Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village – Whether you live in Jersey City or not, you should eat at the 20 places in this guide.

Take a short walk around Jersey City and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not like the West Village or Williamsburg. It’s evident from the number of Devils fans, the lack of tourists, and the subway system that runs on time, but it’s not just the neighborhood. It’s a big city stretching 10K from Greenville in the south to the Heights in the north.

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

There’s not a lot of land geographically, but more importantly (for our purposes) there’s a lot of places to eat. As with any city this large and diverse, there are some great spots worth hitting the trails or running a 10K, and plenty of other spots worth checking out, even if you live nearby. In other words, you have to know where to look. If you’re reading this, you’re looking in the right place. Here are the 20 best restaurants in Jersey City.

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Razza is to Jersey City what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, Diagon Alley is to London, or Britney Spears is to Kentwood, Louisiana. It is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the city and it attracts people from all over the world. The draw for Razza is the best pizza we’ve ever had.

If the line of people out the door wasn’t a giveaway, you’d know Andrea’s is no ordinary Italian deli when you walk in the door. The small space at The Heights is filled with the aroma of herbs and fresh meat and mozzarella behind the counter. And subscribers will not be disappointed. There are only five options – three with deli meat and two with tuna – our favorite combination. The meat, fresh mozzarella, and crunchy, chewy bread are in perfect proportion. This is one of the best sandwiches in New York.

There are egg-shaped swings and cocktails in cups that look like the beginning of Easter Island, but the island theme is optional at this Caribbean location in Bergen-Lafayette. That’s partly because the spirits, reggae on the speakers, and daily happy hour loosen it up, but also because they’re not trying to fill up on forgettable food. From biscuits for brunch to chicken sandwiches or short rib batter to goat curry with roti for dinner, it would be great anywhere.

Stanislas Wawrinka has won three Grand Slams in tennis and will go down in history as the greatest player of all time. But ask anyone to name one Swiss tennis player and the only answer you’ll get is Roger Federer. Bread and Salt feels the brunt of Stan’s because even though they serve really great pizza and small plates, they’re still overshadowed by Razza’s. However, this BYOB slice in the Heights isn’t just the second best pizza place in Jersey City, it’s also the second best restaurant — and a must-see no matter where you live.

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We love Domodomo in Greenwich Village, but with so many high-end sushi places in Manhattan, it gets only a fraction of the attention it deserves. In Jersey City, it stands out. They have a great selection of nigiri sushi and hot dishes, but you should look out for the hand rolls, like our favorite, filled with tender, fatty lobster. Use it when you can get five guides for $23 for an afternoon party or sit-down dinner (hospitality included).

After you beat the ‘winter mix’ forecast and 4pm sunset, stroll down Newark’s flower-lined, pedestrian boulevard, sit down at Ani’s Ramen Bar, and sip Japanese whiskey while getting your face pierced. steam rising from a bowl of spicy miso ramen.

15 Fox Place isn’t like having dinner at someone’s house, it’s having dinner at someone’s house. The owners no longer live upstairs, but every room in this home, located on a residential street in Journal Square, is still decorated with wedding photos and family memorabilia. The food is Italian-American, and although the $95 menu changes nightly, you can expect plenty of family-style fare. After five courses, such as polenta arabbiata and eggplant with fontinella, there are pastas, then dishes such as chicken, and then desserts. It wouldn’t cost $95 if served at a regular restaurant, but the BYO policy and funky space make it a fun option for unique dates or group dining.

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

Like most falafel places, Ibby’s is a good choice when you get home from work late or realize you had two mozzarella sticks and four vodka sodas for dinner. But Ibby’s isn’t just cheap, delicious food. Wraps and plates feature a combination of spices and textures that are not suitable for expensive food. But we’re not complaining that either the crispy falafel or the perfectly seared chicken shawarma are under $8.

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The fact that Korai Kitchen offers a non-food buffet has its pros and cons. On the plus side, the Bangledesh food at this BYO spot in Magazine Square is great, with seconds or fifths of a bone-in curry and mouth-watering vegetarian bhortas for $15 at lunch or $20 at dinner. all the rich sauces on your plate, as well as the pistachio bread pudding, which is worth a visit on its own. The only downside is that once you throw in the towel, your evening plans will be replaced by chamomile tea and reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

No offense to New Jersey, but even a few places along the water in Manhattan have New Jersey views. Jersey City’s waterfront, on the other hand, offers unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline, and there’s no better vantage point than Battello. This Italian-style spot makes it popular for private events and business lunches, but if you’re not up for the $36 mushroom crust or gardenia, it’s also an impressive place to meet at the bar for a drink and a great burger. .

Kitchen Step is the same chef as Battello, but apart from a great burger with onion compote and bacon, it has nothing in common with the original Italian spot on the water. The food here is seasonal American fare like celery root lasagna and onion butter fried chicken, and the cramped space should be used for brunch or weekend brunch, not a wedding venue. It’s one of the region’s best options for both occasions, thanks to seasonal cocktails like the fried plantains with lobster-harissa sauce and the “chocolateless” with mezcal and dark chocolate consommé.

Before entering, you will stop for a few minutes at the Broa entrance. It’s not like the smell of grilled seafood, Portuguese street signs or the occasional live music in the courtyard are what you’re after. The only place you can find the late night menu is the blackboard by the door. But whether you ask the friendly waiters at this BYO Portuguese spot to serve you whatever they’re serving up, you’ll be sure to get the meaty crab sticks with garlic aioli, house-made sausage or piri-piri quail and you’ll be more than satisfied. .

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La Taqueria Downtown offers strong margaritas and the region’s best Mexican food in a low-ceilinged space where you’ll want to while away the hours ordering drinks and tacos while listening to The Beatles blaring through the speakers. The only problem is that everyone else wants to spend hours here too, so the wait can be as bad as Razza Street.

Corto is like a shared pool or a neighbor who is always ready to hang out in your absence. This is a beautiful situation that you will be grateful for. This BYO Italian spot, which feels like someone’s living room, caters to any type of casual weekly meal, and with its ever-changing menu, you can never get bored once a week. Rigatoni with pancetta or speckled malfadini should always be on your table, but you can’t go wrong with homemade pasta.

The chicken biryani here has a rice-to-meat ratio that includes shoppers and Whole Foods at the counter, but we’re not complaining. The very tasty rice, which should be made even richer and tastier by the addition of yogurt and chili-peanut sauces, is delicious on its own. The tender juicy boneless chicken hidden parts are amazing and just one of the 15 types of biryani.

Best Places To Eat In Jersey Village

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