Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami – Contrary to popular belief, we have bad weather in Miami, so we actually appreciate those 75 degree days when we burst into tears every time we open the door. When that happens, eating out is basically a must, and this guide has the places you should be visiting. These are the restaurants where sitting outside is everything — places that make you look around and pray with gratitude that you’ll never have to learn what black ice is.

You can’t get closer to Biscayne Bay than Amara – unless you have a boat or a manatee. But if you are not a vegetarian marine mammal, this is a really good option as both the view and the food are great. The menu is mostly seafood, with a small raw bar and a great grilled snapper. Come during the day if you really want to see the view in all its glory – and make a reservation if you want a guaranteed outdoor table.

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

Tigre is a lovely Argentinian restaurant in the Upper East Side where you can bring a date or some friends or indeed, someone who appreciates the interior design and greenery. The outdoor seating is arranged along a small canal—despite being just a baseball’s toss away from the busy intersection of Biscayne and 79th—feels peaceful and secluded. The aesthetics are the selling point here, but the food is good too. There are some solid veggie options, like a simple, heart-of-palm salad or tender roasted beets, but you’ll also find great steak and fish entrees. Whether you want to eat buñuelos or just have some aperitif cocktails while you look for mantises—Tiger is a great option the next time it’s so good you feel guilty inside.

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Paradis Books & Bread is a lovely North Miami spot that straddles the line between a wine bar and a restaurant. You can definitely come here just to drink, read and chat. But it would be a shame if you didn’t order at least something for breakfast, like sardines with seaweed butter and slices of fresh bread. The square pizzas (which they start serving from 6pm onwards) are also excellent, and have a delicious light brown crust that tastes like whole-wheat bread that comes back from a delightful holiday with a loaf comes Inside, Paradis is just a room with a few tables and bar seating. But a spacious outdoor area with a few round cement tables is where you’ll want to have a good night’s rest.

Itame is located in the Design District and serves some of the best gourmet food in town. Currently, they only have outdoor seating, and it’s an extensive layout for people-watching in the Design District. But the food – the view – is the main attraction here. The menu changes almost every day, but every sushi roll, ceviche, tiradito, and other special they offer that day will be the best thing you’ve eaten in recent memory. And you’ll be glad you’re sitting outside so you can look up at the sky and thank your taste buds for what happened.

Luca Osteria is a Coral Gables Italian restaurant located along the pedestrian-only Giralda Plaza. It has lots of open space where you can see a constant stream of dogs and people. But once the food is on the table, your attention will be on nothing but the plate in front of you. Pasta is the main event here, and every recipe is simply scrumptious. But there are some great non-pasta dishes too. Specifically, pates frites. It’s lightly fried potato balls in a creamy layer of Parmigiano fonduta, black truffle, and an egg yolk in the center — and it’s one of the best dishes in the whole city.

Wynwood doesn’t have good restaurants with ample outdoor seating. But Doya fills that gap very well. In addition, they have a very nice patio with a good amount of seating and umbrellas for shading. This is a great place to come with a group, as they have a large menu full of mezze plates perfect for sharing. The octopus in the octopus salad is as soft as fresh mozzarella, the lamb kebabs are beautifully cooked, and served generously in a perfectly balanced wine and garlic sauce.

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Thanks to major renovations and expansions, Chug is cooler than ever. The Coconut Grove Cuban location felt like a brand new restaurant when it first opened in 2019. And, in addition to an updated interior that has the DNA of a classic diner, Chugg revamped its patio setting as well. The large patio is now filled with shaded tables and plants, and it’s exactly the kind of setting you’d want to drink guava gumballs on a 70-degree night. The best food is familiar, mostly Cuban dishes and some great sandwiches. But there are plenty of unique twists on the menu, like medoche pierogi filled with ham and lechon, an incredibly savory meatloaf, and a must-order dessert.

Good for: Brunch Coffee and a light bite Date night Drinks Wine and a light bite First/early play dates Inspired out on the town

If we were to judge The Word on the basis of food alone, we wouldn’t be asking you to sprint here. But this cozy spot, on the back patio of the Pérez Art Museum, has one of the best waterfront views in all of Miami: a beautiful, unobstructed view of Biscayne Bay and the MacArthur Causeway. That’s why you should come here (and you should never sit inside). The menu is a bit boring – mostly salads, pizzas and sandwiches – but it’s not bad either and will cater to whatever you order. It’s mostly a brunch or lunch spot, but on Thursdays they are open for dinner (and sometimes there’s live music).

Best Places To Eat In Midtown Miami

While it’s sometimes hard to get a table on a good day, it’s easy enough to buy a plane ticket and fly to Greece – which is what it feels like to have lunch here. The Mandolin is in Buena Vista, and it’s about 90 percent outdoor seating. Tables are shaded by trees and umbrellas, and the grilled octopus, whole Mediterranean bass, and grilled halloumi are exactly the kind of things we want to eat on a sunny day. White wine is optional, but highly encouraged.

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From the street, Naomi seems downright out-of-place. But after you order Haitian and Caribbean cuisine from their menu, take a walk around the building and find a garden setting. It’s a coffee table, two giant chickens, a small stage for the occasional live music, and some hammocks you’re welcome to use if you overdo it with your giant jerk chicken. Naomi is one of the best restaurants in Little Haiti, but it’s the kind of cozy place we come to on a beautiful day to just read a book and drink some fruit juice.

Yes, Lagniappe is more a place to drink than to eat, but most outdoor wine bars in Edgewater have a small food menu to justify coming here for dinner even if the silverware is plastic. It is adequate. After ingesting a bottle of wine, head to the back yard to order something from the grill: churrasco, fish, salmon, chicken and fried vegetables are great options, in addition to excellent meat and cheese plates. Come early and you won’t have to compete for a table with a thousand first dates.

An outdoor table from Ironside is going to feel lovely whenever you visit. At lunchtime, the courtyard is sunny and bright, with lots of trees, plants, and sometimes live music on the weekend. At night, string lights hang over the tables and create a perfect mood for a pizza date, which is what we usually order here, although the pasta is delicious too. This place is BYOB (with a $10 corkage fee), so grab some beer or wine before you arrive.

La Mar is a restaurant on the mysterious Millionaire’s Island known as Brickell’s. They serve some of the best Peruvian food in town, and their waterfront view is amazing too – so nice it’s not worth coming here unless you want to sit outside. It faces west, giving you a wide-open view of Biscayne Bay and the brick sky. When you’re not into it, you’ll be staring at the food in front of you, which includes some of the very best traditional Peruvian ceviche. They also make a great lomo salad and have rotating anticoco options, including a great version with veal.

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This Australian brewery in Coral Gables is a great place to drink and eat outside. Their front yard is really wide and laid over a section of AstroTurf, so you can feel it

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