the Bosphorus Bridge up close.

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There are many other reasons why you should visit Ortaköy, but that is not the topic of this article.

Ortaköy is where you get to enjoy all these sights and sounds on your way through Ortaköy kumpir!

Well that’s because it’s not so much a baked potato as it is a squished, piled and intertwined filling inside.

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Kumpir is the kind of meal where you throw caution to the wind, relax and question anything – get those fillings.

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When it comes to kumpir, Ortaköy is the father of all places that indulge in this famous dish.

Here, we actively encourage you to pack as many fillings as you can, regardless of whether you think the ingredients go well together.

On a cobbled pedestrian street in Ortaköy, a row of stalls almost resembles a European Christmas market. These are your Ortaköy Kumpir stalls.

In previous years, everything was more rural. But lately, Turkey has seen a serious waffle trend. So there are also a couple of waffle stands.

Ortakoy Neighborhood In Istanbul

A giant potato is removed from the oven, placed on a tray and cut in half lengthwise.

Next, crumble the butter and grated cheese into the fluffy potatoes, turning the potatoes with one hand while constantly mashing with the knife with the other.

This is your kumpir base. This process takes a minute or so and they make sure the potato, cheese and butter mixture is smooth.

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Once the mixing and mashing is done, the potatoes are slid across the counter to the next person looking at you expectantly.

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They present you with fillings: an incredible variety of ingredients that may or may not go together very well.

But we are relaxed, remember. Your man or woman will be standing there, spoon in hand, waiting to start stocking up on the creamy potato base.

Your sane mind tells you to pick just one or two fillings that you think will go well together.

Chopped red cabbage in yogurt. Haydari (you can’t have a Turkish meal without haydari, even if it’s in your leftover kumpir filling)…

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No, because now, even when you look at your kumpir and wonder how the hell you’re going to start negotiating your way through that mess of colors, textures, and flavors, it’ll ask you if you want ketchup, mayonnaise.

Now you can hang out in this little area with plastic forks and mixed food trays full of potatoes.

And you won’t look stupid or greedy because most people would do exactly the same thing as you.

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

While it’s fine to walk around and eat your kumpir, the seats are useful. Take your chance and find a bank on the Bosphorus.

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Sitting down gives you time to decide on your eating order – do you eat the fillings one at a time or just dive in and mix and match?

That is the joy of Ortaköy kumpir. And best of all, this isn’t just a potato street food party, it’s delicious too!

As we said above, you can get kumpir all over Turkey; it’s that we like to save this particular street food for short trips to Istanbul.

However, baked potatoes, so we often make our own, a little softer, twice the potatoes at home.

Restaurant Ortakoy Istanbul Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

We use cookies to make sure we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use the site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. House Cafe Ortakoy opened in 2005 next to Ortaköy Marina and is a very stylish restaurant with an entrance area, two large terraces and a lounge. House Cafe stands out among Ortaköy’s breakfast spots for the quality of its food and service. Compared to other House Cafe branches, it is different in location and view. House Cafe Ortakoy serves Turkish breakfast on weekdays or weekends with a unique view of the Bosphorus. Breakfast options are available à la carte and can be chosen from the menu.

Feriye Palace is located on the seafront with stunning views of the Bosphorus Bridge, Ortaköy Mosque and the Maiden’s Tower, offering a unique atmosphere in summer and winter for those who want to have breakfast on the Bosphorus. All the flavors of Feriye Palace have the signature of Aydın Demir, who was chosen the best foreign chef in the world in Lyon in 2012. People who follow on Instagram get a 10% discount.

Click for details and prices for breakfast at Feriye Palace, served weekdays and weekends.

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

Beltaş Kafe is located on the seafront between the Ortakoy Mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge and is one of the best places to have breakfast in Ortakoy. Grilled halloumi, grilled pepperoni, green olives, white cheese pasta, pancakes, menemen (tomato and green pepper scramble), Nutella, honey, cream, jam, butter, tomato and cucumber slices, 2 hot or cold drinks up to end of 2022, a total of 300 TL for two people. Breakfast is served daily between 08:00 and 12:00.

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Since opening the first concept cafe in Caddebostan, Istanbul in 1992, MADO has grown into a chain of cafes serving ice cream, desserts and breakfast in various cities across the country. The Ortakoy branch of MADO is also popular for its views over the Bosphorus Bridge. SINI Breakfast for two, including Maras cheese, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese pastry, butter, adjika, honeycomb, tahini molasses, cherry jam, green and black olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, seasonal fruits, dried figs, dried apricots, fried eggs. and bread basket (plain, simple, wholemeal and olive bread) with unlimited tea during breakfast for 215 Turkish lira.

AŞŞK CAFE, which I can recommend to those who are looking for a decent and nice place to have breakfast on the Bosphorus on the Ortaköy Kuruçeşme line, is the answer to the question “Where to have breakfast in Kuruçeşme?” The cafe stands out for its HOME BREAKFAST varieties that also feature unique flavors such as fried halloumi, acuka, sausage, herb curd, homemade cherry, quince and blueberry jam, organic olives, olive oil, honey and Datça cream.

Aşşk Cafe serves breakfast à la carte. For 2 people, for example, you can create a mini Turkish breakfast table for two people, including fried halloumi cheese (34 TL), Datça honey cream (36 TL), menemen (60 TL), soudjouk (44 TL) . Try the Scandict’s Benedict with smoked salmon, poached egg (TL 114) and the other with 7-grain bread, olive oil, sun-dried tomato and mixed cheese (TL 64) with tomato and vegetables for more European fare.

Nilly Cafe is located on the edge of the Bosphorus, on the Ortaköy side of Kuruçeşme Park. The cost of the mixed breakfast for 2 people in the photo, including unlimited tea, is 400 TL in total from 2022. Orange juice, menemen and pancakes are also charged. Follow Gezenti Anne on Instagram and get a 10% discount.

Lit OrtakÖy, Istanbul

Heinz Restaurant & Bungalow is a delicious alternative to bungalows in the Sapanca Region and stands out for its delicious Circassian breakfast… When the weather is nice, there are many must-visit places that offer terraces or terraces with stunning views of Bospe City. Ross Strait Having a drink, watching the sun set over the Bosphorus and eating with a view of the whole city is a must during your stay in Istanbul.

The beautiful terrace on the top floor of Hotel Marmara Pera. One of the only authentic gourmet restaurants in Istanbul by Turkish-Finnish chef Mehmet Gürs. The restaurant offers stunning views of the Golden Horn and the menu offers Mediterranean fusion dishes. We recommend booking in advance as this restaurant is very popular.

The Banyan restaurant in Ortaköy has probably the most spectacular view of the Bosphorus

Best Places To Eat In Ortakoy Istanbul

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